May. 3rd, 2011 01:01 am
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Word of warning to anyone using iTunes. The latest version sucks great, big, hairy donkey's balls! I updated it the other night, bought a couple of soundtracks last night, put them on iTunes and then tried to sync my ipod...

iPod got wiped, but not really wiped, it just looked like there were no tracks on my ipod. The files got burried so far down in the directory that it took a lot of digging through hidden files to find it.

But before I realised that, and still thought that iTunes had just completely wiped my ipod, I was trying to resync my ipod. Didn't work at all! iTunes just kept freezing every, single, time, I plugged my ipod in. It'd work fine, plug in the ipod and freeze.

Queue lots of swearing, googling, and general attempting to fix whatever the hell type of cock-up Apple had managed to cause this time with their updates.... took me pretty much 24 hours, 15 resets, tricking iTunes into reformatting my ipod (3 times!!!), god knows how many computer restarts, and you don't want to know how many cups of coffee today just to get my ipod back into some form of working order. I basically had to sync in directory mode just to get the majority of my music on there. I'm missing about 30 of my songs (hopefully none of my favourites), they just won't sync onto my ipod, and it won't recognise the videos at all, but I have music back for when I'm travelling around town.

To top it's started making the occasional weird click/thunk noise when I'm turning it off/resetting/switching to directory mode. Add on to that the random freezes it's been doing lately and I'm getting worried. Am really hoping it's not on the way out.

But, yeah, that's been me for the last 24 hours or so.
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Hey all!

Yeah, yeah, I know, long time no post.

Life has been going, neither good or bad (although work could be drying up for a bit soon :( as the busy season is slowing down). We're currently going through Hell Week again (ISR's and exams, though it's going easier this time around than it did last time, thank god!).

I got my laptop back from the shop a week or so ago. There wasn't a single sign of ants so the bait must've worked and they all cleared out w00t! I finally had a chance to turn it on today. Man it's weird to be looking at a big screen again! (I've been using my little mini one).

Oh, I joined a gym. It's all female and I've been going three times a week for the last couple of weeks. It seems to be working. I've got more energy than I did and students and teachers that haven't seen me for a while are commenting that I'm looking slimmer than I have been. ^____________^. I tried on a couple of things that were a bit (and some really) tight this afternoon and they fit!!!!

Spent the weekend hobbling around the house. Note: Glass candle holders, especially the big ones, are not meant to be stopped by your foot when you drop them on the floor. *winces*. I've got a lovely bruise on my foot and it hurt to walk for a while there. Mum and I weren't sure if I'd actually broken anything or not for a few hours. Iceing it immediately seems to have worked.

My iPod charging unit (el-cheapo that it was) died on me last night and I was not happy!. Had to go out today to buy a new, more expensive, recognisable brand one (Belkin). It's working quite well now ^__^ and I have a charged iPod again (nearly ran out of charge halfway to work. That wouldn't have been of the good!)

Oh, and while I was at JB picking up a new charging unit guess what I spotted in the Soundtrack section..... Star Trek:2009 score.

SCORE!!!!!! *massive grin* I've only been trying to track that down since it came out in early May!. I was about to order it on Amazon.

Oh!Oh!Oh!Oh! Guess what, guess what, guess what?!

Our DVD player finally died after 6-7 years of use. (I know, I know, I shouldn't be that happy about that but I am and there is a reason). Mum and I went out looking for a new one, or at least pricing a new one, the other day. We went into JB and I basically told the guy that there had to be one requirement and one requirement only....

Multi-regional (as region codes on DVD's suck great, big, hairy donkey's balls!).

$77au later (and one rather shocked 'JB Tech-guru' later... I out geeked the geek when it came to player specs and stuff like that) we walked away with a Toshiba DVD player that the guy swore up and down had a little orange card in there with instructions on how to turn the region 4 player into a multi-region.

He wasn't lying.


We has a multi-regional DVD player. I can finally buy those DVD series that I want (*cough*The Sentinel*cough*) that have been released for years in the US and still aren't released here!

In other news, I'm still not sure if Dave and I are actually an item or not. We're going to the movies on Wednesday evening (I think, *crosses fingers that scheduals finally line up*).

