Jan. 13th, 2011

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Just a.quick message to let you all know i'm okay. River is right up but we were saved by the hill on that side. Oval looks like a lake on other side of train tracks but hasn't reaxhed us. Have been taking pictures and will post some wjen i can. We're powerless, so i'm at indooroopilly shops chatging my phone there. Will post more when i can.
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House is fine. Completely dry. Am actually thinking of getting all my electronics down tomorrow from on top of the cupboards. Now we're just waiting for the power to come back on.

Cold showers NOT FUN!!!! was apparently shivering this evening after mine.

Being woken up every morning by rescue choppers, news choppers, and private choppers hovering over our area is driving us all a little nuts. That and it's making me nervous.

Tempers are fraying a little. Everyone's thrown at least one spack-attack in the last few days. It's the waiting getting to us, i think. All the sitti.g and not knowing what's going on. No power=no tv and no news. We really don't know what's happening. We turn the radio on once an hour...but the batteries are dying and we're trying to conserve them.

Good news is Indooroopilly has power, so we've been able to retreat into aircon for a little while at least. And have decent (as far as maccas/hungry jacks is decent) meals. Since the trucks can't get to us they're running out of stuff. No lettuce for burgers today. Maccas in the food court was shut.

We're pretty much surrounded by water in most directions but dry where we are. We're like a little peninsula right now. We're VERY lucky we're not still in the old place in Sherwood... It's gone under to at least the floorboards.

Family friends lent us a camp stove though and neighbours behind us, who still have power....lucky bastards, threw a long extension chord over our fence so we could put the fridge/freezer back on and rescue our perishables. It's all a waiting game right now. Am doing all this on my phone right now as it's got some charge and...well, i don't care if my phone bill's a bit more next month, i need to let everyone know i'm okay.

Still no work. I got word today that they're hoping to open up again on monday. Fingers crossed. I know thwy're right on the river, but they're not level with it. Theh're a few metres up from it.

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