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So.... long time no post.

A few things have happend since I last wrote anything. I got another temp job working with the Department of Justice and Attorney General in the Licencing section (sounds fancy, but I'm really just an office drudge/data-entry chick/file finder extraordinaire. The ID's cool, though ^___^).

I'm not complaining too much, it's full time work, money in the bank, and experience under my belt. I finish up there on Friday next week, maybe, there's a possibility that I'll be extended again.

I also got myself a Dreamwidth account (which is where I'm posting from at the moment). I'm Saffiter, if anyone wants to add me.

Birthday/Christmas/New Years was a lot of fun. I scored a pressure cooker from my parents for my birthday and I've been cooking out of that since then. I think I've finally figured out how to not burn stuff to the bottom in a big, charcolish mess, and only really do that every 4th time or so now (I'm blaming the stove. It's dodgy and electric). Stuff that comes out of that is TASTY!!!!

My specialty? Lamb Rogan Josh.

*grins* What's really funny is that I take my leftovers to work, reheat them, and then watch the heads pop up in the different cubicles and co-workers start sniffing as I walk back to my desk. I've dubbed it "The Meerkat Effect"

Eh... I'm sure more's happened.. I had a severe reaction to something in the house, which then affected my asthma. Coughing to the point where you can't actually draw air and yet still keep coughing is REALLY not fun. I'm still coughing, but nowhere near as bad as I was.
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