May. 3rd, 2011 01:01 am
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Word of warning to anyone using iTunes. The latest version sucks great, big, hairy donkey's balls! I updated it the other night, bought a couple of soundtracks last night, put them on iTunes and then tried to sync my ipod...

iPod got wiped, but not really wiped, it just looked like there were no tracks on my ipod. The files got burried so far down in the directory that it took a lot of digging through hidden files to find it.

But before I realised that, and still thought that iTunes had just completely wiped my ipod, I was trying to resync my ipod. Didn't work at all! iTunes just kept freezing every, single, time, I plugged my ipod in. It'd work fine, plug in the ipod and freeze.

Queue lots of swearing, googling, and general attempting to fix whatever the hell type of cock-up Apple had managed to cause this time with their updates.... took me pretty much 24 hours, 15 resets, tricking iTunes into reformatting my ipod (3 times!!!), god knows how many computer restarts, and you don't want to know how many cups of coffee today just to get my ipod back into some form of working order. I basically had to sync in directory mode just to get the majority of my music on there. I'm missing about 30 of my songs (hopefully none of my favourites), they just won't sync onto my ipod, and it won't recognise the videos at all, but I have music back for when I'm travelling around town.

To top it's started making the occasional weird click/thunk noise when I'm turning it off/resetting/switching to directory mode. Add on to that the random freezes it's been doing lately and I'm getting worried. Am really hoping it's not on the way out.

But, yeah, that's been me for the last 24 hours or so.

Dear Body,

Oct. 18th, 2009 02:43 pm
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These headaches you so kindly give me, they've got to stop. Seriously. 2-3 day headaches are just... evil! I'm getting tired of popping Neurofen and smelling like White Flower


The pissed (and in pain) person in control of this body.

(I've had a headache for the last few days. I'm over it and want it gone).

Also, does KFC purposely staff it's front counter with morons? We had this guy yesterday who, firstly, didn't know what he was selling.

Me: Can we get a Value Meal Pack, please?
Moron: *sounding either bored or stoned... possibly both* Which one is that?
Me:....Um... the one that says Value Meal Pack.
Moron: *looks* Where's that?
Me: *sighs* Third panel in, the one that says "Meal Deals". Bottom left corner.
Moron: *looking but can't seem to find it so calls over someone else
Floor Manager: *looking annoyed* Look! It's here, under "Promotions"

The rest of it pretty much went the same way. Then the guy making the stuff had no clue what went into it and came over to ask The Moron what went into it. The Moron the proudly points to it up on the menu board. By this point I'm ready to reach across the counter and rip something vital out. It was 3pm, I hadn't had breakfast and I was hungry. To top it off I had a headache that just would not go away and Mum had kept stopping to look at stuff all day (Okay, she hadn't had lunch or breakfast either but she kept shooting down my ideas when I'd suggest stuff to eat, would complain about being hungry...and then stop in another store to look at something). I was... rather cranky.

You don't get between me and food when I'm like that.

I'm quite proud of myself, actually. All I did was glare and snarl.

Right, enough ranting. Good stuff.

Scored myself a 2 disc edition of Wolverine. The girl at the shop forgot to unlock the security device so I couldn't get it open when I got home. Easily fixed, we took it back the next day and told them to fix it (I've since learnt that this is a common occurance for this shop).

Also got John Farnham live in Concert in Melbourne. *SQUEEEEEEEEES* I <3 Farnsy!

They're also having a sale so I've scored myself a 3 CD Best Movie Songs Ever CD, and a 5 CD 101 Beer Songs which is a hell of a lot better than it sounds. 101 old rock songs from the 60's/70's/80's. I'm gonna have to fight my Mum off, she's been eyeing the thing off all morning (after commenting when I bought it about "Beer" songs). It's got stuff from Faith No More, Van Morrison, ZZ Top, B 52's, Deep Purple, Cold Chisel, Suzi Quatro, Johnny Cash, Alice Cooper... you name it, if it was popular it's probably in there.

Screw pop, gimme old rock any day of the week!


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