Mar. 23rd, 2011 11:32 pm
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So, landord is pissing us off royally. We've been in this house since June last year and the roof...yeah, it's leaked the whole damn time we've been in here. At one point it was dripping on my bed.

We haven't taken the buckets off the floor since Christmas.

So, I thought I'd have a look at the rental stuff available out there... I'm amused.

"Near new, recently renovated. Wonderful views of the Brisbane River"


Anyone want to take a guess why this place has been recently renovated?

*does a quick check of the flood map* Yea-ah...that's what I thought. Completely flooded.


Mar. 22nd, 2011 06:58 pm
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Wha'd'ya know, I've actually handed an assigment in a day early.



Could it be that I'm finally getting over the lazy, last minute streak that I had last year?




Nah, probably not.


In other news, you know you've gotta look tired when your boss comments "Jeez! You look as exhausted as I feel"...and it's only Tuesday.
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Yes, I know, I'm not a boy, but if I were my inner 5 year old boy would be doing just that.

Why, you ask? Well, 'cause guess who just got front row tickets to Walking with Dinosaurs when it comes to Brisbane in June? Yup, me!

Life size, or near life size, anamatronic dinosaurs walking around an arena, and I'm going to be close enough to reach out and touch them!

I was supposed to be getting tickets for Mum and I to go and see the Wolfetones in concert on the 26th of March, only to discover when I got to the ticket window that the show was standing room only. Mum would not be able to stand for that long without sitting down.

I was just about to head to the train to go home when I spotted this brochure out of the corner of my eye. Walking with Dinosaurs. I got back into that line so fast I'm surprised I didn't leave skid marks on the floor.

After much discussion with the guy selling the tickes, I got myself a front row seat.

So, those of you on my flist who grew up in Brisbane, do any of you remember the dinosaur exhibit they old QLD Museum used to do? The one in the buidling up near the show grounds? You know, the one with anamatronic dinosaurs? I remember going to that when I was in school...and then sneaking back in the exit to see the Brachiosaurus again and again...until my teacher caught me and made me wait with her.

I remember those dinosaurs being totally awesome!. They didn't walk though, they just stayed in one spot and moved their heads around. This...they actually move!!!

Anyway, I could've still gone to the Wolfetones but, to quote Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory:

"It was between you and the Museum of Natural History and, frankly, you don't have dinosaurs" (only, in my case it was between the Wolfetones and Dinosaurs).

Flyby post

Mar. 18th, 2011 12:08 am
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So, had some excitement last week. I was in class discussing something with my students (grammar, I think. It wasn't exactly memorable) when, suddenly, over the PA system I didn't even realised existed came this:

*whoopwhoop*"A fire alarm has been activated. Please wait for further instructions................*whoopwhoop*A fire alarm has been activated. Please wait for further instructions" *continuous loop*

Students: O.o o.O O.O
Me: Um.......*wanders over to the window to check for smoke*... well, I can't see anything. Everybody just relax, it's probably just a drill.
Students: A what?
Me: Practice for a real fire.... Just let me ask my boss if he knows anything.

I then walk to my door and poke my head around it just in time for my boss to come tearing out of his classroom with this panicked look on his face.

Okay...drill theory just went out the window.

He tells me to keep the students calm (something he was failing to do for himself) and he'd go find out what was going on. I head back into the classroom and proceed to lie my head off to the students "Don't worry guys. I can't see anything. It's probably just a random drill so we know what to do in a *real* emergency" I then get them to continue with the speaking activity while I go and rescue my handbag and textbooks from the teachers office in case we have to evacuate.

...what? They're at least $70 each. I've got about 5 of them, and one of them cost me $105! I wasn't letting them burn!

I put everything on my desk and put the books in a pile for easy pick-up. I re-assure my students (again) that it's probably just a drill since I couldn't see any smoke, but I was just grabbing my stuff anyway 'cause that's what I'd do in a real emergency.

Queue the boss poking his head around my door and asking to see me for a second.

Boss: Well, they don't know what's happening upstairs. There wasn't a schedualed drill today, so....if the siren changes to this constant 'Whooooooooop' noise get you students to go down the stairs in an orderly line and meet at the evacuation point. Don't forget to take your roll with you.

Um... nobody's told me where the evacuation point is!

Not 30 seconds after he finished that, the siren switches to the *Whoooooooooooooop* noise with this Please evacuate now thing. (Polite evactuation things. Who'da thunk it).

Boss goes white.

