May. 1st, 2011 09:18 pm
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So, tonight I made pizza ^___^

No, I didn't go out and buy a pizza base and then throw toppings on it. I made the dough as well as grate up cheese/slice stuff to put on top of it!

I put big chunks of cheese inside the crusts so I had cheesy crusts! It had cabanossi, bacon, mushrooms, olives and cheese....boy, did it have cheese! The dough turned out beautifully, crunchy on the outside, soft, light, and springy on the inside ^____^.

There's still heaps left over, too! So very, very filling!

'twas yummy!

In other news, I did make it to Thor again today. Just as good the second time around ^___^. Got myself the soundtrack this evening off iTunes (along with some of the tracks from Rango.....Ride of the Valkyries played on a banjo ftw!)

I feel...

Jan. 26th, 2010 09:01 pm
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...quite accomplished right now.

I just cooked Spaghetti Carbonara. Yeah, yeah, you're thinking, big deal. That's easy! All you need to do is go to the shops and buy the sauce and some fettuccini...and you'd be right...normally.

But, you see, today I cooked it from scratch! The only thing I didn't make myself was the fettuccini. That's right, the sauce I made all by myself (and it actually tasted like the real thing!).

I'm feeling very accomplished right now ^__^ (and full, we must not forget full ^__^)


Jan. 14th, 2010 12:58 am
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So, virus checker subscription thingy ran out tonight. All good, Dad had the newest copy of AVG (freeware one that's pretty good) on his computer. No worries, right?


Damn thing kept telling me I had version 7 on this laptop. Er, I'm pretty damn sure I don't, so I went looking and couldn't find it. Tried again. same problem.

Then I thought I'd try something a little different. Installed version 8, updated all the virus dooby-whacky's that I had to install, and then downloaded version 9. Hit install and.... it worked perfectly. Damn thing installed itself with no problems at all. I am now all virus checkered up again!

In other news I went to an ex-student's place for dinner tonight. She messaged me yesterday morning to see how I was going (as I don't teach there anymore and she's graduated). I was grilled on what sort of things I ate and didn't eat. She and her other flatmate, who turned out to be another of my ex-students (and I feel really bad 'cause I just can't remember his name and it's driving me nuts!!!), cooked a traditional Korean meal.

It was called (and I'm typing this phonetically here 'cause I neither read nor speak Korean beyond "Hello") Bimbibab or something like that. There were also Kimchi pancakes and something that reminded me of rissoles. To drink there was, of course, beer (half my Korean students would turn up hung-over 2/3rds of the time, usually the males...and when they didn't turn up their excuse the next day was "I was too drunken to come to class" It was annoying and yet amusing at the same time) which was needed as they plopped hot chilli paste on top of my bowl...


... Spicy food is spicy!

I managed to impress them with my chopsticks skills... 13 months in China will definitely teach you how to use them *laughs*. It's either that or carry a knife and fork around with you the whole time.

It was a good evening and I didn't get home until about 9pm... I then spent the next 3 hours fighting with my virus thingy. All fixed now ^___^

Still no news back from the university. It's still early days, I know, but I'm watching that mailbox.
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Well, work finally ran dry so I'm currently not in Cairns *massive grin*

I'm in Brisbane. I flew down here on Wednesday and I fly back to Cairns next Wednesday. It's good to be back (I grew up here). I've spent the last couple of days poking around Borders and JB Hi-Fi...yes, I know we have a JB in Cairns (and it's actually better than the two in the city here in Brisbane!!! Which shocked me, I can tell you!) but it's nice to see what they're selling down here. E.G: portable printer (this thing is tiny! I'd love to have one of those. Saves me fighting with the network at home to try and print stuff.

...unfortunately it's about $500 I don't have right now.

Also, I'm pretty much finished Christmas shopping, I think.... I hope. Dad's a pain in the arse to shop for, but I think I have something now. All hail the gift voucher!

I found a nice take-away shop in the Myer Centre that does food like I haven't seen since I was living in China. They actually feel they have to give me a disclaimer whenever I buy something there, which I find hilarious! "This is actually very traditional Asian food. If you don't like it bring it back" O.o ... that's what I got told the first time. Then today, when I bought my lunch, they told me something along a similar line. I just looked at them funny and reassured them that, yes, I knew what it was that I was ordering. I did live in China for 13 months. I like the traditional stuff. Prefer it, actually.

I'd say they've had a few people complaining that it doesn't taste like the Chinese food they're familiar with. Personally I've been missing it.

Oh, and they've got this Pearl Tea chain here in Brissy now, Easy Way. They do Honey Milk Tea!!!! I <3 that stuff! You just can't find it up in Cairns, so I've been drinking it like it's going out of fashion.

