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Remember those icons I said I'd post wa~ay back in about January?



No? Well, they've multiplied and I'm finally posting them ^__^. I've got Magnificent Seven, some Sentinel, Transformers, NCIS, TMNT, Star Wars, The 13th Warrior, Lord of the Rings, and quite possibly a partridge in a pear tree ^__^


They can be found HERE


Feb. 9th, 2010 05:15 pm
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Gah! No news from the Uni yet! *twitch*twitch*

They do realise that some of us have to actually migrate down south, right? It's a 2 hour flight to Brisbane. I need to know if I'm gonna have to pack here and they're taking their sweet time.




If I don't hear from them by Thursday evening I'm ringing them on Friday. All I need is a "Yes/No" answer and I can plan the rest of my life. Do I go to Brisbane, or do I stay here? Or, do I head back overseas for another 12 months and try again next year?


The good news is that the twitchiness I've got from waiting to hear from them has me making icons like woah! I've downloaded another couple of hundred brushes to use in GIMP and I've been playing with them and making stuff. Mostly Mag7, but a few other things as well.

Here's one to tide you over until I post the rest of them (32 and counting):
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I have a sorta-kinda-maybe answer from the Uni. I called them today to ask what was happening with my application and was told, by the woman I spoke to, that my application had been sent to the school/head/whatever for final perusal. I should know what's happening with it by the end of this week. End of next week at the latest.

crosses fingers* Here's hoping I got in.

In other news I've been looking at the many, many different drabble prompts out there and decided that I'm gonna try my hand at it. I'm not choosing one table though. I've picked out all the prompts that look like they could work with my Brownie Universe Transformers fic stuff ^___^. You know, the Simmons stories that I wrote wa~ay back?

Yeah, those ones.

Prompt behind here )

In other news I have a rather large amount of icons so look out for an icon dump in the next few days.


Jan. 14th, 2010 06:51 pm
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Farmville on Facebook is stealing my soul. That is all.

(Oh, and I'm currently making bases from the Sherlock Holmes trailer. Expect a batch of icons from me soonish)
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The rest of them can be found at my icon lj.

(CLICK for icons ^__^)
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So, we were doing some listening today in class. It was a song by Christina Aguelira (yes, I know I've spelt that wrong). It was a slow song and the singer they had to sing it on the cd...well, they weren't exactly in key.

So, queue me holding up my hand and pretending I had a lighter in it (You know, like what people do at concerts *grins*) to try and help lighten what was a rather painful experience.

Andy, card that his is, decided that we needed a real flame in the classroom, so he dug into his pocket. I expected him to whip out a cigarette lighter and start using that...

...boy was I wrong.

Out comes his iPhone. He plays with it for a second and then holds it up and starts swaying it from side to side. There was an animated, motion sensitive picture of a candle on his screen.

The class lost it.

In other news I still don't know if I'm working next week. I wasn't supposed to be working this week but I got asked on Friday if I could work Monday. Then, I got asked on Monday if I could work the rest of the week. My students are not happy. They've got tests on Monday and they want me there for at least that.

Pierre actually said that he wanted to keep me as his teacher his whole time here... of course, this was after I'd spent 25 minutes trying to explain something to him. He finally got it, but jeez! I whimpered dramatically and pretended to bang my head on the desk when he said that. He just grinned evilly at me.

(also, if he says "But in French we can't say this! one more time, I may just fling him off the balcony. English may borrow a lot of words from French but it is not French!)

Speaking of Pierre... I think there's a romance brewing in my classroom (or at least a casual fling). Motoko (called Moco) came to Australia for one reason and one reason only. To get a boyfriend... You'd be surprised just how many Japanese girls do that. Anyway, she sits next to Pierre. Yes, I know, that's not much to base that sort of assumption on but hear me out. I'll use today as a case point:

Moco wore the shortest bloody summer dress I've ever seen. Seriously, I think it was a singlet top in a previous life. When Pierre came in to class (late, I might add) he scaned the room and then makes a beeline for Moco. When they were doing pair work together she was practically laying across the table and giving him a wonderful view of her bra and down her chest. Pierre was taking every advantage with that.

Yes, that could just be Pierre being male but let me continue.

The general behaviour between the two of them can be narrowed down to "Extreme Flirting" (Honestly, if flirting was an Olympic sport, they'd take out the gold). I'm the first to admit that I wouldn't be able to recognise when someone's flirting with me if they smacked me upside the head with a clue-by-four, but even I can recognise this as flirting! They're always together (and arranging themselves just so when they're talking to each other) at school. Wherever Moco goes Pierre is sure to be....slight shades of Mary Had a Little Lamb there, sorry about that. Couldn't resist.

I find it all quite hilarious! I've been watching this all last and this week with great amusement and interest.

