May. 1st, 2011 12:55 am
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I really, really need a tipsy icon.

Anyway. Alcohol + Ironman 2 + Housmates/good friends = a fun evening.

Newly coined word: "Fear-i-fised"

And don't worry, I've had lots of water in the last hour and am about to go to bed. Am going to see Thor tomorrow with a couple of (hopefully not too hung over) housemates....if we can rememeber we agreed to it.

.... I think I might've sat in the middle of the road for a while while one of the housemates was having a cigarette.

I need more water.

Later all!
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Scientificating: (v) postulating on the unwarrated scientific merit of something, i.e: how the hell would a vampire sparkle? "I can't believe you're scientificating the properties involved in making a vampire sparkle in sunlight!"

Word invented by moi after a conversation in the car to this effect after the sheer absurdity of this conversation... none of us actually like Twilight. Half of us are violently opposed to it.
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So, might possibly have a job. I'll know more after next week but there's a real possibility that I might have a job. Not holding my breath though. I'll tell you more when I know.

Also, if I ever feel like doing embroidery for the re-enactment community at large I might just be able to make a profit from it. I was at a training session today and doing some embroidery (that one I posted early) and one of the guys comes up and starts examining it. Offered me a heap of work doing tunics and tablecloths and the like.

Me: *blinkblinkblink* Um... my dress is first priority. See me after I've finished with that.

Em then states that he'd have to wait in-line as there are three other people in my house that have apparently called dibs on my embroidery skills before him.

About an hour later one of the other re-enactors comes up to me as I was in the process of doing really tiny chain stitch.

Guy2: O.O Patterns! You have patterns! How do you have patterns?! I don't have the patience for it.
Me: ......
Guy2: You've got more patience than I do.

He just about freaked out when I told him that the current embroidery that I'm doing I've been working on for about a month.


Amusing moment in the house today. Male housemate as he was coming out of the bathroom:

"You might need a candle in there....oh, and a canary"

*cracks up laughing*


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