Jan. 9th, 2010 12:31 am
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Two updates in one day. Scary.

So, earlier post was pretty much a meme. This one's got more info.

As I said earlier I sent off my application to do my masters down in Brissy yesterday *bites nails*. Now it's just a waiting game to see if I get in or not. I'm hoping to know within the next few weeks.

Plans for moving down to Brissy are coming along. Got a message from Em, the girl I was going to move in with in July, today. She and her other flatmates had a discussion and they want me to move in with them now ^__^. It'll be a little cramped for a few months but I can see the pro's. They have to pay less on the rent/food/bills and I'll lower the testosterone level a little (currently 1 girl, 2 guys).

That drops my costs wa~ay down (as I was originally going to have to buy a bed and everything right at the start. I was budgeting about $1500au for all of that). I'll still have to get a printer (already got one picked out. Canon MP560. It is shiny!) and some cupboards, but the rest of the stuff that I've got on my list (Bed, mattress, desk) can wait until we move into the new place in July.

Cons: It'll be cramped (I've seen the place, spent a week there). But if I could survive China and the Flatmate From Hell (otherwise known as She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, or, Voldemort's Chinese Cousin) then I can survive this no problems at all.

Now I just have to work out how to get all my 300+ DVD's down to Brisbane... *whimper*. Plan: Buy a 20kg extra baggage thingy from Jetstar and shove as many DVD's as I can fit into a port and if it's still not quite up to 20kg then shove some into a backpack as well. Mum's also coming with me. She gets 20kg of checked baggage. As she'll probably only be there for a week or so until I'm settled I'm gonna steal some of her baggage limit as well (don't worry, she's used to me doing that. I did it when I moved to Poland. It's about the only way I had enough stuff to survive two years in that country). It should move a fair amount of my clothes and DVD's down to Brissy in one hit.

In other news:

- I got to chat to [ profile] randybaggins for an hour or so today. It was great! I haven't had a chance to talk to her since we ran around in Paris together...and she's gonna be in Brisbane in March! w00t! We've already planned a Mag7/Sentinel marathon (I just found out she's a fan of those shows)

- I jokingly dubbed the old laptop (the one I took to Poland with me the first year. It was starting to die by the end of the year) Methos today. Why? Well, it died. It then randomly came back to life. It died again. Then came back to live. Then it died... well, you get the point. Plus, it's old! About 7 years, which is old for a laptop. It's also the oldest laptop in the house, hence the name.

*snickers* Once I explained where that name came from and a bit of the back history Dad cracked up laughing and has been calling it that ever since. I think he's even going to change the name of it on the network to Methos. I do know that he's going to make it a little name tag to stick on it.

Anyway, gotta go. Have to work in the morning. I'm envigilating for an IELTS exam. Fun (not).


Mar. 13th, 2009 06:06 am
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Right, so the boss has still managed to piss me off a bit and I had a go at her today about it (good natured, so she didn't realise just how furious I was, but I have drawn attention to the fact that what she sent was inappropriate considering the amount of work that I'd put in over the last week and a bit).

I'd spent 6+ hours planning for this class today where the lady from Kratorium came in to watch. I sent it off to her on Monday at about 11pm. I get up Tuesday morning, spend about two hours planning lessons and hand making materials for the Thursday lesson. I get online, check my email and find this:

"Sheena, I'd really like you to work harder" and there were attachments of Agnes' lesson plans. She wanted me to redo the lesson plan so that it looked more like Agnes'. Again there was no please or thank you. I was furious. Work harder?! How much harder could I bloody well work? Cue much swearing and opening of programs on my laptop to start re-writing the lesson plan. I finally got it in to her about 3am that next morning.

What my boss keeps forgetting is that I don't have a background in education like Agnes does. She's got a Bachelor of Education and spent two years or more teaching at schools in America. I've BA and a four week CELTA course...and lesson plans were never my strong point. I don't really get how to write them. I can teach no problems, and I know what I want to do, but all the really complex stuff just goes right over my head. Telling me "Write a lesson plan by X date" doesn't really help me. Give me an example and I can do it, but just telling me you want a lesson plan by Monday is not helpful at all!

Also the constant coming up to me and going "the lesson must be lively and full of movement" nearly every single time you see me is just going to drive me around the bend. Today, when she asked me if I was nervous, I just snapped at her with a "No, fed up and glad that it will be all over soon, but not nervous"... she just assumed I was nervous 'cause I don't usually snap at her.

... and she made two of my youngest students cry today in front of the whole class and I don't know why. She's on my shit-list for that. You don't make my students cry and not tell me why *scowls*. Especially not the two 7 year olds. I was thankfully able to get them laughing and smiling again once she left (thank goodness for silly lesson songs and random games + Sheena acting like an idiot).

Oh, and one of the kids announced today that his English has really improved. He used to get 4's at school (barely passing), he's now getting 6's (which are the highest mark you can get). I feel so proud right now ^________^.

So, the lady sat in on my lesson today. Group I, my least behaved class. I was worried because of this. 3 the students didn't turn up, but 9 did...

... it was actually a really, really good lesson. My boss shook my hand as she left and told me that it was a good lesson. The best she'd ever seen me give. The lady from Kratorium loved the lesson and hugged me when she left for the evening! And from the sounds of it she couldn't stop talking about the lesson the rest of the time she was there O.o.

Other good news:

I'm going to PARIS at Easter!!!!! It's all booked. I'm going to see one of my old workmates from China on the 10th, go to Eurodisney another day...and guess what? [ profile] randybaggins will be in Paris at the exact same time as me!!!!!. We'd joked about this when I first got a job in Europe, but I thought it was just a joke.

Nope, she's coming to Paris! I can't wait!
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Well, I had two classes with tests yesterday so I went to my old fallback:


Here's the results *grins*

Behind the cut to save your flists )
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So, I did something new on Friday night. I went sleigh riding through the Polish forest in -11C weather with a thick layer of snow all around. Cold as all get-go, but I had an absolute ball! And it was a relatively clear night so the stars were out and all shiny (except when we went through patches of fog).

I finally understand Jingle Bells. The horses had bells on their harnesses.

Woke up Friday morning to my mobile ringing. Agnes was calling me to ask if I wanted to go sleigh riding that night followed by a bonfire dinner. This is the sort of experience I'll never be able to get in Australia (I've done the 12 oxen cart thingy at the Petrie markets back home, but we don't really have the weather for sleighs). Of course I said "Hell yes!".

After work (I don't usually work on Fridays, but my boss asked me to work for her this Friday) we dashed back to her place to pick up her husband and then drove out to the forest (don't ask me where. It was dark and everything looks the same in the snow). It took us a while to find the place, but in the end we found it (the sleigh kinda was a dead giveaway). It was this old Polish farm which looked really really cool, especially in the snow (I have pictures, but there was a lot of moisture in the air so the flash kinda reflected off it a bit), but that place was amazing! If I had to describe it in one word I'd probably use the word 'rustic'.

