Oct. 30th, 2009 09:35 pm
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.... I'm still employed. It was decided at the 11th hour today that I shall be going back to work for at least Monday, so I've got at least one more day of work.

Of course, I'd told all of my students that today was my last day today...well, I told them that there was an 80% chance that today was my last day, and they might see me on Monday. I did comment as a few of them made sure to get pictures taken with me that, knowing my luck, now that they've done the whole 'Take your picture with your teacher' thing that I'd be there on Monday *laughs*

I'm going to walk in on Monday and cry "They lied to me!!! I'm still here!" as dramatically as I can.

I did manage to catch a couple of the students as I was leaving for the day to tell them the good news. They all seemed pretty happy/relieved that I was going to be there next week (I do think I heard the Korean equivalent of "Oh, thank god!" from one of them).

None of them are very happy with the uncertainty that I've been going through with my job for the last few weeks. Some of them were actually quite vocal about it (I had to haul Pierre, the French guy, up for swearing quite colourfully).

I also have some other news. Remember my minor freak out about my wisdom teeth?


Well, I went to the dentist on Tuesday. He gave me a check-up ("Beautiful teeth. Don't let any other dentist tell you what to do with your teeth. Whatever you're doing, you're doing it right!") and sent me to the private hospital on Lake St. for x-rays...and did that bring back memories of my orthodontist or what!

This being the same orthodontist that I actually bit (I did warn him!)

So, I went for x-rays, drove back (well, Mum drove me back. I can't drive) and gave him the x-rays to look at. He said he'd give them a thorough looking over and ring me back with what he wanted to do. There were going to be three possibilities.

1) Do nothing as the x-rays would show (if I was lucky) that, while my teeth were growing out wonky, there were no problems under the gums.
2) Have one pulled out at the dentists.
3) Discover that there were problems with three or more of the teeth. This would mean surgery.

I was hoping for option 1, but wasn't really holding out much hope for it. It must've showed on my face this week 'cause Katherine (noisy little French lady at work) kept asking me what was wrong and if I was all right.

The thought of loosing time to anasthetic and to willingly let someone at me with a knife while I'm unaware.... terrifies me. A lot more than I thought it would.

I got a phone call from Mum on Thursday, lunch time....

NO SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While the teeth are coming up wonky, there's absolutely nothing wrong underneath the gums. He'd rather leave them alone if they're not causing me pain, than yank the buggers.

That is such a relief off my mind. It's also a relief on my bank account. That would've been $1500 - $2000 that I didn't have.

In other news, my hair's been cut and dyed red again. I really should take a picture of it and post it, so everyone can see it.

Also, if anyone uses PowerDVD on their computer to watch movies and has Windows Vista... be warned. One of the newest update thingies stops PowerDVD from working, as I just discovered this evening. I spent a good hour uninstalling and re-installing iTunes thinking that was the problem. It was the last thing I installed on my laptop. When that didn't work I played with a couple of other programs... none of that worked.

Bloody Windows!

I have now bought myself the upgrate to PowerDVD9 (which plays Blu-Ray!!!). It's currently downloading at a snail's pace (127mb, it's done 32mb and I've still got 3hrs 10mins left). Slow download is slow!

So, the reason I discovered this little...flaw... I got myself Star Trek today. I was gonna screencap the gag reel to make icons. This shall have to wait until the upgrade is downloaded and installed.

I'll do Revenge of the Fallen 'caps...as soon as it actually gets released in Australia. We don't get it here until Nov 5 *sighs

I'm off to go and stare at my download, downloading...it's worse than watching paint dry after painting yourself into a corner...

actually, just had a thought. I've got a lot of screencaps nicked from the net of the old tv series The Sentinel. Might do some icons of that while I'm waiting.
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... it's possible for ants to nest in the monitor of your laptop?


Well, they can as I discovered today. I have ants nesting in my laptop.

Let me re-iteratie. I have ants nesting in the monitor of my laptop. I can see them running across the glass of the built in webcam with eggs! How in the bloody hell did they get in there?!

Turned my laptop on today and suddenly I had ants everywhere! I spent a while trying to kill them all with a tissue then got desperate/pissed off and pulled out the vacuum cleaner. Threw that on low level suck and for the next couple of hours gleefully sucked up any ant that I saw.

Didn't get them all out though. *pouts*. My laptop is currently sitting out on the verandah with ant baits placed all around it in the hopes that it'll kill them all.

Thankfully it's not Precious, so I still have a laptop. I also transferred all the important info from the laptop harddrive to my external harddrive. I've connected all of that to Precious.

In other news the Starlings have arrived and the lorikeets are as psychotic as ever. For the non-Aussies/Far-North-Queenslanders on my list let me explain.

Lorikeets are beautiful birds but are mildly... okay, a lot crazy. I had one fly within a couple of centimetres of my ear as it was flying towards a nearby tree. One blew a literal part in Mum's hair as she was walking down the road. I saw one Japanese tourist go back-pedalling with this girly-scream (very similar to the one Sam does when confronted with Alice in Revenge of the Fallen) as this Lorikeet came out of seemingly nowhere and flew past his ear (his own silly fault for going close to a tree with lots of the noisy little buggers in it). He then drags his son away from the tree with this horrified look on his face. (Seriously, he had this "OMG, the birds are going to EAT ME!!!!!! look. Call me evil, but I love the looks on the tourists faces when confronted with the...er...eccentricities wildlife here. One of these days I need to sit down with a video camera and record some of this).

