Mar. 19th, 2011

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Yes, I know, I'm not a boy, but if I were my inner 5 year old boy would be doing just that.

Why, you ask? Well, 'cause guess who just got front row tickets to Walking with Dinosaurs when it comes to Brisbane in June? Yup, me!

Life size, or near life size, anamatronic dinosaurs walking around an arena, and I'm going to be close enough to reach out and touch them!

I was supposed to be getting tickets for Mum and I to go and see the Wolfetones in concert on the 26th of March, only to discover when I got to the ticket window that the show was standing room only. Mum would not be able to stand for that long without sitting down.

I was just about to head to the train to go home when I spotted this brochure out of the corner of my eye. Walking with Dinosaurs. I got back into that line so fast I'm surprised I didn't leave skid marks on the floor.

After much discussion with the guy selling the tickes, I got myself a front row seat.

So, those of you on my flist who grew up in Brisbane, do any of you remember the dinosaur exhibit they old QLD Museum used to do? The one in the buidling up near the show grounds? You know, the one with anamatronic dinosaurs? I remember going to that when I was in school...and then sneaking back in the exit to see the Brachiosaurus again and again...until my teacher caught me and made me wait with her.

I remember those dinosaurs being totally awesome!. They didn't walk though, they just stayed in one spot and moved their heads around. This...they actually move!!!

Anyway, I could've still gone to the Wolfetones but, to quote Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory:

"It was between you and the Museum of Natural History and, frankly, you don't have dinosaurs" (only, in my case it was between the Wolfetones and Dinosaurs).


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