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Hey all!

Before I forget completely: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! (For those of you on my list that celebrate it)

Secondly, thank you to those who sent me birthday wishes ^___^. I had a wonderful day back home for the first time in 2 years. The weather was lovely and hot, I was with my family, and it was just nice to be home for once.

My actual birthday was pretty quiet. I just lazed about the house and enjoyed being home. Saturday night Dave (the maybe boyfriend who's leaning more towards a definitely boyfriend) took me out to Adelfia, a Greek restaurant in town (run by Peter Andre's brothers. My reaction when I found out ---> O.o o.O O.O). We ordered the feast and, whoo boy, did the food keep coming! I'll definitely be going back there again as the food was amazing!!!

Note: Greek coffee has one hell of a kick. I'm serious here. I had 2 and didn't actually get any decent sleep for about the next 24 hours. I won't be drinking a large amount of again in a hurry.

Sunday evening we had the family dinner for my birthday. Usually it's restaurant of my choice, but none of us felt like going out and dressing up so I suggested takeout of my choice. We got a whole heap of Thai from my favourite restaurant on Lake street. We then bought it home and hid in the aircon.

In other news I've settled on what course I'm going to do. Much discussion and ping-ponging the idea between a few different people, and a long, hard look at my finances, and I've decided that I'm going to move down to Brisbane and do a Masters in Applied Linguistics: TESOL focus.

Yes, it's more expensive, but in the long run it's actually more affordable for me as I'll be able to work at the same time (which I couldn't if I was doing my DELTA). So, all I need to do is send of those application forms, start looking for a place to live in Brisbane and get a job.

First part: Easy.
Second part: .... gonna be a little more difficult. I've got a friend who's gonna be looking for a flatmate in about July, but before that... nothing. No reply to any of the enquiries I've made, either.
Third part: Well, my DoS said he would talk to the DoS of the Kaplan school in Brisbane and see about getting me a job, so fingers crossed I'll have one lined up (or at least something lined up) for when I get down there.

I'm looking at heading down there in early February so that I'll be well and settled (hopefully) by the time Uni starts. I'll be doing it part time, only two courses a semester, so that I'll have time to work as well as study. I'm hoping to be able to keep teaching while I'm doing this, so that I keep my teaching skills unrusty.

So, I'm off to go and watch a movie or something with Mum. Catch you all later ^___^

I.... is

Dec. 6th, 2009 07:51 pm
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A little sunburnt right now.

I went to Dreamworld today. I had a ball! I hadn't been there since... oh, Uni (which was a few years ago now). It was interesting to see how it's changed. The Thunderbolt has gone (one of the original roller-coasters). In its' place is White-Water World (A water-themed area with lots of water slides etc.) and something called Flowrider where people go boogie-boarding on an artificial wave.

They've got this Aliens vs. Predator attraction there too. Laser tag thing. I had fun in there! I actually placed second on the scoreboard my second time through (which was a bit of a shock). Hey, it was an excuse to go in and shoot people. I got adopted by a couple of kids my second time through. They held my place when I had to run and grab my bag from the locker I had it in. The girl was dragging me through the maze and protecting my back while I protected hers.

One thing though... I was "The Lady" *whimper*. There was a time where I'd call women older than me I get called that. Huh...

They now have a roller-coaster where you're strapped to motor bikes. It looks kinda WTF?! but it was fun! (and, yes, I do have pictures of it).

So, tomorrow is 'go and annoy University of Queensland' day. I'm gonna go and talk to them about that masters degree I want to do.

Anyway, having a ball in Brisbane ^__^ (although my through is sore right now. I screamed a lot today)
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Well, work finally ran dry so I'm currently not in Cairns *massive grin*

I'm in Brisbane. I flew down here on Wednesday and I fly back to Cairns next Wednesday. It's good to be back (I grew up here). I've spent the last couple of days poking around Borders and JB Hi-Fi...yes, I know we have a JB in Cairns (and it's actually better than the two in the city here in Brisbane!!! Which shocked me, I can tell you!) but it's nice to see what they're selling down here. E.G: portable printer (this thing is tiny! I'd love to have one of those. Saves me fighting with the network at home to try and print stuff.