Long story short, we get out of the building to see fire engines parked outside with flashing lights (advantage to being literally 'round the corner to the Fire Station. They get to you fast) and Firemen in full get-up running around. I get directed to the evacuation point and attempt to keep my students calm and together. I ended up telling them a story about Polish fire drills to stop them from freaking out (Meanwhile I'm freaked out like you wouldn't believe. This thing was no drill!).

Still no sign of fire or smoke at this point, btw.

Long story short, it was a false alarm. The gym below had an installation fail. They were putting some new equipment in and the electritian wired it wrong. It started smoking and they couldn't turn the fire alarm off, hence the evacuation. This was the second time in 3 months that we've had to evacuate...though the last time was an evacuation of the entire city.

I was amused, but pissed at the same time. This was the second time in the last few months that my boss has left the calming of students up to me when we've had to evactuate the building (the last time was during the floods) while he's run around panicking.. Good in an emergency he ain't.


Mar. 14th, 2011 05:48 pm
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My Fife arrived! pictures to follow asap.

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I was not born yesterday, just so you know. I may be nice in class, I may joke and laugh with you, but I'm not stupid. I trust you about as far as I can throw you when it comes to academia. If your two essays appear to have even a slightly higher level of English than I've seen you utilize (in some limited form) in class, then I am going to run sections of your essays through google. My predecessor may not have done that but I do.

I'm paranoid. Deal with it.

If, by some small chance, I discover that you have been cheating, then I am going to fail you and alert my boss. End of story.

Also, if you're going to copy the entire essay, don't reference the webpage you got it from. I do check references. Trying to throw me off the scent by having two references won't work either if you give the address to a movie review for Shrek.

Also, if the webpage you're referencing has a name like "Online Essays" then I am going to have alarm bells ringing in the back of my head. Checking your essay against the webpage is gonna be the first thing I do before even attempting to mark it.


Your annoyed, and yet bemused teacher...seriously, I'm a Uni student. You don't think I've never heard whispers of online academic essays? You're lucky this isn't an actual University or your arse would so be expelled!

Translation: I caught 4 of my students plagarising today. Two of them actually put the website they cut and past from in the reference list *headdesk*. If you're going to plagarise, at least make it a bit of a challange for the teacher otherwise we just doubt your actual intelligence.

One of them tried to throw me off the scent... he had two references. I checked the first one...only to find that it was for a review of Shrek...... Seriously, mate, that was so far away from the topic it's not funny. At least try and make sure the reference is related in some way to the essay topic!

I'm kinda curious what the essays that my predecessor marked are like. I'm not going to check, though. It'd take me at least several hours and I just don't have the time for that now that Uni's started back up again... unless they're willing to let me do it during class, give my class to Zac for the day or two it would take me, and pay me for it. I flat out refuse to take all of that home with me, again, to do in my own time.


Mar. 5th, 2011 05:27 pm
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Have been practicing both the tin whistle and the fife this afternoon...am getting dizzy from it. Time to stop now, methinks.

Wheeeee! Headspin.

I can get sound out of the fife most of the time now, but there's a lower octave i didn't actually know about. It's bloody hard to get on the fife i've been practicing on. Now i understand why people who are advertising them go on about "easy to get the low notes!" .....those notes, especially the low d, are EVIL!!!!

In other news, my fife should be arriving some time in the next couple of weeks :-D. I have no idea how easy the notes are going to be to get on that one though. Shall have to iust wait and see how it goes.

Bruises from training are still still coming up. Surprisingly, the collarbone hasn't bruised. The arm's still a painful lump (accidentally put a shoppi.g bag on it this afternoon, didn't i. Owie. I haven't inspected my leg where justin kept hitting me, and the scrape on my arm has gone down.....hand's got a lovely mark on it from jon's crossguard.

Apart from that i have a metric craptonne of marking to do, a week's worth of washing, the house to myself this evening, and the reenactors market tomorrow. Hopefully i can pick up a pair of shoes for the abbey medieval festival in june at the least!

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Mar. 5th, 2011 12:04 am
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Bruised leg, check.
Bruised arm, check.
Bruised hand, check.
Scrape down right arm, check.
Bruised collar bone, check.

So, I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but I've started learning how to sword fight. I've had about 7 lessons now and I'm having an absolute ball!

You remember those movies where the person learning how to fight is shown a few moves and then their teacher gets this evil gleam in their eyes, tells them to defend themselves, and then lunges for them?

...yeah, that was my first lesson.

