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I survive china being one of the only teachers never to have their pocket picked. I survive tramping all over europe with nary a problem. i had my wallet stolen from the teachers office.
I've cancelled all my bank cards but i have no id on me to prove who i am...which is frustrating. How can i prove who i am if i don't have id to prove who i am?

I'm not the only one, co-worker had his stolen too.

Not happy. Not happy at all.

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Date: 2011-03-25 10:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh that SUCKS. *hugs* Got your passport handy??

Date: 2011-03-25 01:37 pm (UTC)
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After a couple of hours of sword training, aching muscles, bruises, and generally just three friends beating the crap out of each other for stress relief, plus a rather generous glass and a bit of ginger wine, I'm able to look on the brighter side....

sort of.

Yes, I do have my passport. Both of them (thankfully!). And I have filed a police report.

I was due for a new debit card (mine was starting to look a little sorry for itself), I'd just got a new credit card (with a chip and everything!). I was due for a new 18+ card (my Australian ID card), the old one didn't look much like me at all anymore...'s just... I miss my wallet! It was a present from a family friend who went to Thailand. It was red with gold elephants on it. You can't find those here! Mum (who was thankfully there when I discovered my wallet had been stolen, she'd come down to visit me since I couldn't be there for her birthday this weekend. [sarcasm]Wonderful birthday present for her [/sarcasm]) went shopping with me for a new wallet and all I could say was "but... I miss my gold elephants :-(".

(Parents to the rescue again. They've given me some money to tide me over until I get my new bank cards. Then I have to pay them back)

Unfortunately, I couldn't get a new healthcare card or government ID card organised today 'cause you need ID to do that if I didn't have a passport I'd be well and truly screwed!

Medicare card and 18+ card I'm gonna organise on Monday, Uni ID, well, I'll wait and see how much time I've got left over after I get the 18+ card. If I don't have enough time, then I'll do that on Tuesday.

Good news is that my boss said that they'd pay for any ID cards that I needed to get replaced. So, my work's gonna pay for my 18+ card and, most likely, my replacement uni ID (since it was during work hours, and on their property that my stuff was stolen).

My students were great! The first thing they asked was if my GO card (public transport card) had been stolen or not (I was fighting desperately not to cry when I got back into class 1/2 an hour late) while pulling out wallets and counting their money. I <3 my class! Then they were making sure that I'd cancelled my cards and I'm pretty sure that if I'd said no, they'd have frog marched me out the door and down to my bank that very instant LOL. A couple of the Colombians were looking really, really pissed off, too (and one of them's this big, muscled guy who looks intimidating as hell!), and kept asking me if I was okay.

Thankfully it was just my wallet that was stolen. Weird thing was that my wallet (which was in my handbag) was the only thing taken. I had a very expensive phone sitting next to my bag and my iPod sitting next to that, and they weren't taken. Just the wallet. Same with Zac. iPod and phone next to his wallet on the table and just the wallet was taken.

I'm still hopeful that my wallet will turn up somewhere, get handed into the police, and I'll get all my ID back. The police reckon I probably will, but that I can kiss the money in there goodbye (I had about $35AU)

Fingers crossed


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