The sleigh was big enough to fit 10 people in it comfortably and it was made of wood. No-one really spoke English except for Agnes and her hubby (some of the women were able to go "Sheena! Dance with us!" but that's about it). There were a few Ukranians (who spoke Polish) and the rest were Polish.

So, into the sleigh we get and off we go. It doesn't take long for them to break out the shot glasses and the vodka. They start passing the glasses around and doing vodka shots while we're going through the forest. I seemed to be a favourite victim of theirs. I've discovered that I don't really like normal, straight vodka (that stuff burns on the way down! They thought it was funny when I started coughing after my first shot), but they had this honey vodka there which was very nice.

Every now and then the driver would stop, give a little chat about where we were and give them time to do a round of shots without the bouncing of the sleigh. They handed the driver a can of beer at one point and it was quite odd to see him driving with one hand and drinking in the other. Another time they handed him a vodka shot.

The forest at night in the middle of winter is magic! Snow is clinging to everything and just looks amazing! Our only real light was the stars and these two flame torch thingies that the driver had the guys at the back of the sleigh hold.

The most interesting thing was going under branches just as they decided to dump their load of snow *laughs*. Snow cold! Thankfully there some of the people had bought blankets that they spread out over the laps of everyone. I'm greatful for those, I don't think I would've enjoyed it nearly as much without the warmth of the blankets.

About halfway through the sleigh ride the driver stops at this little pub/shop in the middle of the forest! (seriously, there was nothing else for miles around!). All the women made a beeline for these pipes going along the wall. They were the central heating pipes. We all hugged ourselves to them for the 10 minutes or so we were there. They were warm!

The vodka shots didn't stop when we were at the pub. Oh, no! They bought the bottles of vodka and the shot glasses into the pub with them (and I've a sneaking suspicion that one of them bought another couple of bottles of vodka for later).

Oh, I've never seen horses steam before, but I did that night when they stopped at the pub. Masses of steam just rising off the horses.

One thing I forgot to mention about this trip is the singing. I heard many, many Polish drinking songs on that sleigh ride. Starting from the second we got in. They were constantly singing during that trip *laughs*. They even got me to sing something (the first verse of a sea shanty that I know really well).

We hit a flat bit of land eventually and the driver got the horses up into a run (can't remember the word for it right now) and that was fun!, cold, but fun!

Finally we got back to the farm and we all piled out of the sleigh and watched as they put the horses away in the stables (one of the horses pulling us had a foal and we all got to see it. It was so cute!). The driver showed off the other horses that he had and they were all so big!.

Then it was time for the bonfire. We all trouped across the road to this little hut/tent thing set up in the backyard of the farmhouse. There was a fire and this grill thing hanging from a chain over the fire. We put sausages (and bread) on the grill and lowered it down over the fire to cook ('twas nummy!). The driver bought in a cd player and a cd of Polish pop music and there was a lot of dancing and general silliness going on (especially as the night got later). Yes, the vodka kept coming, too. I seriously think they were playing 'get the Aussie drunk'.

Don't ask me how many shots I had. I lost count after about 6. I know I had a lot.

One of the Ukrainian guys got a little silly and started pole dancing. I kid you not! Swinging himself around the pole and stuff like that (he also, I think, was flirting with me much later. He gave up on it and dragged me out to start dancing. Lots of spinning and twirling). He missed at one point, knocked the last of the sausages and bread off the grill and landed flat on his back about 2 inches from the fire.


It didn't stop him, though, he was up and doing it again.


Another of the Ukrainian guys came up, did the whole vodka shot thing with me, the scooped me up bridal style and spun me around a couple of times....

..Yeah, I haven't quite figured what that was all about yet.

About this point the girls were going "Sheena, come dance with us!". Dancing involved going round and round the fire holding hands with everyone else in time to the music (there was a lot of shrieking and laughing going on). Then, when there was only four of us left, they linked arms and just started bopping from side to side while standing in place (also in time to the music. *bop to the left for four counts. Hold. Bop to the right for four counts. Hold. Repeat*

I had fun! I couldn't understand a word of what was going on around me but they didn't ignore me. They made sure that they included me in everything and made sure I felt like I was a part of what was going on *grins* Even if they did try to get me drunk.

The world was doing interesting spinning things by the time I got home. I don't really remember getting into bed, but I found a trail of clothes leading from the front door to my bed when I woke up the next morning. I was sleeping wrong way around, using the doona as my pillow while my feet were stuffed under my actual pillow. I woke up about 7am and the world was still spinning so I went back to sleep until about 2pm (probably slept through the worst of my hangover, too).

Miracle of miracles, I actually remembered to lock my door!

Oh, and I reeked of wood smoke. At first I thought my headache was from the vodka, but after drinking a gallon of water and eating breakfast it was still there. I had a headache for most of the day. Panadol and ibuprofen wouldn't shift it. By the time night rolled around I thought it might be from lack of food, but food didn't shift it. You know what did? A shower. I think the woodsmoke was giving me the headache 'cause as soon as the smell was out of my hair the headache went away.

But that was my Friday night ^__^

I feel...

Feb. 14th, 2009 03:27 am
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very, very accomplished right now.

Why? I'll tell you why! *grins*

Growing up I learnt how to use a vacuum cleaner once I was big enough to actually drag the bloody thing around (and I actually swing a mean vacuum cleaner), but there's one thing that no-one ever taught me: How to change/empty the dust bag. Someone else (usually Mum, or, when I was working at Muffin Break, one of the other girls) would always empty it.

Well, today that all changed. Mum's not here, none of my old workmates are here, and I'm sure Agnes or my boss would absolutely love me if I called them up to ask them how to empty the dust bag on a vacuum cleaner. They'd probably wonder what the heck I was on!

So, I'm cleaning the flat (well, part of it. The living room mainly, which also doubles as my bedroom, the kitchen and a couple of other things), picking up all the rubbish that's accumulated over the semester (during term I just don't get the time to clean. It's work, eat sleep, rinse and repeat). Oh, it's not messy messy, it's just I don't get time to do a serious cleaning so it looks kinda... messy... yeah. I'll just stop that statement ri~ight there and say nothing more. Add on top of that the fact that I've been sick for the last few weeks with little to no energy and you get the idea.

So, all the rubbish was either in the bins or in the recycling and I went and grabbed the vacuum. After tripping the fuses four freaking times! and plunging myself into darkness I finally figured out what I needed to turn off/unplug so that I could use the vacuum (good news is it only took me four minutes of flicking random switches in the fuse box thingy up near my door to work out how to get my electricity back). Laptop, stereo, external hardrive, all of those were unplugged and I cautiously turned the vacuum on for the fifth time to find it working and myself not suddenly thrust back into the dark ages.

About two minutes into vacuuming I realised that there just wasn't any suction happening. There wasn't anything stuck in the pipes so I figured the bag had to be full.

Cue much swearing as I tried to figure exactly where the bag was placed in the vacuum and where the opening was. I found it eventually and got it opened.

I seriously don't think that bag had been emptied in a couple of years. I'm surpised I had any suction at all to be honest.

