May. 20th, 2010 10:28 pm
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A few days ago I posted a piccy of my 14th Century dress...and completely forgot that I hadn't posted what the embroidery/beading on it is going to look like. Oopsies.

Beaded embroidery under here )

My Dress

May. 16th, 2010 05:55 pm
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Is now looking like a dress! I spent this weekend (in between working on an assignment) sewing the green band on the bottom on to it. I had to unstitch a bit 'cause it was going wonky, but I'm finally finished that part.

Things to finish:
1. Embroider cuffs (same green as the green band) and sew those on.
2. Cut out taxi-cab yellow strip to sew on as another band above the green one (I have the fabric, I just need to wait for it to dry).
3. Embroider and bead neckline and attach that to the dress.
4. Sew the bottom of the dress together (it's kinda split at the moment to make it easier to sew the bottom bands on).
5. Hem the under dress (it's calico, you can only really see it at the neckline right now (That will get fixed once I have the neckline embroidery attached).
6. Make a belt.

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So, might possibly have a job. I'll know more after next week but there's a real possibility that I might have a job. Not holding my breath though. I'll tell you more when I know.

Also, if I ever feel like doing embroidery for the re-enactment community at large I might just be able to make a profit from it. I was at a training session today and doing some embroidery (that one I posted early) and one of the guys comes up and starts examining it. Offered me a heap of work doing tunics and tablecloths and the like.

Me: *blinkblinkblink* Um... my dress is first priority. See me after I've finished with that.

Em then states that he'd have to wait in-line as there are three other people in my house that have apparently called dibs on my embroidery skills before him.

About an hour later one of the other re-enactors comes up to me as I was in the process of doing really tiny chain stitch.

Guy2: O.O Patterns! You have patterns! How do you have patterns?! I don't have the patience for it.
Me: ......
Guy2: You've got more patience than I do.

He just about freaked out when I told him that the current embroidery that I'm doing I've been working on for about a month.


Amusing moment in the house today. Male housemate as he was coming out of the bathroom:

"You might need a candle in there....oh, and a canary"

*cracks up laughing*
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Hey all!

Remember that embroidery sampler I posted a while back with the Decepticon symbol on it? Well, this is what I've been working on since then. This is gonna end up as a cushion of some description. Probably a pin cushion judging by the size of it.

I've been working on calico this time and it's much easier to sew on. Less fraying than with whatever the hell that was I used before.

That silver bit on the...well, it will be a Fleur de Lis was a pain in the proverbial backside! I have stab marks on my fingers from doing that. Ignore what looks like the blue stains, it's a washable seamstresses pen. That'll come off when I was it. Those three circles in different shades of blue took about an hour and a half all up (I had to very carefully cut away four strands of the fabric). Don't even get me started on that green and burnt orange border. That took about 2 days all up to finish.

I'm enjoying myself, despite the constant stabbings *grins*

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In other news; I went out for dinner with one of my old students tonight. Had a lot of fun. We had ramen at this to die for place down from the Casino. Mum and I stumbled on it when she was down here and they still remembered me when I walked in!

We're going to the Gold Coast tomorrow for the day.

Nothing much else to report. Mum and Dad decided at the last minute to drive down and visit me for Easter. It was great to see them again but, boy, did we do some running around or what!

Uni starts back up again on Monday. It's been good to have a bit of a break with no work or anything.

Speaking of work, it definitely looks like I'm unemployed again. I've been searching for other stuff to do instead of teaching 'cause it seriously fries your brain trying to do full time work and part time uni. I'd get to Tuesday and feel like it was Thursday. I was just mentally exhausted.

So, have been searching for something where I don't have to think too hard at work. That way I'll still have brain power left to try and understand what the heck my lecturers are trying to teach me.

*Edited due to uploading the wrong picture **headdesk***


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