Next, the Starlings. Also known as the 'Teenagers' of teh Far North bird life. These things are insane. They fly really fast in massive flocks, I mean near super-sonic speeds, and come right at you splitting apart at the last minute (and I mean the last minute) to go around the poor unsuspecting person/pole/bus/car/whatever-happens-to-be-in-their-way.

They usually miss you by centimetres.

Now, locals will flinch slightly but otherwise not really react (we're used to it). Tourists curl up into these little shrieking, swearing balls. It's funny to watch. The horrified O.o o.O O.O is just... classic!

(and maybe I'm just a little bit evil).

I was down in Lake Street today watching all of this happen. Mum and Dad had gone out and then called me about 3pm saying "We're going out for dinner. Get some clothes on, we'll swing by and pick you up". Me, I wasn't complaining.

We ended up with fish and chips and sat on the Esplanade looking at the water *cough*mud-flats*cough* (getting dirty looks from all the people going past jogging/exercising. I just grinned at them and put another chip in my mouth). We headed down to the city centre for gelati (which is why we were on Lake street. Dad parked the car there). I got some pictures of the lorikeets in the trees with the camera in my phone. I'll put them up at some point in the near-ish future.

I <3 my city
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Hey all!

Well, it's been a while since I updated so I figured I'd better let you all know that I'm alive and well. Just extremely busy/tired. Work keeps me on my toes, and even though I don't work full days (only Monday and Wednesday are 6 hours, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are only 3) every day it's mentally exhausting. Especially when you get one student who's constantly asking you complex grammar questions (and then asking you why they let you teach English when you don't know all the grammar *scowls*. I am human. I don't know everything. English teacher does not equate to walking grammar dictionary).

So, work is from Monday to Friday. I have to get up at 6am, which probably doesn't help the tireds any, and then head into work and teach either 3 hours or 6 hours. I have one class that is mine and I see them five days a week. I teach one elective class (Elementary-Lower-Intermediate Everyday English... don't ask me what I'm supposed to be teaching, I've been winging that class for a month) as well and I see them twice a week for three hours on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons after lunch.

There's lots of paperwork, too, but most of that I can get done before I head home after work. I'm in the process of writing ISR's (Individual Student Reports), which are basic little report cards. The upside of these (despite the fact that I have to take them home and do them) is that I only have to do 11 of them (as opposed to the 80 something I had to do in Poland)... I've just got no bloody clue what the hell I'm supposed to write on them *pulls a face*.

In other news I discovered that the local A&R Bookworld sells manga.. and they've got Fushigi Yuugi and Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden!!! So I've been catching up on my reading. The heroine in the Genbu Kaiden is pretty kick-arse!

I've also bought myself a new toy for when I start travelling again. A mini-laptop. It's great, nice and light and easy to carry around (it fits in my handbag for cryin' out loud!!!! Okay, I have a big handbag, but still!). I figure I'll take both with me wherever I end up travelling next and the big laptop will stay at 'home' (wherever that ends up being) and then the little one comes travelling with me. I got tired of trying to lug the big laptop after my back started to hurt from the weight of it. That and this one will be so much easier to pull out of my bag at the x-ray machines at customs (you have no idea how painful it was pulling the other one out constantly).

It's a white Samsung N120 and it's been dubbed 'Precious' as in *affects a Gollum voice* "My... Prrrrecioussssssssss!"

You can blame Dad for that one. I was simply calling it 'My Baby' *laughs* he started calling it Precious and using the Gollum voice and it kinda stuck.

I'd been eyeing it off at JB-Hifi since I got back from Poland. I was going to wait another paycheck before I bought it but they dropped the price by $100 within the space of a week trying to clear out their stock. $697 is a damn good price so I grabbed it. Mum said (when I was talking to her after I bought it) that she was actually going to buy it for me if I didn't have enough money because she knew I was going to need it when I was travelling and it was a good price. I could've just paid he back later.

I <3 my Mum.

Also went to the doctor today. I had to get a few things, asthma meds etc. I also had to see him about my allergies. They've been really, really bad lately. I also have this awful cough that has been with me since I got sick at winter break back in January/Febuary. Doctor put me on a 5 day course of Prednisone (*shudders* steriods wonderful). He reckons that the cough is definately left over from when I was sick but it just hasn't healed. Then I got back here and my allergies fired up and that bloody itchy as all hell rash turned up on my legs and everything's just kinda snowballed from that. This should hopefully clear it all up and give my body a chance to heal.

Thank god it's only for 5 days! I took the first tablet today so I'll be finished it by Monday morning.

I now also have the entire Magnificent Seven series on DVD. I'm not going to go into the dramas I had ordering it through JB (Do NOT order anything from JB-Hifi. Just don't. Trust me on that. They took my order when the DVD wasn't even in the system) but I ordered it Sunday night through Ezy DVD and it arrived today *grins*. I is a happy Sheena.

I also found this amazing Thai/Vietnamese restaurant last week. I was having flashbacks to this dinky little restaurant in Erawan, Thailand while I was eating my lunch there. I haven't had Thai food that good since... well, Thailand!

Right, well, this update's getting long and I still have to write those bloody ISR's so I'd better finish this.

So, overall message in this update: I'm alive *grins*


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