Mar. 7th, 2011

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I was not born yesterday, just so you know. I may be nice in class, I may joke and laugh with you, but I'm not stupid. I trust you about as far as I can throw you when it comes to academia. If your two essays appear to have even a slightly higher level of English than I've seen you utilize (in some limited form) in class, then I am going to run sections of your essays through google. My predecessor may not have done that but I do.

I'm paranoid. Deal with it.

If, by some small chance, I discover that you have been cheating, then I am going to fail you and alert my boss. End of story.

Also, if you're going to copy the entire essay, don't reference the webpage you got it from. I do check references. Trying to throw me off the scent by having two references won't work either if you give the address to a movie review for Shrek.

Also, if the webpage you're referencing has a name like "Online Essays" then I am going to have alarm bells ringing in the back of my head. Checking your essay against the webpage is gonna be the first thing I do before even attempting to mark it.


Your annoyed, and yet bemused teacher...seriously, I'm a Uni student. You don't think I've never heard whispers of online academic essays? You're lucky this isn't an actual University or your arse would so be expelled!

Translation: I caught 4 of my students plagarising today. Two of them actually put the website they cut and past from in the reference list *headdesk*. If you're going to plagarise, at least make it a bit of a challange for the teacher otherwise we just doubt your actual intelligence.

One of them tried to throw me off the scent... he had two references. I checked the first one...only to find that it was for a review of Shrek...... Seriously, mate, that was so far away from the topic it's not funny. At least try and make sure the reference is related in some way to the essay topic!

I'm kinda curious what the essays that my predecessor marked are like. I'm not going to check, though. It'd take me at least several hours and I just don't have the time for that now that Uni's started back up again... unless they're willing to let me do it during class, give my class to Zac for the day or two it would take me, and pay me for it. I flat out refuse to take all of that home with me, again, to do in my own time.


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