...unfortunately it's about $500 I don't have right now.

Also, I'm pretty much finished Christmas shopping, I think.... I hope. Dad's a pain in the arse to shop for, but I think I have something now. All hail the gift voucher!

I found a nice take-away shop in the Myer Centre that does food like I haven't seen since I was living in China. They actually feel they have to give me a disclaimer whenever I buy something there, which I find hilarious! "This is actually very traditional Asian food. If you don't like it bring it back" O.o ... that's what I got told the first time. Then today, when I bought my lunch, they told me something along a similar line. I just looked at them funny and reassured them that, yes, I knew what it was that I was ordering. I did live in China for 13 months. I like the traditional stuff. Prefer it, actually.

I'd say they've had a few people complaining that it doesn't taste like the Chinese food they're familiar with. Personally I've been missing it.

Oh, and they've got this Pearl Tea chain here in Brissy now, Easy Way. They do Honey Milk Tea!!!! I <3 that stuff! You just can't find it up in Cairns, so I've been drinking it like it's going out of fashion.

So, the weather here's not too bad. A bit warm during the day (all hail Air-Con!) but it's cool at night. I actually had a blanket on the bed last night!

Bought myself Super Mario for my DS yesterday, I <3 it. I used to play it on my friend's Nintendo wa-ay back in Primary School. It's brining back some memories...only... I keep bloody dieing!!!!! *laughs*

Also got myself two t-shirts today at Jay Jay's. One of them is of Grimlock. I <3 Grimlock! The other is of Megatron. I'm also eyeing off the Starscream one they're selling at the moment. $20 for a t-shirt's not bad.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to the last few days. I'm headed off to Dreamworld this weekend (Kinda like the Aussie version of Disneyland. There's a lot of similarities).
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Jarek: "What's the difference between school and prison?"

It took the class five minutes to stop laughing. Turns out he wanted to know as we were doing a class on articles (a, an, the for those who are all "What the heck is an article?!"). He wanted to know about how we'd use those in relation to the building as they're public/government or something property and there is actually a rule for it (don't ask. Even the text book couldn't give a clear, straight cut answer on it).

Later on:

Me: Infected. Can anyone tell me what that means? *starts hacking up a lung*
Jarek: You are infected.

God I love that class! They never fail to put me in a good mood even if I'm as cranky as hell.

Also, I realised that I haven't told you how my holiday went, yet. Bad Sheena! No chocolate! *smacks herself*. I'll do that tomorrow in between marking that rather large pile of essays and exams sitting precariously on my desk. I swear they're going to slide of at any second. My students serioulsy wanted me to take them with me while I was on holiday ("You take them with you, yes? You have a week off!")... no way in hell! A) It's my holiday as in, no work. I'm not taking work with me. B) I would've had no time (I hit the ground running and didn't stop). C) I'm sure they would've loved me if I took their exams/essays with me and then lost them in Paris!. Yeah, I would've been really popular.

It's like weekends. Back home a weekend is time for you to relax. Here it's just more time to do your marking. I'd be very, very rich if I actually got paid for every hour I sat down and did marking, report cards (24 hour there at least), and syllabus (2-3 days of straight work on that one), and anything else my boss could find for me to do at home.

Also, I am sick.


I've been hacking up gunk all week and don't get me started on my nose (how can so much snot come out of one nose?!). One of my students once described a running nose as her brain melting.

I rather like that description.

Also, new Transformers footage out. I have screencapped. Expect icons some point soon...ish.
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From Paris.

I got here on Thursday evening. I got lost in the airport and lost in the airport trainstation (as usual).

So far I've visited an old friend who lives down on the Spanish border and today I went to Disneyland. Pirates of the Caribbean ride rocked like a rocking thing ^__^. I was there from opening to closing. I have discovered that about 2 hours before closing time it starts to empty out. You can pretty much get straight onto rides then. The food there sucked, but the rides were great ^___^.

Tomorrow I'm going to run around the city with [ profile] randybaggins. Should be fun ^__^.

Right now I'm going to bed. It's late and I'm tired. I've been on my feet for about twelve hours now. Catch you all later!



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