My fourth lesson had me fighting one of the veterans. I'm not doing too badly, generally holding my own. I take some people down some of the time, and then get killed with extreme predjudice 5 seconds later *grins*. I've had some pretty impressive bruises. The one on my arm is going to be a doozy when it finally comes up.

(My students find all this highly amusing. I come in with random bruises on Monday and end up having to explain to them where they came from).

So, tonight we did something a little different....

3 people fighting at the same time. Not one on one, like I was used to, but three people. GAH!

I died in about 5 seconds the first time out but got used to it pretty quickly.

Actually, I kinda like the three people thing. It makes things more interesting, 'cause you've not only got to watch your front, but your back as well.

Wanna see?

I'm the only female visiable in the video, black pants and bone/black striped shirt:

I really need to stop leaning in like that when I fight. I didn't realise it was that bad!

Oh, and those swords are synthetic and called Wasters, so they don't hurt anywhere near as much as steel would...and since I haven't actually been cleared for steel yet I <3 my Waster! It looks like an honest to god broadsword!

I'm going to have this lovely bruise on my collar bone. Got smashed pretty hard when I didn't block a headshot in time (I've seen the video, the sword bounced off my collar bone and made an interesting noise).

And my leg?

Well, Justin kept hitting me in exactly the same spot allnight.

And Jon got me a good one with the crossguard of his sword. I've got this lovely bruise on my hand from it.


Feb. 28th, 2011 11:09 pm
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I have started watching Transformers: Prime on Youtube (gotta do something while my hair dries).



....Robot Zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you read that right, Robot Zombies!!!

Transformers: Prime just became awesome!!!!!

And Ratchet is <3!


In other news, I have a bruise on my right wrist from sword training on Friday night.


Feb. 27th, 2011 09:48 pm
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Today I bought myself a Fife. The group I'm a part of does two time periods, 15th Century and 19th century. I can play the Tin Whistle relatively well (self-taught), but there's two other people in the group that play it. I figured that I'd give myself a bit of a challenge and learn how to play the Fife.

I've been practicing on my housemate's (she never uses it and is letting me have a play on it for a while) and I can get sound out of it. Getting sound out of it is apparently half the battle, from what I've heard.

I knew they were shrill and loud, but I wasn't expecting it to be quite that shrill! (I suppose... I've heard stories of being able to hear them 3 miles away over artillery fire, so I shouldn't be too surprised).

Not much else to report on this end at the moment..

...except this! They're brining out a new Thundercats cartoon. The trailer's been released for it. It looks... interesting.

Formation of the TCats?? That's what it looks like to me at any rate.


Feb. 26th, 2011 06:30 pm
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And the government wonders why Australians buy their books from overseas.

From the Co-Op bookstore my textbook is $79. From The Book Depository in England (with free posting) $44. From Amazon, it's $39.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case.


Uni starts on Tuesday and I need to buy textbooks. I think I'll be getting mine from overseas this semseter. Where, exactly, I get it will all really depend on shipping at Amazon.
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Exactly what has Queensland done to you recently to piss you off?

First there was the 6 weeks of constant rain resulting in The Floods From Hell (thank you for narrowly missing my home btw. Appreciated). Then there was Cyclone Yasi (again, thank you for sparing my family....mostly. Did you have to rip the front of my Aunt's house off while she was still in it? It was a beautiful house, and she's never going to feel completely safe there ever again).

Then you've tried to roast us the last week or so. Have you ever had heat stroke? It's not something i suggest. And today, well I'm not exactly enjoying this humdinger of a storm you've thrown at us. That last lightning strike was a little too close for comfort.

I'm not complaining (much)as it's lovely and cool (for the moment). But a little consistency would be nice. All my students can say about Brisbane at the momoment is "crazy weather!"

Yours in currently roasted state,


(translation: WTF Mother Nature?!)
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So, for my house at least, things are going back to normal. I've been back at work since monday, started teaching a new class on wednesday afternoons. Met the australian co-ordinator of said course, who's already asked if if i'd like to keep teaching it NEXT trimester :-D.

And today...today i bought boots. I've been trying to buy a pair of boots for roughly 15 years with no luck. I'm an ex-irish dancer. There's no WAY most boots will fit over my calf muscles *grumbles* pisses me off to no end 'cause i find a.pair of boots that i like and they just won't go over my calf muscles. Well, today i saw a style that i liked. They're sort of a mix between victorian and steam punk. I <3 them. And they come to just BELOW my calves so they fit perfectly!!!!!