Getting the bag out didn't actually turn out to be a problem. A bit of swearing, a bit of wiggling promising bits in the vacuum and out comes the bag. There was this little sliding clip at the bottom of the bag which looked like it was holding it closed, so I pulled it off, put the bag inside a bigger garbage bag (and made sure that there was no way any dust would come flying out, made sure I held onto the top of the dust-bag and shook the ever living crap out of if to empty it.

One empty dust-bag was the result... and a crap load of dust/hair/I don't even want to think about it was in the garbage bag. Of course I didn't actually succeed in keeping all the dust out and I'm still sniffling and sneezing from it, but I did it! And I managed to get it back into the vacuum cleaner without any problems at all!

So, I'm feeling very accomplished right now!

I also got out of the house again today. I went out for lunch with Agnes. She finally cashed in her "I owe you a meal of your choice" thing I gave her for her birthday and we had a really nice lunch at Bar Magnus and then wandered around the town for a while. I then came home and did a crap load of cleaning. I'm feeling a little shaky and tired right now, but, hey! The important part of the flat is clean. I still have to do the study/bedroom (not that I actually sleep in there, but it's still a bedroom), but no visitors go in there. I also have to do the bathroom, but that won't take me too long.

Also *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Full length Transformers 2 trailer has been leaked to Youtube!

Trailer!!!! )
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Okay, I totally embarrassed myself walking across to the shops today. I keep forgetting not to walk on snow that's been walked over countless times by hundreds of people.

It is of the slippery.

Now, normally they sand the snow (which is literally getting handfuls of sand/dirt/gritty stuff and scattering it across wherever people are going to walk). This seems to stop people from stacking it for the most part. Some wonderful person forgot to sand the walkway out the front of RAST today. It snowed last night and people have been walking across it all day. It's on a slope, too.

Cue Sheena's feet skidding out from underneath her suddenly, legs going flying up over her head, landing hard on her arse (and hands slamming hard down onto the snow/pavement/ice) and sliding about 2m down the walkway.


My arse hurts right now. I bet there's a bruise.

At least I didn't smack my head on the concrete. That would've really hurt.

In other news I got out of the house and the town for a bit yesterday. I hopped a bus to Olsztyn. I didn't really do much as there's nothing really on at the cinemas that I want to see so I just wandered around my usual haunts for a while and had lunch at KFC at about 1pm and then caught a bus back to Mragowo. Nothing really exciting but it was great to get out for a while. I haven't been further than the store (which is across the road) in about 2 1/2 weeks!

I also did a couple of things in Mragowo before I headed back to the flat. First off a quick visit to Rossman for essentials like shampoo, conditioner (RAST doesn't stock the one that I use), deoderant, a scented candle to burn in the flat, and a small, cheap travel hair dryer (19zl. I finally decided that sitting up until all hours waiting for my hair to dry was a bad idea after washing my hair on Sunday night and then having troubles keeping my eyes open while waiting for my hair to dry).

I did something to my right calf while I was out. Probably pulled something when I was racing to get to the bus yesterday morning. Or on the footpaths in Olsztyn or Mragowo. Walking in Poland is hazardous sometimes.

Sheena is currently slow and gimpy when she walks *pulls a face*

I was exhausted by the time I got home. Energy levels still aren't up to where they were before I got sick. It's probably going to take me a while to get back to where I was before that happend. I'm still walking much slower than I used to as well. Walking fast makes me cough. My legs were aching like you wouldn't believe, too.

I might go and see Valkyrie on Saturday. I'm not much of a Tom Cruise fan, but it's about a plot that actually happened about 20minutes away from me in the next town across; Ketzryn (Okay, it's a little bit out of Ketzryn, but you can base yourself there and visit). Yep, I live near the Wolf's Lair. I'm going to go and visit it when it warms up a little bit. I'll take pictures.

*Checks movie timetable* Er, Nope. Scratch that. The only thing playing on Saturday is some sort of 3D thing for Valentines day. No thanks. As I neither have a boyfriend or speak Polish I'll stay home. I'll see it Friday next week instead.

Also, I have some more Rome pictures up in my online photo album: (LOOKIT THE PICCIES!!!)

Also, I really need to keep away from *laughs*. I went and bought myself three things: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull paperback novel, Transformers Movie Sequel: Reign of Starscream, and Transformers Movie Prequel: Saga of the Allspark.

I really, really wanted to get Alliance and Defiance (Ratchet = FTW!!!! <3. Fannon grouchy Ratchet now appears to be Canon *grins*), but they're part of a series and I'd rather wait until all of them are out and get them together in one book like I am with Reign of Starscream.

*EDIT* I swear, it sounds like my neighbours (the ones above me) have got hold of a pogo stick and are currently bouncing about on it indoors.

Oooh... and did you know they're making a Thundercats movie?! It's due out next year and it's going to be CGI.

Also, they're going to make another Phantom (as in Ghost Who Walks, not creepy guy in a half mask with a heroine that I just want to slap) movie! *squees and bounces*. Okay, the first one wasn't the greatest movie ever, but they made most of it in my home town (Brisbane and also at Movieworld on the Gold Coast) so I love sitting there and spotting all the places that are familiar to me. Also, it's Phantom! I loved that comic book! It used to be the one comic book that I'd collect as a kid.

I Li~ive!

Feb. 8th, 2009 07:20 pm
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Hey all!

Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated *grins (I've always wanted to say that). It may've felt like I was dead/dying for a while there but I'm feeling much better now.

So, what've I been up to? Absolutely nothing. That cold that Bartosz #2 (now named the Little Shite-Head, or, He-Who-Must-Be-Killed!) gave me when he sneezed/coughed all over me (again. He's two for two right now) mutated. Little bugger gave me Bronchitis.

I was starting to feel better on Thursday and then came the weekend. I woke up very early Saturday morning (I'd slept pretty much straight through Friday O.o ) shivering like you wouldn't believe and aching everywhere. By the time Sunday rolled around I'd been visited by my old friends nausea and vomiting (which is nuts! Before this year I pretty much never threw up. I'd get the occasional bout of nausea, but never really threw up. This year *shakes head* The two times I've got sick, thank you, Bartosz, I've been visited by it. Can I go back to Australia now, please?). I also had pretty much no appetite at all (I think I ate maybe a bowl of ceral and a peice of toast all weekend).

I don't really remember much of Monday at all. I do remember walking home though. Every five steps had me coughing uncontrollably. I seriously expected to see my lungs go flopping across the footpath.

Tuesday rolled around and Agnes called me up and asked if I wanted her to take me to the doctor (I'd been coughing and looking like crap for a week. My cough was... not very nice sounding). I felt fine at the time (it was 9am, I hadn't even got out of bed yet) so told her no. A couple of hours later when I actually went to get out of bed I got a bit of a nasty shock. I had absolutely no energy at all. It takes about ten steps to get from my bed (read: fold out couch in the living room) to the bathroom.

I barely made it.