So, the weather here's not too bad. A bit warm during the day (all hail Air-Con!) but it's cool at night. I actually had a blanket on the bed last night!

Bought myself Super Mario for my DS yesterday, I <3 it. I used to play it on my friend's Nintendo wa-ay back in Primary School. It's brining back some memories...only... I keep bloody dieing!!!!! *laughs*

Also got myself two t-shirts today at Jay Jay's. One of them is of Grimlock. I <3 Grimlock! The other is of Megatron. I'm also eyeing off the Starscream one they're selling at the moment. $20 for a t-shirt's not bad.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to the last few days. I'm headed off to Dreamworld this weekend (Kinda like the Aussie version of Disneyland. There's a lot of similarities).

Dear Body,

Oct. 18th, 2009 02:43 pm
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These headaches you so kindly give me, they've got to stop. Seriously. 2-3 day headaches are just... evil! I'm getting tired of popping Neurofen and smelling like White Flower


The pissed (and in pain) person in control of this body.

(I've had a headache for the last few days. I'm over it and want it gone).

Also, does KFC purposely staff it's front counter with morons? We had this guy yesterday who, firstly, didn't know what he was selling.

Me: Can we get a Value Meal Pack, please?
Moron: *sounding either bored or stoned... possibly both* Which one is that?
Me:....Um... the one that says Value Meal Pack.
Moron: *looks* Where's that?
Me: *sighs* Third panel in, the one that says "Meal Deals". Bottom left corner.
Moron: *looking but can't seem to find it so calls over someone else
Floor Manager: *looking annoyed* Look! It's here, under "Promotions"

The rest of it pretty much went the same way. Then the guy making the stuff had no clue what went into it and came over to ask The Moron what went into it. The Moron the proudly points to it up on the menu board. By this point I'm ready to reach across the counter and rip something vital out. It was 3pm, I hadn't had breakfast and I was hungry. To top it off I had a headache that just would not go away and Mum had kept stopping to look at stuff all day (Okay, she hadn't had lunch or breakfast either but she kept shooting down my ideas when I'd suggest stuff to eat, would complain about being hungry...and then stop in another store to look at something). I was... rather cranky.

You don't get between me and food when I'm like that.

I'm quite proud of myself, actually. All I did was glare and snarl.

Right, enough ranting. Good stuff.

Scored myself a 2 disc edition of Wolverine. The girl at the shop forgot to unlock the security device so I couldn't get it open when I got home. Easily fixed, we took it back the next day and told them to fix it (I've since learnt that this is a common occurance for this shop).

Also got John Farnham live in Concert in Melbourne. *SQUEEEEEEEEES* I <3 Farnsy!

They're also having a sale so I've scored myself a 3 CD Best Movie Songs Ever CD, and a 5 CD 101 Beer Songs which is a hell of a lot better than it sounds. 101 old rock songs from the 60's/70's/80's. I'm gonna have to fight my Mum off, she's been eyeing the thing off all morning (after commenting when I bought it about "Beer" songs). It's got stuff from Faith No More, Van Morrison, ZZ Top, B 52's, Deep Purple, Cold Chisel, Suzi Quatro, Johnny Cash, Alice Cooper... you name it, if it was popular it's probably in there.

Screw pop, gimme old rock any day of the week!
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Hey all!

Well, it's been a while since I updated so I figured I'd better let you all know that I'm alive and well. Just extremely busy/tired. Work keeps me on my toes, and even though I don't work full days (only Monday and Wednesday are 6 hours, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are only 3) every day it's mentally exhausting. Especially when you get one student who's constantly asking you complex grammar questions (and then asking you why they let you teach English when you don't know all the grammar *scowls*. I am human. I don't know everything. English teacher does not equate to walking grammar dictionary).

So, work is from Monday to Friday. I have to get up at 6am, which probably doesn't help the tireds any, and then head into work and teach either 3 hours or 6 hours. I have one class that is mine and I see them five days a week. I teach one elective class (Elementary-Lower-Intermediate Everyday English... don't ask me what I'm supposed to be teaching, I've been winging that class for a month) as well and I see them twice a week for three hours on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons after lunch.

There's lots of paperwork, too, but most of that I can get done before I head home after work. I'm in the process of writing ISR's (Individual Student Reports), which are basic little report cards. The upside of these (despite the fact that I have to take them home and do them) is that I only have to do 11 of them (as opposed to the 80 something I had to do in Poland)... I've just got no bloody clue what the hell I'm supposed to write on them *pulls a face*.

In other news I discovered that the local A&R Bookworld sells manga.. and they've got Fushigi Yuugi and Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden!!! So I've been catching up on my reading. The heroine in the Genbu Kaiden is pretty kick-arse!

