Mar. 18th, 2009 09:58 am
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Blizzard is blizzardy.... O.O

It's been raining/snowing all day today and really, really windy (it broke my umbrella *pouts*. For the longest time it was just rain, but it started snowing heavily about 8pm... and I mean really heavily with lots of wind.

I got home about 9pm and 20 minutes later my power dropped out. Thankfully I have about 100 tea candles, three larger candles (I think they were originally meant to be placed on graves, but I grabbed them from the graveyard isle to use in case of black-outs), and two apple/cinnamon scented candles. I managed to feel around to find the lighter and one of the candles so that I had at least some light and then proceeded to light roughly half the tea lights and all the big candles so that I had enough light in the living room to read by if I got desperate, and enough light in the bathroom to shower by.

The power stayed out until about midnight and it's been dropping in and out since. I've just kept the candles burning. I learnt my lesson the first time after I blew the candles out only to have myself plunged back into darkness 5 minutes later. To date I think it's dropped out 4, maybe 5 times. It's frustrating.

I think the snow's about ankle depth right now... which is just O.O when you consider that the snow was pretty much melted when I woke up this morning.

.... that is some really strong wind O.O

I have decided I don't like blizzards.


Mar. 8th, 2009 07:31 am
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Just gah!

So, my boss likes dumping a shitload of stuff on us at the last minute and stressing us out competely.

We did the bloody syllabus for all of our classes back in November, but because there's this lady coming from Kratorium for three days from the 10th she wants us to redo them way more in-depth.

This would be fine if she'd given us more than a weeks warning! Seriously, we don't get time to do this stuff during the week so we have to try and cram it into the weekend at some point between exam and essay marking and, you know, trying to have a life. Normally I'd be fine 'cause I'm supposed to have Fridays off as well, but for the last three weeks she's come up with excuses (some viable, some not) so that I've had to take Group F (who she knows I despise). (Normally I only see them once a week. I'm seriously ready to strangle them) So, I haven't had my normal Friday off in nearly a month. Okay, great, I get more money out of it (I'm trying to save up for Paris here), but I'm so close to throwing something heavy (preferably a bi-lingual dictionary or two) at some of them.

Example: There's one girl in the class who thinks she's ever so clever. I'll spend 10-15 minutes trying to explain a word or a concept to the class. The class will get it and we'll move on. She'll wait about 5 minutes and then ask me "Sheena, what's (insert word or concept I've just finished explaining) mean?" so that I have to try and explain it again. Then she'll smirk and go "Joking!"

Also, I'm starting to hate my name. I'm not kidding. It's just how this group (mainly the girls) say it. Shi-na~a~ah with a whine added to the 'a' sound while they go up and down the scales *shudders*.

Right, back to what my boss has dumped onto us. We get observed occasionally. We were, aparently, supposed to fill out paperwork after we'd been observed. I'm fine 'cause I've only had her come in once and that was last week, but Agnes' was back in December. We just got given the paperwork on Wendesday and she wants it back by Monday. She couldn't have given us this stuff the day of our observation class why?

She also wants in depth lesson plans (as in step by bloody step) for whatever class this lady is coming to watch (She's watching Group I for me.*scowls* Not exactly my best behaved class) I despise having to do these 'cause they take me three or four hours to do. And guess what day she wants it back by... yep, Monday.

Add on the marking that I'm supposed to be doing and you get one stressed out Sheena.

Also, I can't even walk on flat ground here when it's been snowing. I damn near broke my wrist this week walking to work. It had been raining and then the temperature dropped suddenly and the rain froze on top of the snow, then it snowed, rained again, froze, snowed... I didn't realise what I was walking on was slippery and up went my legs over my head. I came down really hard on my right wrist. Seriously thought I'd broken it for a minute or two it hurt that much. It's okay, a bit sore and bruised, but nothing's broken.

Now for some fun stuff ^____^.

Group C (the little kids 7-9 year olds) called me a cannibal the other day because I eat Kangaroo.

Zuzanna: Sheena Cannibal!
Me: What? Me?
Zuzanna: Yes! Eat Kangaroo! Cannibal!
Me: No, I'm not! Cannibals eat people. Cannibals eat *starts pointing to different students* you, and him, and him, and her, and her, and me.
Mateusz: *slides down in his seat until all I can see is the very top of his head. Picks up his ruler and starts waving it about like some sort of demented swordsman* Cannibals no eat Mateusz! Yes, eat Bartosz 2!! *waves his ruler-cum-sword about some more*
Bartosz 2: *looking confused* What?

That class is always good for a laugh. They say the strangest things sometimes.
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So, I did something new on Friday night. I went sleigh riding through the Polish forest in -11C weather with a thick layer of snow all around. Cold as all get-go, but I had an absolute ball! And it was a relatively clear night so the stars were out and all shiny (except when we went through patches of fog).