I managed to drag together enough energy to get myself across to the shops to buy a couple of bottles of Powerade, a bottle of water for the evening, and a packet of rice crackers to try and force down to get some sort of food in my stomach (It took me 45 minutes to eat one). The Powerade was to help give me enough energy to get through the night. I spent the rest of the day just flopped on the bed wondering how I was going to get through my classes and thankful that I only have two classes on a Tuesday night.

First words out of Lucja's (my boss) mouth were "What the hell are you doing here?!". First words out of Agnes' mouth were "You look like shit!" followed by "I'm taking you to the doctor tomorrow!". For once I didn't argue.

Group I thought I was sad when I first walked in. Unfortunately they decided that it was going to be one of their difficult days where they just don't stop talking and misbehave. Normally I can handle that. That day... er... well, the good news is I learnt that just glaring and quietly letting them know that I'm not happy with them works rather well. I taught the class from the teacher's desk 'cause I couldn't really stand for very long at all.

Halfway through teaching group I I started shivering uncontrollably. I was absolutely freezing!. I had to go and get my jacket! I didn't really stop shivering for the rest of the night. Please keep in mind that this is the jacket that I wear when it's 0C to -5Cish or so outside.

Group J took one look at me and pointed at the door with a "Sheena, go home!". They were great. Then again they're always pretty good. I taught from the desk again. Thankfully it was a listening lesson so all I really had to do was ask questions and push the button on the cd player. The last 20 minutes they had a speaking exercise so I just put my head on the desk for that excercise. I didn't sleep, I was actually listening to them talk and I'd butt in occasionally with either a correction or a suggestion. At one point Jarek told me to put my head back on the desk and go back to dying *laughs*

So, Agnes draged me to the doctors on Wednesday morning. First place we went to was full (there's a bit of a flu epidemic happening here right now). Second place we went to wasn't. We only had to wait for about half an hour to see a doctor (it was kinda weird to just walk in and sit down without an appointment). Agnes did the translating and I got diagnosed with Bronchitis.


One trip to the pharmicist later (and copious amounts of different anti-biotics) I'm back at home. I didn't go to work that night, or the next night. Lucja took my classes (I kinda pity my classes). I started feeling much better about three days after I visited the doctor. I slept a lot and my appetite finally came back, too! I've gone from not really wanting to eat anything to being a bottomless pit *laughs*. Though, that's probably a good thing 'cause I've lost a noticible amount of weight. My hip bones are starting to stick out and the bones in my chest are kinda visiable at the moment (little to no appetite for a couple of weeks will do that to a person) O.o So... yeah, I need to see about getting some of that weight back on.

Thankfully our winter break started on the Monday so I only missed two days of classes. Unfortunatly I had to cancel my trip to Krakow *pouts*. Two weeks off and I'm staying in Mragowo. I could probably go somewhere now, but I think I'd be safer to just stay at home and make sure I'm fully recovered before heading back to work on the 15th.

There's just one downside: I'm really, really bo~ored!!!! There's nothing to do in Mragowo. I'm planning to go on a day trip to Olsztyn tomorrow just to get me out of here for a while.

And that's what I've been up to for the last couple of weeks. Not much at all.
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*coughs hacks wheezes sniffles*

This is the second time he's coughed all over me and the second time I've come down with something.

I pretty much slept most of today. Woke up at 3am with the sorest back, joints and muscles. I made myself some toast, took some full strength Panadol and am currently drinking a hot chocolate while I wait for the Panadol to kick in. I feel like utter shite right now.


Jan. 17th, 2009 04:09 am
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I hates report cards, yes I do! They were due in today (and I consequentally spent many nights up to all hours of the morning getting them finished. She didn't give us the stuff to do them until Friday last week), but I got a phone call from Agnes at 10am this morning (after I'd gone to bed at 6am).

Okay, I knew today that my boss wasn't going to be working (I was working for her 'cause she asked me to on Monday). The priest was coming around to do the yearly bless the house thing. The priest comes in, blesses your house, you feed him, then he leaves (it's good to be a priest in Poland). Anyway, I knew she wasn't going to be in so I'm not really sure why she didn't just say the cards were going to be due in on Monday instead of today last night. *sighs*

At least I got them done, that's one good thing ^___^

In other news we've been doing Robots in group F for the last couple of lessons. I bought my Transformers toys in to class. The kids thought they were really cool.

Cody, who doesn't usually speak up that much, really made an effort to speak. He was grabbing the dictionary and having a wonderful conversation with me about how he's got the games for DS and his PSP and how his brother has two of the toys. I pull out my G1 Prowl and he started bouncing up and down and going "He was in movie!" (I let him know that that was a different 'Bot).

I start pulling out my other toys (Cody labeled my Thundercracker as Starscream) and the kids came over and crowded the desk to see what I had. I told them all their names and Pawel, who never speaks unless you ask him a question calls out "Jazz!" when I pull my Jazz out.

Then the kids decide that, since there were the same number of 'Bots and 'Cons as students, each of my toys is actually one of us. I was declared "Prowl" as he was the biggest and a police car to boot *laughs*. The most annoying little shite in the class was given Megatron, you get the idea *grins*.

Oh, my sms tone on my phone is the sound of a Cybertronian transforming (one of my friends downloaded it and then sent it to me). Cody's heard it a couple of times. He asked me if I could send it to him via bluetooth. I did, and I've never seen him look so happy. He must've played the sound with the phone up to his ear at least 8 times in quick succession.

Today we were continuing with the Robot theme so I bought my Transformers back to class. I even bought my little Starscream today 'cause I hadn't bought him last lesson and they pretty much demanded that I bring him on Friday *laughs*. Cody was already at the school when I got there, sitting on the floor and playing on a PSP. He'd bought it along with his Transformers game to show me (and kept trying to get me to play it during the lesson while the kids were doing an activity). Today they had to design a robot that would do a job that they hate and then give it a name and a description.

Cody ended up with DeceptiBot. Half Decepticon half Autobot. The Autobot side does the cleaning, the Decepticon side is... a little psycho. He was grabbing my toys off the desk (Jazz and Thundercracker) to make sure he was getting the symbols correct and everything. When he was finished he gave me a long (for him) talk on what each bit on the robot could do.

Considering that before this lesson he didn't really talk, just sat there and doodled, I'm quite proud of him. I guess I just had to find a subject he was interested in to get him to talk.


I forgot to tell you about group J's latest antics *grins*.

So, there werent as many of them there last night. Adam was absent (he's the oddest of them) and I'm not quite sure where Anna was either.

It was a grammar lesson. Not my favourite subject in the world (It's like math for English!), let me tell you. Iwona loves grammar. She was bouncing in her seat when I mentioned that it was a grammar lesson. The class proceeded to tease her about that, in English, for the rest of the lesson.

Zbigniew was flicking through the picture pages of the dictionary. Patryk declared that he liked the picture pages 'cause he couldn't read. Zbigniew kicked him. Of course the whole kicking of Patryk thing was kinda muted when he found the colour wheel and sounded far too excited "Oh! colours!!!!" and started studying it intently. The rest of the class just laughed (Patryk smacked himself on the forehead and muttered something in Polish under his breath).

