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... that Olsztyn has a nightclub/disco in the walls of the castle?


Well, neither did I until we went Clubbing on Saturday night.

About a week ago Agnes called me up and asked me if I wanted to go out  dancing on Saturday night to Olsztyn and spend the night at her cousins house. I agreed to go. So, cue me on Saturday running about trying to find something in my wardrobe that could pass as anything remotely clubbing like. Thankfully I remembered a nice top that I'd bought last year in Scotch & Soda on one of our impromptu shopping trips (this same trip saw me buy a pair of gorgeous trousers...that proceeded to rip in the butt the first time I went dancing in them... -_-;; so embarrassing! Thank god for skin tone undies! TMI, I know). I have a dark pair of jeans with nice embroidery on the back pockets and I bought some pretty-shiny necklaces and funky-dangly earrings with me when I came back over here.

Thankfully my work shoes could double as clubbing shoes (they look like something like a cross between character shoes and 1920's flapper heels *grins* I wuvs them!)

So, 6pm we (Myself, Agnes, her husband and her brother-in-law - he whose name I cannot spell let alone pronounce) all piled into Agnes' 4WD (SUV, whatever) and started the hour drive to Olsztyn. We were headed to her cousins place somewhere near Stare Miasto (the old town).  She had a rather large flat/apartment/place that we were going to crash in (I got my own room and fold out couch - which is more comfortable than the fold out couches I sleep on here in Mragowo).

Before we went clubbing we all headed to a restaurant to have some dinner. We ended up having Italian in Stare Miasto (they had an English menu! w00t! I didn't have to try and figure it out or hand it to Agnes to translate) and they all found my reaction to what Agnes did with her beer quite funny. She put juice in it!! Raspberry juice. It didn't taste like beer after she did that.

First club was kinda blah. Underground somewhere in Stare Miasto and...well, it was mostly full of beautiful people that wanted to be seen and not dance... and creepy staring guy (who would not stop staring at me the whole time we where there. He was more than a little drunk and just...creepy). We stayed for a while, tried dancing but the music was pretty crap, and then decided to leave (I think me dozing off in the corner despite the really loud music might've factored into the decision to leave). I did get to try a Tequila Sunrise. Okay, wouldn't probably get it again on my own, but if it was my only option I'd drink it. Pretty drink, though.

Cousin and Brother-in-law wandered off for about an hour to goodness knows where. I found out later they'd gone to try and find a better club. I was dragged out of the rather comfy chair (which might've been half my reason for dozing off), handed my jacket, and out into the cold we went.

Note: Cobblestones and high heels do not a good combination make. Us girls were linking arms and the ones on the end were clinging to the guys to help us keep our balance. I nearly went down twice on the walk to the next club.

Next club was in the castle walls! Seriously! It was so cool! The music was great (So loud you could feel the bass rattling your bones), you could barely move on the dance floor there were that many people, and the drinks weren't as expensive as the last place.

I got myself a Kamikaze to drink.

My reaction when I saw it: 




'"That's is it radioactive?"

Had any of my friends who are into Transformers been there I probably would've held it up and quipped something like "Hey, look guys! Movieverse Energon!"

Yeah, it was that blue! I swear it had its' own glow (could've been the lights). It was really, really, really sweet.

We must've spent a couple of hours there. I danced most of the time... and had the unusual experience of someone getting me to move by shoving their hand halfway down the back of my jeans and lifting me to one side O.O

It was hot inside the club, but there was a door open leading out into the lower walls of the castle. I'd retreat out there every now and then.  Got approached by this Polish guy (he did the sort of *flick*flick* thing with his eyes as I walked past and then came up when I stopped nearby to get some air).

Guy: *says something in Polish* (I'm rather suspecting that it might've been a Polish pick up line)
Me: I'm sorry, I don't speak Polish.
Guy: You speak English?
Me: Ye~es
Guy: Excellent! *claps and then proceeds to talk my ear off for ten minutes, spitting while he talks*

Then his two friends come over, do the same *flick*flick* thing with there eyes, grin, say something to their friend. He introduces all of us (meanwhile I'm trying to think up and excuse to get out of there) and they settle around me on the stairs.