I finally understand Jingle Bells. The horses had bells on their harnesses.

Woke up Friday morning to my mobile ringing. Agnes was calling me to ask if I wanted to go sleigh riding that night followed by a bonfire dinner. This is the sort of experience I'll never be able to get in Australia (I've done the 12 oxen cart thingy at the Petrie markets back home, but we don't really have the weather for sleighs). Of course I said "Hell yes!".

After work (I don't usually work on Fridays, but my boss asked me to work for her this Friday) we dashed back to her place to pick up her husband and then drove out to the forest (don't ask me where. It was dark and everything looks the same in the snow). It took us a while to find the place, but in the end we found it (the sleigh kinda was a dead giveaway). It was this old Polish farm which looked really really cool, especially in the snow (I have pictures, but there was a lot of moisture in the air so the flash kinda reflected off it a bit), but that place was amazing! If I had to describe it in one word I'd probably use the word 'rustic'.

The sleigh was big enough to fit 10 people in it comfortably and it was made of wood. No-one really spoke English except for Agnes and her hubby (some of the women were able to go "Sheena! Dance with us!" but that's about it). There were a few Ukranians (who spoke Polish) and the rest were Polish.

So, into the sleigh we get and off we go. It doesn't take long for them to break out the shot glasses and the vodka. They start passing the glasses around and doing vodka shots while we're going through the forest. I seemed to be a favourite victim of theirs. I've discovered that I don't really like normal, straight vodka (that stuff burns on the way down! They thought it was funny when I started coughing after my first shot), but they had this honey vodka there which was very nice.

Every now and then the driver would stop, give a little chat about where we were and give them time to do a round of shots without the bouncing of the sleigh. They handed the driver a can of beer at one point and it was quite odd to see him driving with one hand and drinking in the other. Another time they handed him a vodka shot.

The forest at night in the middle of winter is magic! Snow is clinging to everything and just looks amazing! Our only real light was the stars and these two flame torch thingies that the driver had the guys at the back of the sleigh hold.

The most interesting thing was going under branches just as they decided to dump their load of snow *laughs*. Snow cold! Thankfully there some of the people had bought blankets that they spread out over the laps of everyone. I'm greatful for those, I don't think I would've enjoyed it nearly as much without the warmth of the blankets.

About halfway through the sleigh ride the driver stops at this little pub/shop in the middle of the forest! (seriously, there was nothing else for miles around!). All the women made a beeline for these pipes going along the wall. They were the central heating pipes. We all hugged ourselves to them for the 10 minutes or so we were there. They were warm!

The vodka shots didn't stop when we were at the pub. Oh, no! They bought the bottles of vodka and the shot glasses into the pub with them (and I've a sneaking suspicion that one of them bought another couple of bottles of vodka for later).

Oh, I've never seen horses steam before, but I did that night when they stopped at the pub. Masses of steam just rising off the horses.

One thing I forgot to mention about this trip is the singing. I heard many, many Polish drinking songs on that sleigh ride. Starting from the second we got in. They were constantly singing during that trip *laughs*. They even got me to sing something (the first verse of a sea shanty that I know really well).

We hit a flat bit of land eventually and the driver got the horses up into a run (can't remember the word for it right now) and that was fun!, cold, but fun!

Finally we got back to the farm and we all piled out of the sleigh and watched as they put the horses away in the stables (one of the horses pulling us had a foal and we all got to see it. It was so cute!). The driver showed off the other horses that he had and they were all so big!.

Then it was time for the bonfire. We all trouped across the road to this little hut/tent thing set up in the backyard of the farmhouse. There was a fire and this grill thing hanging from a chain over the fire. We put sausages (and bread) on the grill and lowered it down over the fire to cook ('twas nummy!). The driver bought in a cd player and a cd of Polish pop music and there was a lot of dancing and general silliness going on (especially as the night got later). Yes, the vodka kept coming, too. I seriously think they were playing 'get the Aussie drunk'.

Don't ask me how many shots I had. I lost count after about 6. I know I had a lot.

One of the Ukrainian guys got a little silly and started pole dancing. I kid you not! Swinging himself around the pole and stuff like that (he also, I think, was flirting with me much later. He gave up on it and dragged me out to start dancing. Lots of spinning and twirling). He missed at one point, knocked the last of the sausages and bread off the grill and landed flat on his back about 2 inches from the fire.


It didn't stop him, though, he was up and doing it again.


Another of the Ukrainian guys came up, did the whole vodka shot thing with me, the scooped me up bridal style and spun me around a couple of times....

..Yeah, I haven't quite figured what that was all about yet.