I have brain to blackboard issues (brain to paper/computer screen is generally no problems at all). I know what I want to write in my head, but getting that to translate to the blackboard sometimes is a bit of a problem. For example I may want to write "I went running in the park yesterday"... what ends up on the board is more like "I runnig the par yeterda" (I did a couple of spectacular ones during my CELTA course that my teacher had to point out. I got a rather long talk on how I had to pay attention to what I'm writing blah blah blah). I don't do it very often 'cause I try to watch myself like a hawk (I'm quite aware of the problem and make sure to be very careful in the classroom), but yesterday... well I was probably tired from staying up late doing report cards. I made a little goof on the board (Spelling and letter switching. Nothing was missing). Jarek pointed it out straight away but I couldn't see it for the life of me. It took him reading out the sentence and then spelling out the problem for me to spot it.

*looks sheepish* I haven't done that in ages.

I told the class that if they ever spot me doing something like that please let me know 'cause I'm aware of the problem and sometimes don't know that I'm doing it. Iwona got really, really interested and started firing a lot of questions at me. Stuff like "can you count?" "Do you like/are you good at math?" that sort of thing. Gave her my answers ("Yes" and "I despise it/am hopless at it"). She then gets really excited and goes "Oh! You've got *insert Polish term for some sort of disorder here*" (Iwona is some sort of doctor/psychologist thingy).

Turns out she was saying Dysorthography. I googled the phonetics of what I'd heard her say and that's what the search engine came up with.

Apart from that it was the usual lesson of laughter and teasing that Group J always seems to do.

Oh, and Group D wants to have the last class of the term in a cafe or restaurant. Sounds like fun.


Dec. 19th, 2008 09:30 am
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Could someone explain to me exactly why we have wisdom teeth? And why they don't come out until we're older?



*rubs her jaw* I currently can't chew on my right side 'cause the tooth on my lower right side has decided to be an arse this week. A couple of weeks ago it was the lower left hand side. The week before that it was the upper right one.

Thankfully the upper right is pretty much completely grown in.

Unfortunately lower left and right are still growing in and upper left hasn't even started to come up yet.

I really need to get to the dentist and get them checked, but I'm trying to hold out until I get back to Australia in June (don't trust a dentist that I can't communicate with).

At least I now know why babies get so cranky when they're teething. This hurts like hell!.

In other news, that fic snippet that I posted? Finished and up on my icon/fic lj.

Title: In Reverse
Rating: PG
'Verse: Transformers 2007 Movie
Author: Saffiter
Characters: Sam Witwicky, Ironhide, mentions of Constructicons
Warnings: One mention of sex in regards to chickens.
Summary: They had been feared enemies. Now all one had to do was utter one word. One simple little, single syllable word...
Disclaimer: I don't own the Transformer franchise. I'm just playing in the sandbox. I promise to put them back in the same shape they were when I found them.
Notes: The original idea came from the [ profile] tf_bunny_farm. The bunny was from [ profile] kirin_saga.

(They had once been feared)


Dec. 10th, 2008 07:03 am
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If I ever get it into my head to do three private classes in one day and my normal teaching schedual in the afternoon you have my permission to Gibbs!slap me. Seriously. I is currently ded!!

I got to the office at 11:30am and finally got home at 9pm... *shudder*.

When my boss found out her exact words were "What?! Are you crazy?!"

I'm currently trying to build up the energy to cook something for dinner (and do the washing up from last night). Anything, just as long as it's not instant noodles or anything like that. I've had enough of those to last me a few days. This is where I wish I could speak enough Polish to ring up and order a pizza to be delivered. I really don't have the energy to cook right now.

Lesse, I've also picked up another private student. *counts* Piotr, Marzena, Mirek, Paulina, and now Hanna. That's five. o.O.

I adore Marzena, though. Guess what she went and did. She got me a birthday present. This pair of gorgeous dangly pale amber earrings so that I could remember Poland always (she really doesn't want me to leave at the end of the school year). This is the same woman who bought me a painting with small peices of amber on it when she was in GdaƄsk last. She also makes sure that I know what special holidays are coming up, how they're celebrated and why they're celebrated. If there's a special food related to it she makes sure that she brings some in for me to try.

The last time I was in Australia I got her an Aboriginal painting from an artist local to my area. She loved it.

*stares at the stove* .... I really need to go and cook something.... dunwanna, but I'm hungry....


Nov. 29th, 2008 03:44 am
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Today is apparently a big Polish celebration thingy (yes, another one. They have a lot of them). It's the feast of St. Andzrej, or St. Andrew in English. One of my private students, Marzena, was trying to explain it to me the other day, but I didn't quite twig onto what she was talking about (She was talking about wax and keys and wax keys and witches and dripping wax into a cup full of water and I got thoroughly confused *laughs*).

Background information here. The Poles don't actually celebrate their birthday after a certain age. They celebrate their Nameday. The day that the Polish saint they share their name with has their celebration. So, anyone called Andzrej will celebrate their nameday on the 29th of November. Some Namedays are bigger than others. Andzrejki is one of the really big ones. They have balls, parties and celebrations for it. For example getting wax keys and dripping the wax into water to get your fortune told. (On a side note, F group gave me the Polish name Mariszka which is some variation of Marie, my middle name. I think because 'Sheena' sounds very close to szynka, ham).

So, I got to class yesterday and my eight year olds were really, really excited about something. I had a deck of cards shoved under my nose and my wrist grabbed by another. They then mimed taking a card (using me as a puppet). I take one and get "NO, THREE!!!!" yelled rather loudly in my ear by Ola (Ola doesn't have an inside voice. She has loud, and she has shrieking). So, I take three cards and get completely baffled when Zuzanna snatches the cards off me, flips them face up, and then points going "No, No, Yes *shrug* No".

Students: Start this convoluted explanation, mainly in Polish but with a few random English words thrown in (I'm so proud. They didn't known any English back in September).
Me:.... still not getting it guys. *thinks and then starts motioning them to follow me* Come with me! *drags them into the office and get them to explain it to Agnes*

(Looks up at her ceiling...WTF are the people above me doing? They sound like a heard of elephants!)

Turns out they wanted to tell me my fortune. You pull three cards out at random. Red means yes, black means no. Get more reds than blacks and whatever you wish for will come true. So, they told me my fortune, told each other their fortunes (using as much English as they knew interspersed with lots of Polish, handwaving, and 'Green'Blackboard drawing) and then told me all about how "Big dog, and big dog is small dog!" and then proceeded to draw two dogs kissing on the board with an equals sign and a small dog. They now know that a baby dog is called a 'puppy'.

Mateusz then said something to them about a contract and I heard my name mentioned and the students looked horrified. It took a bit of work, lots of drawing on the board (Bartosz #1 is surprisingly good at snap drawings that make sense) but I found out that Mateusz had told them that I was going back to Australia when my contract was up. They really don't want me to go. I had to reassure them that I wasn't leaving until June (and there's no way I'm staying for another year, but I'm not telling them that. They'd never let me leave the classroom). The only way Mateusz could've known that was from his sister (I teach his Magdalena, his sister in my high beginner teenager class).

