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...the more I think the Poles are nuts!

More on that statement later.

So, Merry Chrismtas, Happy New Year, all that sort of stuff.

So, what did Sheena get up to on her Christmas break.

Quite a bit, actually )

Oh, the weather's also warmed up. It's currently -15C

Wanna see what it looks like here right now? Here's a pic for you:

Keep in mind that it snowed for another 12 hours after this photo was taken.
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I've been running around Holland for the last week. Spent a day in Amsterdam, got tried as a witch and sentenced to be burnt at the stake (after being stretched on the rack) at the seriously creepy, but absolutely fun Amsterdam Dungeon. Got my photo taken with CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow at Madam Tussad's. I've now got a goal in life. To visit every Madam Tussads in the world LOL! I've been to Den Haag and saw the Dutch Queen go galloping down the beach on horseback (apparently quite a normal occurance). Seen lots of canals, but didn't get to take a canal tour in Amsterdam. 




I spent the last three/four days in Rotterdam and didn't get to see everything that I wanted, but I got to see a lot (especially when I jumped on the wrong trams constantly and ended up VERY lost quite a lot LOL!)

I've taken a ton of photo's. I'll sort them when I get back to Mragowo.

The weather's been pretty much cold, wet and windy the entire time I've been here (pretty much the same sort of weather as the last time I was here. I'm sensing that this is NORMAL weather for the Netherlands LOL!). I've got the sniffles right now, but I think half of that may be that I'm allergic to something in my uncle's house because I woke up with itchy eyes this morning. I mean REALLY itchy eyes. They weren't red, thankfully, just really itchy.

Anyway, fly back to Warsaw tonight and then head to Mragowo tomorrow morning. Joy. I'm not looking forward to all that travelling tomorrow.

I'll post more when I get back.


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