About this point the girls were going "Sheena, come dance with us!". Dancing involved going round and round the fire holding hands with everyone else in time to the music (there was a lot of shrieking and laughing going on). Then, when there was only four of us left, they linked arms and just started bopping from side to side while standing in place (also in time to the music. *bop to the left for four counts. Hold. Bop to the right for four counts. Hold. Repeat*

I had fun! I couldn't understand a word of what was going on around me but they didn't ignore me. They made sure that they included me in everything and made sure I felt like I was a part of what was going on *grins* Even if they did try to get me drunk.

The world was doing interesting spinning things by the time I got home. I don't really remember getting into bed, but I found a trail of clothes leading from the front door to my bed when I woke up the next morning. I was sleeping wrong way around, using the doona as my pillow while my feet were stuffed under my actual pillow. I woke up about 7am and the world was still spinning so I went back to sleep until about 2pm (probably slept through the worst of my hangover, too).

Miracle of miracles, I actually remembered to lock my door!

Oh, and I reeked of wood smoke. At first I thought my headache was from the vodka, but after drinking a gallon of water and eating breakfast it was still there. I had a headache for most of the day. Panadol and ibuprofen wouldn't shift it. By the time night rolled around I thought it might be from lack of food, but food didn't shift it. You know what did? A shower. I think the woodsmoke was giving me the headache 'cause as soon as the smell was out of my hair the headache went away.

But that was my Friday night ^__^
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Okay, I totally embarrassed myself walking across to the shops today. I keep forgetting not to walk on snow that's been walked over countless times by hundreds of people.

It is of the slippery.

Now, normally they sand the snow (which is literally getting handfuls of sand/dirt/gritty stuff and scattering it across wherever people are going to walk). This seems to stop people from stacking it for the most part. Some wonderful person forgot to sand the walkway out the front of RAST today. It snowed last night and people have been walking across it all day. It's on a slope, too.

Cue Sheena's feet skidding out from underneath her suddenly, legs going flying up over her head, landing hard on her arse (and hands slamming hard down onto the snow/pavement/ice) and sliding about 2m down the walkway.


My arse hurts right now. I bet there's a bruise.

At least I didn't smack my head on the concrete. That would've really hurt.

In other news I got out of the house and the town for a bit yesterday. I hopped a bus to Olsztyn. I didn't really do much as there's nothing really on at the cinemas that I want to see so I just wandered around my usual haunts for a while and had lunch at KFC at about 1pm and then caught a bus back to Mragowo. Nothing really exciting but it was great to get out for a while. I haven't been further than the store (which is across the road) in about 2 1/2 weeks!

I also did a couple of things in Mragowo before I headed back to the flat. First off a quick visit to Rossman for essentials like shampoo, conditioner (RAST doesn't stock the one that I use), deoderant, a scented candle to burn in the flat, and a small, cheap travel hair dryer (19zl. I finally decided that sitting up until all hours waiting for my hair to dry was a bad idea after washing my hair on Sunday night and then having troubles keeping my eyes open while waiting for my hair to dry).

I did something to my right calf while I was out. Probably pulled something when I was racing to get to the bus yesterday morning. Or on the footpaths in Olsztyn or Mragowo. Walking in Poland is hazardous sometimes.

Sheena is currently slow and gimpy when she walks *pulls a face*

I was exhausted by the time I got home. Energy levels still aren't up to where they were before I got sick. It's probably going to take me a while to get back to where I was before that happend. I'm still walking much slower than I used to as well. Walking fast makes me cough. My legs were aching like you wouldn't believe, too.

I might go and see Valkyrie on Saturday. I'm not much of a Tom Cruise fan, but it's about a plot that actually happened about 20minutes away from me in the next town across; Ketzryn (Okay, it's a little bit out of Ketzryn, but you can base yourself there and visit). Yep, I live near the Wolf's Lair. I'm going to go and visit it when it warms up a little bit. I'll take pictures.

*Checks movie timetable* Er, Nope. Scratch that. The only thing playing on Saturday is some sort of 3D thing for Valentines day. No thanks. As I neither have a boyfriend or speak Polish I'll stay home. I'll see it Friday next week instead.

Also, I have some more Rome pictures up in my online photo album: (LOOKIT THE PICCIES!!!)

Also, I really need to keep away from Amazon.com *laughs*. I went and bought myself three things: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull paperback novel, Transformers Movie Sequel: Reign of Starscream, and Transformers Movie Prequel: Saga of the Allspark.

I really, really wanted to get Alliance and Defiance (Ratchet = FTW!!!! <3. Fannon grouchy Ratchet now appears to be Canon *grins*), but they're part of a series and I'd rather wait until all of them are out and get them together in one book like I am with Reign of Starscream.

*EDIT* I swear, it sounds like my neighbours (the ones above me) have got hold of a pogo stick and are currently bouncing about on it indoors.

Oooh... and did you know they're making a Thundercats movie?! It's due out next year and it's going to be CGI.