Oh, and Bartosz #2, the one who used to go from little sweetheart to psycho stabbing boy in the blink of an eye, has turned clingy. He'll come up to me while I'm working with one of the other kids and just lean up against me. Or, if I'm working with him, he leans up against my side while I'm going over stuff... o.O. At least he's not trying to stab me with a pen or yank my hair out anymore. And he's started trying to do the work (as opposed to before where he'd just sit there and not try..and then attempt to stab me with a pencil when I walked past him).

'I' group behaved themselves (for the most part) as well. We were doing the first conditional, always fun.

'J' Group had a unit test. I walked in with a cup of coffee (I usually drink tea, but this was instant cupaccino and didn't have much caffeine in it. Besides, I was going to spend the whole lesson doing filing/paperwork. I needed it to stay awake). I can't quite remember exactly what we were talking about, but the general conversation went something like this:

Jarek: Sheena, can you hand me that shit of paper, please.
Class: *cracks up laughing*
Me: Um, I think you mean the sheet of paper
Jarek: That's what I said!
Me: No, you said "Shit of paper"
Jarek: Oh, what's the difference?
Me: *proceedes to explain the pronunciations differences between sheet and shit*
Jarek: oooooh, so it's like 'beach' and 'bitch'.
Me: Yup. *walks into the office to grab something*
Boss: What were you talking about in there? We could hear you!
Me: Pronunciation of 'sheet' and 'beach' *thinking 'please don't yell at me for swearing in the classroom'*
Boss: Good! Those are important things to know. *goes on about how the slightest difference can mean the person is swearing when they don't actually mean to*
Me: Oookay... I have to get back to class now.

I get back the classroom, give them their tests an then proceed to watch them go from overconfident body language to this 'Oh, my god, what the hell is this?!?!' slouched position. They told me later that I killed them with that test. Personally, I think they thought this one would be a cake-walk after the first test and didn't study as much as what they could have.

But, that was my thursday. Interesting enough to post. I've been invited to Agnieszka's place for a party on Sunday. I have to bring a plate of food. I'm going to make a salad. Agnieszka is a Polish English teacher at the local high school (as opposed to Agnes, who is my co-worker at LEKTOR). She's fascinated with my Australian accent and can't believe how many glottal stops we use. She's apparently inviting a whole heap of English teachers. It'll be nice to meet some people outside of LEKTOR that I can actually talk to. My social circle is tiny right now. Agnes, Agneiszka, Lucja (the boss) and that's it. They're all I can really communicate with. I miss my Chinese social circle (good news is that I'm visiting one of them in Paris in April. It'll be good to see her).

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..just to let you know that I am actually still alive ^___^.

So. It's snowing. But the snow isn't really staying on the ground as it's currently too warm for it to stay, so we end up with slushy/muddy ground. Walking to work is a challenge as I have to go down this hill with a dirt path. Said dirt path gets really, really slippery once it gets wet. I nearly fell three times walking down to work today.

Saturday is supposed to be about -1C (don't ask me what that is in Farenheit, I wouldn't know) and snow. [sarcasm] Yay [/sarcasm]. I shall try to take pictures of the lake with snow if I'm feeling brave enough.

Also, Lucja, my boss, and Agnes, my co-worker, are going to start teaching me how to swear in Polish... not somehting you'd ever expect your boss to actually teach you, but there you have it. My class of 8 year olds have apparently been taking advantage of the fact that I can't understand them and are swearing up a storm. The youngest student complained to his dad, who then talked to Lucja.

Me: Agnes, probably the weirdest request you're going to get in a while, but..could you teach me how to swear in Polish?
Agnes:... Okay. *stops and thinks about it* That actually sounds like a good idea. *turns to our boss* Lucja, tomorrow at the staff meeting we're teaching Sheena how to swear, okay?
Lucja:... *blinks and thinks about it* Good idea.
Me: O.o *mutters* not the reaction I was expecting, but I'm not complaining.

So, Sheena is going to learn how to swear in Polish. The things I do for my job.

Current amusing word for one of my private students: Painkiller. Don't ask me why, she just finds the word highly amusing and laughs her head off whenever she hears it.

My Adult beginner class find "Can I have a piece of cheese, please" one of the funniest sentences in the English language and pull strange faces whenver they have to say it.

Oh, and this happened a couple of weeks ago while my intermediate class was playing a speaking game but I forgot to share.

Adam: *reaches for the dictionary
Me: Adam, what word are you looking for?
Adam: *distracted hand waving* A Polish word. I want to know what it is in English... ah... here it is: Boycott...Huh... it's the same in Polish. Okay... If I do not win this game then I shall boycott it.
Class & Me: o.O O.o O.O ... *cracks up laughing*

Anytime someone reaches for the dictionary in that class now someone else will call out "No, you can't boycott!"

I love that class.

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I braved the cold tonight and wandered down (about 10pm) to take pictures of the cemetary. I wasn't going to, but Agnes messeged me and told me that it looked amazing and that, since this is my last Day of the Dead in Poland, I really should go and take some photos. So, off I went, bundled up in a couple of jumpers and my scarf and took some pictures of the cemetary. I've got quite a few, but this is the only one that's ready for posting.

Agnes was right. While it was absolutely freezing outside there was a rather heavy fog which made everything twice as eerie as it would've been if there was no fog.

This is only a tiny section of the cemetary. This thing is pretty big, on both sides of the road, and has been going since about 1780 or something like that. Possibly even earlier (as I know the other side of the road is way older.

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I hate not being able to speak/read Polish.

So, yesterday I completely forgot to mention the scaffolding that was raised out the back of my block of flats. It goes right up past my balcony. They were actually rather noisy putting up.. then again I was up and about at roughly 8:30 so they wouldn't've woken me up anyway. I completely forgot to mention it after all the excitement with the fire drill.

I got to bed about 3am last night *pulls a face* Lesson planning took me a while and I had to cook dinner and unwind (I swear this job has turned me nocturnal!). Here I was thinking Woohoo! Thursday! No private classes so I can sleep in!... boy was I wrong!!

8:30 in the freaking morning! I open my eyes to see this strange, bearded man standing on my second floor balcony!. He was kinda dirty, wearing overalls, big and holding a paint scraper in one hand...........

He then proceeds to noisly scrape the paint off the walls of my balcony while talking loudly to the people working with him on floors above and below.

My sleep fogged brain: Oh my god! He's gonna break the window, come in here and kill meeeeeee!!!!!. My front door's locked, he'd get to me before I'd be able to open it. WhatdoIdo?WhatdoIdo?WhatdoIdooooooooooo?*ack*flail*panic*

Cue Sheena squeeking quietly and zipping for the corner of the flat that has the laptop. No-one can see me there. (I figured if I could see him, he could most likely be able to see me!). I spent most of the day hiding in this corner. I'd venture out to cook lunch and things like that, but if I saw workmen I'd zip back into the corner again.