Agnes saved me *grins* She was heading back to her cousins flat and I used the chance to escape. She said to me later that I looked like I was holding court with the guys.

Next morning before driving back to Mragowo we stopped off at this store called Macro. It's like this wholesale warehouse for business owners. You have to have a membership card to get inside. Andrzej, Agnes' husband, has one. So we headed in there to do a little bit of shopping. I got myself a new pair of runners as the ones I had I can't wear (toes are not supposed to bleed like that! I have visable blood stains on the outside of the right shoe). I'm quite happy with my new shoes. They're quite comfortable.

And, that's what Sheena got up to this weekend ^____^


Sep. 8th, 2008 01:16 am
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I've arrived safely in Mragowo. I'll write a proper report of what I've done a little later, this is just a quick message to let you know that I've arrived safely at my destination....and I hate Jetlag!

Oh, and I just got myself a paid account.
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Hey all!
Yes, I know it's been a while, but things have been CRAZY here!
So, it started snowing last month. I must've looked so strange running out and trying to catch snowflakes when I was dressed in probably the least warmest clothing I owned LOL! It melted, but it's  snowed a few times since and the last snowfall we had was really big (it's currently  in the process of melting again).
I had my first ever snowball fight on Thursday. My 'H' group students (11-12 years old). I'd promised  them that the first decent snowfall that we'd go and and pelt eachother with snowballs. They had a test on Thursday and I've been pushing them pretty hard. So, after the test we went out and pelted eachother with snowballs for 15 minutes.It was quite fun watching them trying to formulate attacks in English. Not quite so fun when they ganged up on me, but, hey, they had fun and I had fun so that's all that matters! Now they're trying to talk me into making a massive snowman. I've told them not right now. I'll wait a little while longer before I do something like that with them again ^__^.
Apart from that it's been pretty much work, come home, cook, sleep, plan lessons, cook, work, come home... you get the idea.
Oh, and the sun sets  at freakin' 3:30pm!!!! And, before this week, the sun hadn't  been out in AGES!!! Most of the time it's cold and foggy (or a 'Scottish Mist' as I've heard it called).
I went out tonight. First time I've been out since I got here. I went bar hopping with Agnes...well, a really laid back bar hopping, anyway. We didn't go to that many bars. We were going to go to the Jazz Club but they had some function on so we ended up at this little cottage bar thingy just across the road. Agnes ordered the drinks (as my Polish is next to non-existant. I can say about 10 random words and 2 phrases now). Apparently she told the barmaid that she wanted 'Girly Drinks'. It worked 'cause she came out with these fancy glasses and a drink that tasted like a Tolblerone. After that we got into a taxi and made our way to the bar her fiancee was at. They had pool tables there and I learnt how to play pool ^___^. I won my first game...lost the  rest (but  I did give one guy a run for his money. I was loosing badly and then came from behind and nearly won!). I tried this apple beer, too,which was REALLY nice.
So, tomorrow is probably going to be spent grocery shopping (MCH is closed for some strange reason so I've got to walk 15 minutes to the next shop and get my stuff there), cleaning, and marking the obscenely large pile of test papers that's sitting on my desk.
Next weekend I'm going christmas shopping in Olsztyn.
Oh, and I'm in the process of planning what I'm going to do for winter break. I'll let you know when I've got a better idea.
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Well, better late than never. Here's how my horseriding went on Sunday.

Turns out we weren't riding through the woods, just round and round a paddock, but that was good, as I haven't ridden in quite some time and I was REALLY rusty! (I learnt to ride when I was about eight and I've been over all types of terrain. Even had a horse bolt on me in bushland once). The place looked a little run down and took up literally half of the villiage it was situated in.