Also, they're going to make another Phantom (as in Ghost Who Walks, not creepy guy in a half mask with a heroine that I just want to slap) movie! *squees and bounces*. Okay, the first one wasn't the greatest movie ever, but they made most of it in my home town (Brisbane and also at Movieworld on the Gold Coast) so I love sitting there and spotting all the places that are familiar to me. Also, it's Phantom! I loved that comic book! It used to be the one comic book that I'd collect as a kid.
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...the more I think the Poles are nuts!

More on that statement later.

So, Merry Chrismtas, Happy New Year, all that sort of stuff.

So, what did Sheena get up to on her Christmas break.

Quite a bit, actually )

Oh, the weather's also warmed up. It's currently -15C

Wanna see what it looks like here right now? Here's a pic for you:

Keep in mind that it snowed for another 12 hours after this photo was taken.
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Please to be stop snowing now. You have been doing so for the last 5 HOURS!!!!! I wants to go outside and take pictures of the frozen lakes *pouts*. kthnxbai!


The supremely chicken.

can you tell I grew up in a country where it doesn't really snow? The locals are running around in it no problems at all but I'm going "AAAAAH!!! SNOW!!!!! *hides in her flat*"

Screw it. I'm going out. Wish me luck

*EDIT the second* Holy crap IT'S COLD OUT THERE!!!!!!!

So, pictures I wanted to take have been taken. I even got a couple of people walking on the frozen lake. I wanted to do that myself, but decided to wait until Agnes got back and drag her with me (saftey in numbers and all that). Even the really big lake has frozen over pretty much completely! Nothing really froze here last year so I'd say it's safe to assume that it's colder this year than last year.

Oh, I can't feel either my legs or my face right now ^____^. I'll play with those pictures later (after I do some of that marking I was suppose to do earlier in the week) and then post the good ones up for you. I'm about to run across to the shops, grab some essentials, and then come back here where it's warm.

P.S. It's still snowing.


Jan. 9th, 2008 10:26 am
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I am Holland bound next week. I'll let you know more later, but I just booked my flights (it only took me 4 HOURS!!! *scowl*)for my winter break. I'm going to go exploring the country my father's family came from. 

Let you know more later!


Melting snow is slushy/icky!!! I fell over in it this afternoon *is embarrased*
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Hey all!
Yes, I know it's been a while, but things have been CRAZY here!
So, it started snowing last month. I must've looked so strange running out and trying to catch snowflakes when I was dressed in probably the least warmest clothing I owned LOL! It melted, but it's  snowed a few times since and the last snowfall we had was really big (it's currently  in the process of melting again).
I had my first ever snowball fight on Thursday. My 'H' group students (11-12 years old). I'd promised  them that the first decent snowfall that we'd go and and pelt eachother with snowballs. They had a test on Thursday and I've been pushing them pretty hard. So, after the test we went out and pelted eachother with snowballs for 15 minutes.It was quite fun watching them trying to formulate attacks in English. Not quite so fun when they ganged up on me, but, hey, they had fun and I had fun so that's all that matters! Now they're trying to talk me into making a massive snowman. I've told them not right now. I'll wait a little while longer before I do something like that with them again ^__^.
Apart from that it's been pretty much work, come home, cook, sleep, plan lessons, cook, work, come home... you get the idea.
Oh, and the sun sets  at freakin' 3:30pm!!!! And, before this week, the sun hadn't  been out in AGES!!! Most of the time it's cold and foggy (or a 'Scottish Mist' as I've heard it called).
I went out tonight. First time I've been out since I got here. I went bar hopping with Agnes...well, a really laid back bar hopping, anyway. We didn't go to that many bars. We were going to go to the Jazz Club but they had some function on so we ended up at this little cottage bar thingy just across the road. Agnes ordered the drinks (as my Polish is next to non-existant. I can say about 10 random words and 2 phrases now). Apparently she told the barmaid that she wanted 'Girly Drinks'. It worked 'cause she came out with these fancy glasses and a drink that tasted like a Tolblerone. After that we got into a taxi and made our way to the bar her fiancee was at. They had pool tables there and I learnt how to play pool ^___^. I won my first game...lost the  rest (but  I did give one guy a run for his money. I was loosing badly and then came from behind and nearly won!). I tried this apple beer, too,which was REALLY nice.
So, tomorrow is probably going to be spent grocery shopping (MCH is closed for some strange reason so I've got to walk 15 minutes to the next shop and get my stuff there), cleaning, and marking the obscenely large pile of test papers that's sitting on my desk.
Next weekend I'm going christmas shopping in Olsztyn.
Oh, and I'm in the process of planning what I'm going to do for winter break. I'll let you know when I've got a better idea.


Nov. 7th, 2007 07:04 am
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It's SNOWING!!!!!!

I thought the rain was being funky and floating this afternoon!


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