I think that's all my news... I think.....

Oh, bought myself another 12mths of paid lj-time. It was due to run out some time this week.


Aug. 7th, 2009 08:05 pm
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What a way to end the week.

Staff meeting today. DOS had his serious face on and was using his quiet voice before the meeting... scary!. Turns out that our school has the worst student satisfaction rating in Australia (79% are happy, which I would've thought is pretty good. That's nearly 80% and you can't please everyone, but aparently that's the worst rating in the whole country for our chain of schools... I'd like to know how much the next school was).

They (the students) do surveys when they're leaving to let the school know what they think of it and he'd taken the worst of the comments (cutting out names etc) and given them to us to see. Some of them were really biting. i.e: Things like the teachers don't know how to teach, they should check that before they hire us that we can and that we're only in it for the money.


Yes, the pay is good, but I'd still do this bloody job even if it didn't pay well. I actually like my job! It's the first one I've ever found that I actually look forward to going into work.

Of course, we as the teachers never hear about any of this until it's time for staff meetings. Some of the older teachers got quite cranky about that (Older as in age wise, not length they've been at the school. Babara, the lady who sits across from me, was having a good old rant... I agreed with some of it. He really should've given us some of the nicer comments that students were saying as well as the really nasty ones). It was decided that, if we want to hear it, the DOS can give us a general outline of what's being said so that we can, hopefully, improve what we're doing.

Ugh... just ugh... What a way to end the last few weeks. Week before last was 'Hell Week' (with exams and ISR's), then the counselling last week and then this today.

Thankfully, my leaving students this week were happy. They enjoyed the classes and they'd recommend the school to anyone who wants to come to Australia *breathes a sigh of relief*. There were a couple of things they said that they wished I'd done more of (Grammar and Vocab) but generally they were happy. Some of the teachers when they went in to talk to teh DOS... yeah, they had to close the door. I always worry when he tells me to close the door.

Right, onto good news. The desk I've been using is now officially my desk! I came back into the staff room today for lunch and the big pile of folders that have been stopping me from getting my feet comfortable were gone. Then I checked the drawers, which had been full of folders and junk, to find them all empty. w00t! I have a desk! And my handbag can now go into the drawer instead of being dumped on the floor. My CD player can go under the desk drawers instead of sitting out in the middle of the walk way.

Other good news:

I has an iPod. It is shiny! 120g iPod Classic. I've spent the last week playing with it and iTunes trying to work out how it works. I think I've got it all figured out (could someone tell me why I avoided iPods in the first place? It's much simpler to use than my Zen). My old Creative Zen is starting to die a slow and painful death. I turned it off the other day and then a few hours later discovered that it had gone and turned itself back on when I wasn't looking. It's also been freezing on me for a while. It started when I was in Poland. I'm beginning to wonder if it was the extremely cold weather that half killed it. Dropping it a few times probably didn't help either.

It needs a name. My new laptop is called 'Precious' so I need to work out what to call the iPod. I bought a case to go with it. Impact resistantish plastic so if I do drop it the plastic will take the hit, not the iPod.

That's the theory, anyway.

I'm going out with one of Mum's friends (who I also get along with) tomorrow night. We're going for dinner and then we're going out clubbing. Should be interesting if nothing else. You know you spend too much time at home when your parents start telling you you don't go out enough and then organise for you to go out clubbing with someone *laughs*.

I'm also thinking about taking up dancing again. Not Irish, I still limp first thing in the morning, and when I've been sitting still for a period of time, so I don't think that would be the wisest course of action if I want to keep walking in my old age, but possible something Latin? There's a school here in Cairns that does Salsa, Flamenco (which could be fun) and Argentine Tango. I'm going to check that out and if it looks okay I might start that up.

It will get me out of the house if nothing else.

Dad: *attempting to imitate my voice* I'm not going to do competitions!
Me: Well, I'm not!
Dad: Yeah, I've heard that one before *laughs*

Oh, headslap moment of the week:

American Tourist in line at KFC: Do fillets have bones in them?
Server: O.o o.O O.O... um... no...
Me: *mental headslap* no.


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