I've also bought myself a new toy for when I start travelling again. A mini-laptop. It's great, nice and light and easy to carry around (it fits in my handbag for cryin' out loud!!!! Okay, I have a big handbag, but still!). I figure I'll take both with me wherever I end up travelling next and the big laptop will stay at 'home' (wherever that ends up being) and then the little one comes travelling with me. I got tired of trying to lug the big laptop after my back started to hurt from the weight of it. That and this one will be so much easier to pull out of my bag at the x-ray machines at customs (you have no idea how painful it was pulling the other one out constantly).

It's a white Samsung N120 and it's been dubbed 'Precious' as in *affects a Gollum voice* "My... Prrrrecioussssssssss!"

You can blame Dad for that one. I was simply calling it 'My Baby' *laughs* he started calling it Precious and using the Gollum voice and it kinda stuck.

I'd been eyeing it off at JB-Hifi since I got back from Poland. I was going to wait another paycheck before I bought it but they dropped the price by $100 within the space of a week trying to clear out their stock. $697 is a damn good price so I grabbed it. Mum said (when I was talking to her after I bought it) that she was actually going to buy it for me if I didn't have enough money because she knew I was going to need it when I was travelling and it was a good price. I could've just paid he back later.

I <3 my Mum.

Also went to the doctor today. I had to get a few things, asthma meds etc. I also had to see him about my allergies. They've been really, really bad lately. I also have this awful cough that has been with me since I got sick at winter break back in January/Febuary. Doctor put me on a 5 day course of Prednisone (*shudders* steriods wonderful). He reckons that the cough is definately left over from when I was sick but it just hasn't healed. Then I got back here and my allergies fired up and that bloody itchy as all hell rash turned up on my legs and everything's just kinda snowballed from that. This should hopefully clear it all up and give my body a chance to heal.

Thank god it's only for 5 days! I took the first tablet today so I'll be finished it by Monday morning.

I now also have the entire Magnificent Seven series on DVD. I'm not going to go into the dramas I had ordering it through JB (Do NOT order anything from JB-Hifi. Just don't. Trust me on that. They took my order when the DVD wasn't even in the system) but I ordered it Sunday night through Ezy DVD and it arrived today *grins*. I is a happy Sheena.

I also found this amazing Thai/Vietnamese restaurant last week. I was having flashbacks to this dinky little restaurant in Erawan, Thailand while I was eating my lunch there. I haven't had Thai food that good since... well, Thailand!

Right, well, this update's getting long and I still have to write those bloody ISR's so I'd better finish this.

So, overall message in this update: I'm alive *grins*
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Hey all!,

Yes, I know, it's been a while, but the last couple of weeks have been absolutely insane, INSANE I tell you! So, I've started teaching private classes as through the school as well as my classes in the afternoone. I've got thre of them and they keep me pretty busy. It took me a couple of weeks to settle into having classes during the day as well as at night, but I've settled into that now. Besides that my internet didn't work for a week for some strange reason. I didn't realise how much I relied on the 'net for stuff and for keeping in contact with people half a world away until it up and died on me.

Last week was the Day of the Dead public holiday/long weekend thingy. I had Thursday to Monday off (which was GREAT!!! 4 days of no classes ^____^). I decided that I wasn't going to sit on my butt in Mragowo for the whole time. I was going to go somewhere. So, Thursday dawned, wet and miserable (though the rain held off long enough for me to walk up to the bus station) and I headed off to an insanely long bus trip to Gdansk. It's on the baltic sea (for those of you who were like me and didn't have a clue where it was to start off). It's a much bigger city than Mragowo and it's got an absolutely gorgeous old town! (I have pictures, I just have to get them off my camera and onto the laptop to sort. It may take a while for me to post them, I'm still going through my first day in Italy!).

I nearly missed the bus. I didn't stand outside long enough to realise that the bus that pulled up, looking much newer than most of the other buses, was going to Gdansk. It said Elblag on it. I'd run inside before the sign flashed to Gdansk 'cause it was way too cold to be standing outside for any length of time. I got adopted by some sweet old lady who didn't speak a word of English (and I only speak about 8 words of Polish) but was quite happy to sit and jabber away to me for half an hour or so while I just sort of smiled and nodded at her.

Anyway, I managed to get onto the bus, once I realised that it was actually MY bus, just as the doors were about to close. It left Mragowo at 9:40. I didn't get to Gdansk until about 3:30ish. It was a loooooooong trip. I've decided that next time I'll get to the bus to Olsztyn and then get the train to wherever I'm going. Especially if it's quite a long way from here.

I had a ball in Olsztyn. I could've strangled the people staying in the B&B I was at, but the place itself was rather nice and close enough to the city, but not close enough to be noisy (save for the other people staying at the place). The bed was really comfortable, and I wanted to pack the bathroom up and take it back to Mragowo with me.