First we had  to find the place, which was a little hard. it was 30zl for an hour (which is pretty good). We went in and there were four horses in the stables. I commented as we walked past a black horse that it looked particulary freaked (why am I commenting on that? You'll see). 

The girls (one of whom spoke English, thank GOD!!) got the horses ready while Agnes and I tried to find riding helmets that fit. That was kinda funny, and I resorted to smacking myself on top of the head to get the helmet down. My hair was  getting in the way. Unfortunatley I didn't move fast enough and I ended up with the black horse. The horse that I couldn't let get any nearer than 2m to any other horse 'cause he just looooved to bite and kick.

So, Sheena got the bitey kicky horse. Joy. Was a rather zippy thing too. I had to keep holding him back 'cause he had the fasted bloody trot I've ever seen!k

So, I walked the horse  for a while and then moved on to trotting...which meant I was bouncing like a sack of bloody potatoes until I remembered what the  hell I was supposed to do when trotting.

So, we'd been riding  for a while  when I noticed that we had a bit of a crowd gathering to watch us ride. I can just imagine the conversations "Pssst! There's a couple of foreigners riding  today. Let's go watch them fall off!". I swear, half the villiage came out to watch!

I had a ball though, and so did Agnes. We've already decided that we're going to go again this weekend! Maybe to a different school though. My boss' daughter does horseriding and she said (the boss, not the daughter) that she'd take us to Arletta's  school. She wanted to go and say hello, and she said  she could take pictures for us if we wanted.

Anyway, I was a little sore the next day. Not my legs, but my lower pelvic bones were hurting (sitting was, erm, interesting) from being bounced on before I got the hang of trotting again, there was a muscle all the way up my back that just absolutely cained! and my abs were rather sore as well. It was worth it though!


edit: I forgot to mention the two bloody great big pigs that we saw as we were leaving. Black and so fat they practically waddled!

Oh, and the goat that seemed to be stuck in the hay pile.

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Hey all!
This is the first real chance I've had to sit down and write an update (halfway through eating dinner/cooking, there's still something in the oven to come).Living alone is harder than it looks!
Anyway, while I've finally got time to do an update it isn't as much of one as I'd like. Mum and I had a ball running around Europe. I'll tell you more about that in another post. A more long winded post. probably on Sunday.
So, arrived safely in Poland. Wandered around Warsaw for a day and then got picked up the next day by my boss and her husband. Mragowo is a small town. Not that many people, and very quiet! I had about a week to settle in and get to know my way around (read: learn my way around the supermarket and how to get to the school). Mum was here with me until recently so I didn't really have to worry about cooking or anything.
I think I prefered thesettling in process in China. Then at least I knew I was in a different county and that I couldn't read the language if my life depended on it. Here, some of the stuff is familiar enough that my brain tries to trick itself that it can actually read stuff... either that or it tries to shut down from a long string of consonants that my mind keeps trying to tell me REALLY shouldn't go together.
I haven't really started learning the language yet. I can say hello, tea (the drink), and mosquito (how's THAT for a random word!?). I'm getting much better at shopping though and I'm succesfully feeding myself cooked meals (not including the frozen pizza I had the other night).
I managed to go into a restaurant with Mum and between phrasebooks, miming, dictionaries, and my use of 'Tea' (Herbata) we were able to get a very nice meal.
Oh, and it's cold! Okay, mostly, during the day, but the central heating got turned on about two weeks ago. I've decided I like central heating. 'Tis lovely and waaaaarm! (and if I'm complaining about the cold now just give me another couple of months! LOL!)
My students are mostly okay. I've got one teenager I'd love to strangle, one class that's often like pulling teeth, and I adore the rest of my classes. I've got a group of Pre-Ints, a group of Intermediates, a group of Upper-Ints, 3 classes of kids at varying levels, and a class I'm supposed to be preparing to take the CPE exam.... ACK!!!! I'm also going to pick up three private classes. It's keeping me busy.
I've managed to get out and explore a city other than Mragowo, too. Went and ran around Olsztyn for a weekend a couple of weeks back. Had fun!



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