That's one thing I'm definately going to miss if I'm not working next week. I'll have to find something else to amuse myself with.

Oh, in other news Revenge of the Fallen came out on Dvd here in Australia today. I got myself a copy *grins*. Lennox dumping Galloway out of the plane has already been screencapped! Icons shall be forthcoming.

I also found the two easter eggs. One of them is a blooper (Josh Duhamel, the guy who plays Lennox, stacking it during his 'Hero' moment in the desert right before Sam dies...they were only supposed to do one take on that) and the other one is a montage of the many takes it took to get Mojo to hump Franky *eyeroll*. It's voiced over by whoever did Wheelie.


Oct. 30th, 2009 09:35 pm
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.... I'm still employed. It was decided at the 11th hour today that I shall be going back to work for at least Monday, so I've got at least one more day of work.

Of course, I'd told all of my students that today was my last day today...well, I told them that there was an 80% chance that today was my last day, and they might see me on Monday. I did comment as a few of them made sure to get pictures taken with me that, knowing my luck, now that they've done the whole 'Take your picture with your teacher' thing that I'd be there on Monday *laughs*

I'm going to walk in on Monday and cry "They lied to me!!! I'm still here!" as dramatically as I can.

I did manage to catch a couple of the students as I was leaving for the day to tell them the good news. They all seemed pretty happy/relieved that I was going to be there next week (I do think I heard the Korean equivalent of "Oh, thank god!" from one of them).

None of them are very happy with the uncertainty that I've been going through with my job for the last few weeks. Some of them were actually quite vocal about it (I had to haul Pierre, the French guy, up for swearing quite colourfully).

I also have some other news. Remember my minor freak out about my wisdom teeth?


Well, I went to the dentist on Tuesday. He gave me a check-up ("Beautiful teeth. Don't let any other dentist tell you what to do with your teeth. Whatever you're doing, you're doing it right!") and sent me to the private hospital on Lake St. for x-rays...and did that bring back memories of my orthodontist or what!

This being the same orthodontist that I actually bit (I did warn him!)

So, I went for x-rays, drove back (well, Mum drove me back. I can't drive) and gave him the x-rays to look at. He said he'd give them a thorough looking over and ring me back with what he wanted to do. There were going to be three possibilities.

1) Do nothing as the x-rays would show (if I was lucky) that, while my teeth were growing out wonky, there were no problems under the gums.
2) Have one pulled out at the dentists.
3) Discover that there were problems with three or more of the teeth. This would mean surgery.

I was hoping for option 1, but wasn't really holding out much hope for it. It must've showed on my face this week 'cause Katherine (noisy little French lady at work) kept asking me what was wrong and if I was all right.

The thought of loosing time to anasthetic and to willingly let someone at me with a knife while I'm unaware.... terrifies me. A lot more than I thought it would.

I got a phone call from Mum on Thursday, lunch time....

NO SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While the teeth are coming up wonky, there's absolutely nothing wrong underneath the gums. He'd rather leave them alone if they're not causing me pain, than yank the buggers.

That is such a relief off my mind. It's also a relief on my bank account. That would've been $1500 - $2000 that I didn't have.

In other news, my hair's been cut and dyed red again. I really should take a picture of it and post it, so everyone can see it.

Also, if anyone uses PowerDVD on their computer to watch movies and has Windows Vista... be warned. One of the newest update thingies stops PowerDVD from working, as I just discovered this evening. I spent a good hour uninstalling and re-installing iTunes thinking that was the problem. It was the last thing I installed on my laptop. When that didn't work I played with a couple of other programs... none of that worked.

Bloody Windows!

I have now bought myself the upgrate to PowerDVD9 (which plays Blu-Ray!!!). It's currently downloading at a snail's pace (127mb, it's done 32mb and I've still got 3hrs 10mins left). Slow download is slow!

So, the reason I discovered this little...flaw... I got myself Star Trek today. I was gonna screencap the gag reel to make icons. This shall have to wait until the upgrade is downloaded and installed.

I'll do Revenge of the Fallen ' soon as it actually gets released in Australia. We don't get it here until Nov 5 *sighs

I'm off to go and stare at my download,'s worse than watching paint dry after painting yourself into a corner...

actually, just had a thought. I've got a lot of screencaps nicked from the net of the old tv series The Sentinel. Might do some icons of that while I'm waiting.
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And a new fandom (as if I needed more). Magnificent Seven, as in the TV series from 1998. It's a western. I <3 westerns!



The rest can be found (HERE)
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I just did an icon dump over at my icon/fanfic lj.



The rest can be found HERE


Apr. 17th, 2009 06:34 am
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Well, I'm safely back in Mragowo but I wish I was back in Paris.

Here's the Meme:

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post ( including the meme info ) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

[ profile] agiftedmind chose these ones:

1. This one is a quote from the amazing fic Tribute written by [ profile] rosieknight and [ profile] drharper. It is very, very funny and I suggest you should all go and read it now!