My last coherant thought before I went to bed last night was to move anything of value sitting on the coffee table out of line of sight of the balcony. Aparently that was a good decision.

The scaffolding is still there. If they wake me up at 8:30 in the morning again tomorrow I will not be happy. Might even open up a window and yell "SHUT UP!" at them in Polish.

I love...

Oct. 23rd, 2008 06:07 am
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... Polish Fire Drills.

Seriously, I do. Not only do I get out of class for 20 minutes to 30 minutes (and that's always a good thing when you've got a class you despise), but when they decide to have a fire drill, they decide to have a fire drill!

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I got into work today at about 3:15pm (I start at 3:30 and just couldn't be arsed leaving home 'cause it was cold, wet and windy). Lucja was already there and I didn't even have time to get my jacket off before she was going "Sheena, your students must have their jackets on the back of their chairs today. There will be a fire drill at around 4"

Me: Okay *thinking SWEET!! It's with F group. I hate F group.

So, I wander into the classroom and tell them to put their jackets on the back of their chairs 'cause there was going to be a fire drill.. they managed to work out what I wanted them to do and why between them.

I was thinking the fire drill was going to be like the ones I had back home in Australia when I was at school... nope, not even close!

Anyway, I'm teaching the class and the kids wanted me to take them outside before the alarm actually went off (which kinda defeats the purpose of the fire drill, really, but there you have it). I had to keep going "NO! We have to wait until we hear *taps her ear* the alarm".

I was so glad when that alarm went off. I was just about ready to strangle some of those kids.

So, alarm goes off and I manage to hear it before the kids do o.O (which is scary 'cause I was up the front of the classroom right next to the CD player and it was turned right up).

Me: Okay, people. Let's go. Get your jackets and line up at the door.
*students chatter excitedly and take their sweet time doing their jackets up*
Me:*shoving students out the door with their jackets half on* Talk and zip people, we have to move!. Do you want to burn to death?

....surprisingly they got that I wanted them to do their jackets up while they were walking down the hall.

We get down to the entryway and there's what looks like smoke billowing down another hallway! Thankfully I've been in enough theatre/dance productions to know what a smoke machine smells like.

Outside is cold, windy and slightly wet but we were being shooed towards the basketball courts off to the side of the building. Cue people diving out the ground floor windows in front of us. They hadn't told the student residents that there was going to be a drill (Lektor hires two classrooms and an office off one of the local public boarding schools) so I'd say they'd opened their doors, saw the smoke and thought 'Nuh-uh... not going that way.... window!!!' and promptly dove out the nearest window.

It was quite fun to watch people leaping out of windows like that and it certainly kept the kids entertained.

THEN The fire engine comes haring down the road and skids into the carpark (cue more people diving out of windows). Firefighters get out and do their thing and then another fire engine comes screaming in. This one nearly took out students as it drives across the court and to the opposite side of the building.

Aparently there were students stuck on a second floor balcony. The other fire engine was to help get the kids/students/teenagers/whatever down from there (note: I was looking at the balcony and rolling my eyes at the kids. They could've jumped it easily... well, maybe they couldn't, but I would've jumped it). Out comes the ladder and I got to watch the fire fighters help the students down the ladder to the ground (I swear the fire fighter on the ladder was copping a feel of the girls butt as she came down. That's what it looked like, anyway).

Unfortunately Lucja decided it was time for us to go back into the classrooms *sigh I could've quite happily stayed out there for the rest of the lesson.

So, I love Polish Fire drills.

My final thoughts on the matter: Thank god it wasn't snowing!

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... I am paranoid about my keys.

I got home from work and decided to run across the road to the shops to get some stuff to drink and some things for dinner. No problems there. Dumped my stuff, went out, locked my front door, went down the stairs, out the 'locks itself as it closes and you need a key for' front door to my building, across the road and to the shops.

Again, no problems there.

Bought my stuff, no problems. Walked back across the road reached into my handbag to get my keys....



No keys. No keys in the normal pocket. No keys in the other pocket, tore my bag apart, no keys.


I need those keys to get in the buildings' front door. I remembered locking my apartment door, but the keys in the bag... not so much of the remembering happening at this time. My only theory:

I'd left the damn things hanging in my apartment door lock for all the building to see. Only thing going through my brain is : "Don't panic! Don't panic! You can't get into your building, it's cold, you're hungry, you've got stuff that needs to go into the fridge, and you can't speak a word of Polish but DON'T PANIC!!!"

So, I look up to see if there are any lights on in the building. Thankfully the apartment above me was still lit. Took me about a minute to work out what number it was (20) and I pressed their intercom/buzzer thing.

Now, remember, I don't speak any Polish. They, I'm pretty sure, don't speak any English, and I'm pressing the intercom buzzer to talk to them... yeah... this isn't going to end well at all is what the little voice in the back of my head is thinking.

They answer, and I start babbling at them with this panicked sounding voice in English. Amazingly they must've got the gist that something had happend 'cause they pressed the door unlock button... o.O (which didn't work and they understood enough of my "It's not OPENING!!!" thing to hit the button again). Queue me yelling "THANK YOU!!!!" (in Polish) to them as I go flying up the stairs hitting the lights on my way thorugh.

Guess where my keys were.

Yup, you guessed it. Hanging in the lock for the whole world to see *shakes head*.

I'm glad they opened the door for me 'cause I had two other options: 

1) sit miserably on the doorstop until someone goes in or out... I could've been waiting all night for that one.
2) randomly start pressing buzzers and annoy people enough that they either open the door, or come down to yell at me (hence opening the door and letting poor sodden Aussie girl in).
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... that Olsztyn has a nightclub/disco in the walls of the castle?


Well, neither did I until we went Clubbing on Saturday night.

About a week ago Agnes called me up and asked me if I wanted to go out  dancing on Saturday night to Olsztyn and spend the night at her cousins house. I agreed to go. So, cue me on Saturday running about trying to find something in my wardrobe that could pass as anything remotely clubbing like. Thankfully I remembered a nice top that I'd bought last year in Scotch & Soda on one of our impromptu shopping trips (this same trip saw me buy a pair of gorgeous trousers...that proceeded to rip in the butt the first time I went dancing in them... -_-;; so embarrassing! Thank god for skin tone undies! TMI, I know). I have a dark pair of jeans with nice embroidery on the back pockets and I bought some pretty-shiny necklaces and funky-dangly earrings with me when I came back over here.

Thankfully my work shoes could double as clubbing shoes (they look like something like a cross between character shoes and 1920's flapper heels *grins* I wuvs them!)

So, 6pm we (Myself, Agnes, her husband and her brother-in-law - he whose name I cannot spell let alone pronounce) all piled into Agnes' 4WD (SUV, whatever) and started the hour drive to Olsztyn. We were headed to her cousins place somewhere near Stare Miasto (the old town).  She had a rather large flat/apartment/place that we were going to crash in (I got my own room and fold out couch - which is more comfortable than the fold out couches I sleep on here in Mragowo).