My new boots:
You like? I need to get gel inserts for the balls of my feet but that's some really soft leather.

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So, spent a few hours this morning mopping in the home of a.complete stranger down on the river front near me with Em. The sights on the street right now.....disaster movies have nothing on what i've seen today in my local neighbourhood.

And nothing can prepare you for the smell! At the suggestion of Em i'd made a quick facemask from linen and sewn a pocket onto it. Into that pocket was stuffed an old black plague remedy of mint, rosemary and...i think the last one was thyme. That got wrapped around my neck to help combat the stench. Thankfully the herbs were strong enough that i didn't have to wrap it around my face, i have breathing issues.

This afternoon i'm trying to get through my backlog of washing. It's been a week since i did any and...well, Sheena's running out of clothes.

Still no word on whether i have work on monday yet.

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i shall never take the ability to have a hot shower for granted again. We got our power back this afternoon and this evening's shower.... Words can't describe how good it was to was my hair for the first time in a week.

Power also meant tv. One of the news segments showed what's being shown internationally..... o_O i'd just like to reiterate that I'M OKAY!!!!!!! Yes, my suburb was one of the worst hit in brisbane, but we're in the older, higher sections that stayed dry. It got close but not close enough to really threaten us. We didn't even have to evacuate.

I will admit i was worried there for a while. I kept expecting my next sms on tuesday night to be the "get out, GET OUT NOW!!!!!" message. Every time my message tone went off it took me a good half hour to stop shaking.

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House is fine. Completely dry. Am actually thinking of getting all my electronics down tomorrow from on top of the cupboards. Now we're just waiting for the power to come back on.

Cold showers NOT FUN!!!! was apparently shivering this evening after mine.

Being woken up every morning by rescue choppers, news choppers, and private choppers hovering over our area is driving us all a little nuts. That and it's making me nervous.

Tempers are fraying a little. Everyone's thrown at least one spack-attack in the last few days. It's the waiting getting to us, i think. All the sitti.g and not knowing what's going on. No power=no tv and no news. We really don't know what's happening. We turn the radio on once an hour...but the batteries are dying and we're trying to conserve them.

Good news is Indooroopilly has power, so we've been able to retreat into aircon for a little while at least. And have decent (as far as maccas/hungry jacks is decent) meals. Since the trucks can't get to us they're running out of stuff. No lettuce for burgers today. Maccas in the food court was shut.

We're pretty much surrounded by water in most directions but dry where we are. We're like a little peninsula right now. We're VERY lucky we're not still in the old place in Sherwood... It's gone under to at least the floorboards.

Family friends lent us a camp stove though and neighbours behind us, who still have power....lucky bastards, threw a long extension chord over our fence so we could put the fridge/freezer back on and rescue our perishables. It's all a waiting game right now. Am doing all this on my phone right now as it's got some charge and...well, i don't care if my phone bill's a bit more next month, i need to let everyone know i'm okay.

Still no work. I got word today that they're hoping to open up again on monday. Fingers crossed. I know thwy're right on the river, but they're not level with it. Theh're a few metres up from it.

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Just a.quick message to let you all know i'm okay. River is right up but we were saved by the hill on that side. Oval looks like a lake on other side of train tracks but hasn't reaxhed us. Have been taking pictures and will post some wjen i can. We're powerless, so i'm at indooroopilly shops chatging my phone there. Will post more when i can.
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Still okay this morning. Am going to have a quick breakfast & go help people living right on the river move stuff.
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So, we're packing just in case we need to evacuate. Fine for the moment. City centre got evacuated (i work in the city...right on the river). Just thought i'd let you know 'cause we may have to leave fast.

am okay

Jan. 9th, 2011 11:24 pm
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I'm fine, my family's fine. I think one of my cousins is trappped in rockhampton, but only because he was travelling through when the flood waters rose. We're watching the brisbane river at the moment (we're about 200m away from it) but we should be fine as we're on pretty high ground. I did a few checks and we'll stay dry at a 14m river rise.

Parents are about to get flooded in to their property just out of gympie but, again, they're on high ground and have a lot if supplies just in case.

Anyway, just thought i'd let everyone know that i'm okay since, apparently, the queensland floods have made international news. We've had family members overseas calling the house all day.

So, we're fine. Heartily sick of the rain, but fine.

Will keep you updated though, 'cause they reckon the brisbane river's supposed to flood....hopefully this isn't another '74.

Oh, and our roof is STILL leaking 'cause it hasn't been dry enough to fix it.


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