2. Reepicheep from The Chronicals of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I <3 Reepicheep and he deserved an icon. I had fun screencapping him and this icon was the result ^__^.

3. To the non-Aussies on my list let me introduce to you the Magpie. This bird is nucking futs during nesting season. They will literally dive bomb anything that moves no matter the size. You know Semi-Trailers (think Optimus Prime size). Yeah, I've seen 'em dive bomb something that big.

4. This had to be what was going through Sam's mind during this scene so I made an icon of it. I had fun making it, but I have discovered that the colour red is a pain in the but to get right if you still want to be able to read the script on there.

5. Which of you Aussies remember this tv ad? I certainly do *grins*. Jan forgot to put the company ad into the Yellow Pages and while she's fleeing her boss screams this out the window. Lots of Aussies use this phrase now when they're not happy with someone *giggles* Myself included.

Here's the ad for those who didn't grow up in Australia, did but haven't managed to see it, or just want to see it again:


Mar. 6th, 2009 11:24 am
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I has icons ^___^. They're to be found on my icon/fanfic lj (like normal)



They can be found ( here )


Dec. 5th, 2008 08:55 am
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I've got another batch of icons over in my icon lj [ profile] saffiter . This time around I have Lord of the Rings, Transformers, Indiana Jones 4, Fushigi Yuugi, and a couple of other things.



The rest can be found in my icon journal ^____^

(Fake cut is fake)
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Again. Fushigi Yuugi and Transformers. They can be found over at my icon lj.



Rest can be found here: ("I'm hot! Makeup's melting, hurts my eyes!")

Icon Post!

Oct. 5th, 2008 07:49 am
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I has icons up in my icon lj.



The rest of them can be found (HERE)
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I've got a batch of Princess Bride, Lord of the Rings, and Transformers (with batman/princess bride twists) over at my icon lj.



The rest are (HERE)
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... I'm procrastinating. I don't want to pack. I'm flying out early Tuesday arvo. *sighs*

Find the new icons    ( HERE )


100  100  100

New Icons

Aug. 11th, 2008 08:19 pm
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Can be found at my lj icon journal  here



I have...

Jul. 20th, 2008 12:10 am
saffiter: (Default) icons up on my icon/fanfic journal

Will write a proper entry tomorrow when I'm more awake about day 1 and 2 of the study tour (Today I went to the reef. I saw sharks and whales ^____^).
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... .no biscuit!

I've been home for a few weeks now and haven't really mentioned what I've been doing. Bad Sheena!

So, For about the first week or so I was jet lagged to absolute hell! My first day back I lay down, had a nap, and then gave Mum this "Who the hell are you and where the hell am I?!" look when she woke me up. I was really, really out of it.

My second day I went in to International House to line up some work for my holidays. Turns out that with the Qantas/Jetstar/Whatever saying "We're not flying direct to Cairns anymore on international flights!" a lot of students had pulled out of study tours and enrolements were way down, so I wouldn't have as much work as what I normally would. I wasn't so worried about that as I would've been if I was back for good.

I still managed to pick up one really cool two week study tour. When I mean really cool, I mean that I won't really have to teach any English at all. I'll be basically travelling around with them, supervising and joining in on the activities they do. Lesse: White water rafting, horse riding, ATV stuff, Barrier reef trip, Tjapukai, Skyrail, Kuranda train... the list goes on. It's gonna be fun!

I've also got a one week, young learners study tour where I teach them English in the morning and then we do stuff in the afternoon (paint boomerangs, visit the zoo, reef trip etc).

As well as that I've got two days of relief teaching and I'm on call if they need me for anything else.

My parents took me to Cooktown for the first weekend I was back. It was quite fun to run around there. Pretty too! There's some really windy places though. One place, and I have a picture of this, had trees that grew sideward s it was that windy!

The next weekend I went to Brisbane and ran around with some of my old friends. We visited shopping centres, as I hadn't seen a proper one in sooooo long (The one I go to in Poland is rather underwhelming)

We went and saw Kung-Fu Panda as well. Very, very funny that film (though we could've quite happily strangled the little kids in there. It's a movie theatre, not a baby sitting service. If your child is going to wander about the theatre and start fights with other little kids than they're obviously too young to be in there in teh first place!).

And that's pretty much all I've done in the last few weeks since I've been back. Nothing really exciting, I've done a bit of icon making, the newest batches can be found over on

[personal profile] saffiter  (my icon lj), and I've started screencapping PotC3 (the blooper reel at least) and I've made a few icons from it. I also have to do my tax return. BLAH and ICK!!! I say!


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This is going to be for my icons and fics.

If you want to friend it to see what I've been fiddling around with you can find it at

[personal profile] saffiter


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