Before we went clubbing we all headed to a restaurant to have some dinner. We ended up having Italian in Stare Miasto (they had an English menu! w00t! I didn't have to try and figure it out or hand it to Agnes to translate) and they all found my reaction to what Agnes did with her beer quite funny. She put juice in it!! Raspberry juice. It didn't taste like beer after she did that.

First club was kinda blah. Underground somewhere in Stare Miasto and...well, it was mostly full of beautiful people that wanted to be seen and not dance... and creepy staring guy (who would not stop staring at me the whole time we where there. He was more than a little drunk and just...creepy). We stayed for a while, tried dancing but the music was pretty crap, and then decided to leave (I think me dozing off in the corner despite the really loud music might've factored into the decision to leave). I did get to try a Tequila Sunrise. Okay, wouldn't probably get it again on my own, but if it was my only option I'd drink it. Pretty drink, though.

Cousin and Brother-in-law wandered off for about an hour to goodness knows where. I found out later they'd gone to try and find a better club. I was dragged out of the rather comfy chair (which might've been half my reason for dozing off), handed my jacket, and out into the cold we went.

Note: Cobblestones and high heels do not a good combination make. Us girls were linking arms and the ones on the end were clinging to the guys to help us keep our balance. I nearly went down twice on the walk to the next club.

Next club was in the castle walls! Seriously! It was so cool! The music was great (So loud you could feel the bass rattling your bones), you could barely move on the dance floor there were that many people, and the drinks weren't as expensive as the last place.

I got myself a Kamikaze to drink.

My reaction when I saw it: 




'"That's is it radioactive?"

Had any of my friends who are into Transformers been there I probably would've held it up and quipped something like "Hey, look guys! Movieverse Energon!"

Yeah, it was that blue! I swear it had its' own glow (could've been the lights). It was really, really, really sweet.

We must've spent a couple of hours there. I danced most of the time... and had the unusual experience of someone getting me to move by shoving their hand halfway down the back of my jeans and lifting me to one side O.O

It was hot inside the club, but there was a door open leading out into the lower walls of the castle. I'd retreat out there every now and then.  Got approached by this Polish guy (he did the sort of *flick*flick* thing with his eyes as I walked past and then came up when I stopped nearby to get some air).

Guy: *says something in Polish* (I'm rather suspecting that it might've been a Polish pick up line)
Me: I'm sorry, I don't speak Polish.
Guy: You speak English?
Me: Ye~es
Guy: Excellent! *claps and then proceeds to talk my ear off for ten minutes, spitting while he talks*

Then his two friends come over, do the same *flick*flick* thing with there eyes, grin, say something to their friend. He introduces all of us (meanwhile I'm trying to think up and excuse to get out of there) and they settle around me on the stairs.

Agnes saved me *grins* She was heading back to her cousins flat and I used the chance to escape. She said to me later that I looked like I was holding court with the guys.

Next morning before driving back to Mragowo we stopped off at this store called Macro. It's like this wholesale warehouse for business owners. You have to have a membership card to get inside. Andrzej, Agnes' husband, has one. So we headed in there to do a little bit of shopping. I got myself a new pair of runners as the ones I had I can't wear (toes are not supposed to bleed like that! I have visable blood stains on the outside of the right shoe). I'm quite happy with my new shoes. They're quite comfortable.

And, that's what Sheena got up to this weekend ^____^
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..... English language students and my eyes?!

 2005/6, China:

Student: I was at a seminar the other day and that teacher had blue eyes... but my teacher's got yellow eyes! Why?!
Me: *trying to keep a straight face and hold in the giggles* Sweetie, my eyes are brown.
Student: No, they're not.
Me: *walks outside quickly so I don't laugh in front of everyone*

Fast forward to today (well, wednesday). We were doing speaking practice where they had to go around asking eachother set questions and they had to answer them. Well, one of the set questions was "Has anyone ever told you what beautiful eyes you have?"

This is how the conversation went:

Student (to me): Has anyone ever told you what beautiful eyes you have?
Me: No...I've got brown eyes. You don't really get beautiful brown eyes.
Student: I'm serious. You has got nice eyes
Me: Have got nice eyes, not has got. You use 'has' when there's more than one person. Have is the singular, and they're brown.
Student: They're not brown! They're the colour of beer!
Me: *blink*blink*

So, apparently I have been mistaken all these years. My eyes aren't brown. They're either yellow, or the colour of beer so... amber?

I'm highly tempted to take a close up picture of my eyes, post it, and do a poll on what everyone else thinks my eye colour is as I have obviously been living under a cloud of mis-conception these last 25 years *laughs*.

*EDIT: Added pictures of my eyes*

 Right, so throw me a comment and tell me what you think my eye colour is. I always thought brown *grins*

Pictures of my Eyes )

I'm alive!

Sep. 19th, 2008 09:44 am
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I've a sneaking suspicion that I need to put some more money on my phone. I'll do that tomorrow. I've got enough to call people in Poland, but I don't think I've got enough to message outside of the country.

Anyway, I'm in a much better mood now that I've had roughly a week to cool down (and start teaching classes). Lucja's developed this annoying habit of sitting in on my classes and calling out teaching advice while I'm trying to do stuff (which really throws me 'cause I'm concentrating on other stuff. I hate her being in the room and I don't think the kids are too happy about it either. I saw one of them throwing me a "Please, Sheena, NO!!! We don't want her in here!!!!" look today). She has discovered that I'm good with younger kids (after sitting in on my kids class today. Lots of me miming and having the kids run around and slap their hands on the items that they were learning the words for. I feel sorry for that blackboard....which is actually "Dark green!" according to one of my students. Me: "Okay, hitting the blackboard is 15points", Student: "But, Sheena, it's green!")  and is threatening to give me the nursery class should they be able to get one up and running, which will be good 'cause you know I like kids ^_____^.

I've got some of my old students back, that really quiet teenager group (the one that tried to bribe me with chocolate milk). I've got most of them back. I've got a couple of my teenagers back (the nice ones. Thankfully none of the ones that I wanted to strangle and throw out the window have come back) and the rest of my classes are pretty much adults. Which is great 'cause they're spending their own money, which means that they want to be there and are less likely to act up. They're also less interested in games and more interested in doing actual work.

I haven't really done much else except go to work and come home. Agnes invited me to a bonfire on Saturday night so I think I'll go to that. I'm taking some marshmallows along and she said she'd teach me to make S'mores (some sort of marshmallow chocolate thing. It requires a fire, apparently).

I was going to go to Olsztyn tomorrow and see Hellboy, but I might do that later this weekend. I want to sit down and write something. Tomorrow (later today, actually *looking at the clock*) is Talk Like a Pirate Day. I'm going to write a Transformers fic in honour of that *evil grin*. It's set in my Flipside universe.

Anyway, it's getting late here (thankfully I don't have to work tomorrow. Day off, so I get a long weekend every weekend *grins*)


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