Even though Gdansk is by the sea, I didn't actually get to go and have a look at it. I wandered around the old town for the day. tHere was so much to see there. I froze, though. I now understand the concept of 'Windchill Factor'. I've decided that I hate it. The weather wasn't actually below zero or anything like that, but the wind made it feel like it was. I didn't realise and made the mistake of leaving the beanie at the hotel. I did have my jacket and a scarf with me, though, so I didn't freeze completely and I'd duck into a shop whenever I felt too cold.

Right, so I took the train back from Gdansk to Olsztyn. Decided to treat myself to a first class ticket (before you ask, I used to write and slap method to get what I wanted. I looked up in my phrasebook the words I would need to get the ticket, wrote them on a peice of paper, and then slapped it up against the ticket sellers window. It works) and ended up having a very comfortable compartment all to myself for nearly the entire trip (except for about the first half an hour). I've decided that the next town that I'm going to visit is a place called Malbork. They have the most AMAZING castle there. The train went past it and I'm telling you, that thing looks HUGE!! Oh, and I had some free entertainment on the way back too. The guy in the next compartment must've been alone as well, and I don't think he realised that there was someone in the compartment behind him, 'cause about halfway through the journey I jerk awake from my half doze to hear singing. Loud singing. In Polish. It was folk songs or something. He wasn't half bad, actually.

I got an express bus on the way back to Mragowo too. Got chewed out by the ticket seller 'cause I couldn't understand how much the ticket was when she rattles it off in Polish. Apologising in English and trying to crane my head around the glass to see the price on the computer screen didn't help much either. She didn't seem to get that I couldn't understand a word she was saying.

Enough about my trip to Gdansk. I also did a crapload of presentation classes this week. 5 schools in 2 days. I'm absolutely wiped right now. I was standing in class writing something on the blackboard yesterday (I hate chalk) when I suddenly realise that I'm actually falling asleep while I'm writing something! All I can say is thank god it's Friday!

I'm going to Olsztyn again on Sunday with Agnes, the other teacher. We're going to do some shopping (winter clothes and boots for me and maybe some books to read). She speaks Polish, so shopping shouldn't be too difficult and I may be able to eat somewhere that DOESN'T have an English menu! That'd be cool!

Anyway, that's the live of Sheena at the moment. Running around like a demented chicken on crack and having a ball doing it!
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'Tis most bizarre. For the entire time I've been here it's looked kinda bareish (mum would go and buy food and we'd eat it that night). I actually did fruit and vegatable shopping today (grapes, a lemon, a capsicum, two small onions, and some mushrooms). Plus I got bacon, and chicken nuggets.

PLUS successfully managed to buy two sesame seed rolls from the bakery (leaning over the counter and pointing like a loon to get what I want LOL!) and I've got a few large containers of, well... I'm pretty sure it's soup. At least, it looks like soup... man am I going to feel silly if it ISN'T soup!

I got vermicilli noodles so I can make a vegetable soup out of vegetable stock, vegetables, and other random things thrown in. That should last me a couple of meals, and I've got enough instant noodles to sink a battleship! I'm not even counting the frozen stuff I've got in the freezer (vegetables, one frozen meal thingy that tastes REALLY good!), the kuskus that tastes really good when you shove some base stock in it when it's cooking. I shouldn't have to go shopping for at least a few days. 

Plus I got random cleaning products for the apartment (bathtub cleaner, that sort of stuff... Oh! and I got some lemongrass scented bubblebath for when the bathtub's clean!).

And I must not forget the beer! I even got a can of Ginger beer, that's REAL beer!

The people at the shops must've thought I was most odd. I had to do the shopping in two trips and I had a loaded basket both times.

Ooooh. I had a random guy come up and ask me where the tea section was....in POLISH!! The only word I caught was tea, but I was able to drag him to the right section. Felt most proud of myself when I did that.

I've been doing stuff I don't usually do at home. I've done two loads of WASHING!!! (er, yes. I used to wash in China, but never did my own washing in Australia). I'm about to go and fight with the vacuum cleaner (right after I wash up from my VERY nice lunch. Tell you what it was later). I've got all the school textbooks OFF the floor and onto a shelf, and later I might even clear off the coffee table!

So, lunch was the two bread rolls topped with a nut flavoured cottage cheese, edam cheese, bacon (freshly cooked. It still smells like bacon in here), and mushrooms (which had been cooked with the bacon so they tasted luurverly!). Tasted much better than I thought it would, actually. I wasn't sure on the cottage cheesey stuff.

Guess, what I'm doing tomorrow? I'm going horseriding through the woods! Should be fun 'cause the leaves are changing colour around here at an amazing rate! 'Tis so pretty!


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