Jan. 12th, 2010 12:47 am
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I do believe our wet season (our very, very late wet season!) is finally here. It pissed torrential buckets of the Noah-get-your-ark variety all night last night. Seriously heavy! I wake up this morning to find that the roads are cut off. We can't get past Babinda (which is about an hour down the road from me).

You know what this means?

Supplies in by boat unless the rivers go down soon. Joy. Let us watch the price of food and other commodities skyrocket, shall we?

It is good to see the rain though. We need it.

In other news I introduced Dave to Kenshin and Fushigi last night *grins. He was curious about what Anime was so asked a lady he knew to lend him some (she supplies dvd's to quite a few people around here). She gave him some.




It was porn.

He was all WTF?! and trying to work out if I had some hidden dark side/kink that I watched this sort of stuff (I've a sneaking suspicion that tentacles were involved in this thing at some point). *laughs*.

It took me a while to explain the different types of anime and that there were subsections within subsections, but I think he's finally got it. He actually wants to buy Kenshin and some more anime for himself.

Of course, he's not gonna brave JB's anime section by himself. I have to go in and explain the different ones to him. Should be fun ^___^.

His reaction to the Nuriko Bomshell was classic!!! We only got up to episode 6, so no intro's to Chichiri or Tasuki (I have a feeling he would've loved Tasuki).

Overall, he was impressed with the artwork in both the series and the fact that there was a discernable storyline linking the whole thing together. He was expecting something more along the lines of South Park or the like I think.

Dave: "You know, I can't really call this a cartoon, 'cause it's not. It's not like anything I was expecting"
Me: "Why do you think I always differenciate between cartoons and anime?"
Dave: "It's more like... a tv show that's been animated"

Huston, I think we have an anime convert. My work is done ^___^

Of course, I've decided that it's going to be a very long time before I introduce him to fanfiction and some of the stuff that goes on in that...

One last thing. I've noticed something in Nu!Trek fanfic that's starting to irk me. They're making Kirk severly allergic (as in anaphylactic, or however you spell that, shock) to literally everything! *eyeroll*. Logically speaking, if there were a person like that, would Starfleet really run the risk of putting someone with that type of medical history in charge of their flag ship?

I don't think so.

I can understand an allergy to a couple of things (as there is canon basis from that scene in the new movie for him being severely allergic to something in that mudflea virus), but everything?


Oct. 30th, 2009 09:35 pm
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.... I'm still employed. It was decided at the 11th hour today that I shall be going back to work for at least Monday, so I've got at least one more day of work.

Of course, I'd told all of my students that today was my last day today...well, I told them that there was an 80% chance that today was my last day, and they might see me on Monday. I did comment as a few of them made sure to get pictures taken with me that, knowing my luck, now that they've done the whole 'Take your picture with your teacher' thing that I'd be there on Monday *laughs*

I'm going to walk in on Monday and cry "They lied to me!!! I'm still here!" as dramatically as I can.

I did manage to catch a couple of the students as I was leaving for the day to tell them the good news. They all seemed pretty happy/relieved that I was going to be there next week (I do think I heard the Korean equivalent of "Oh, thank god!" from one of them).

None of them are very happy with the uncertainty that I've been going through with my job for the last few weeks. Some of them were actually quite vocal about it (I had to haul Pierre, the French guy, up for swearing quite colourfully).

I also have some other news. Remember my minor freak out about my wisdom teeth?


Well, I went to the dentist on Tuesday. He gave me a check-up ("Beautiful teeth. Don't let any other dentist tell you what to do with your teeth. Whatever you're doing, you're doing it right!") and sent me to the private hospital on Lake St. for x-rays...and did that bring back memories of my orthodontist or what!

This being the same orthodontist that I actually bit (I did warn him!)

So, I went for x-rays, drove back (well, Mum drove me back. I can't drive) and gave him the x-rays to look at. He said he'd give them a thorough looking over and ring me back with what he wanted to do. There were going to be three possibilities.

1) Do nothing as the x-rays would show (if I was lucky) that, while my teeth were growing out wonky, there were no problems under the gums.
2) Have one pulled out at the dentists.
3) Discover that there were problems with three or more of the teeth. This would mean surgery.

I was hoping for option 1, but wasn't really holding out much hope for it. It must've showed on my face this week 'cause Katherine (noisy little French lady at work) kept asking me what was wrong and if I was all right.

The thought of loosing time to anasthetic and to willingly let someone at me with a knife while I'm unaware.... terrifies me. A lot more than I thought it would.

I got a phone call from Mum on Thursday, lunch time....

NO SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While the teeth are coming up wonky, there's absolutely nothing wrong underneath the gums. He'd rather leave them alone if they're not causing me pain, than yank the buggers.

That is such a relief off my mind. It's also a relief on my bank account. That would've been $1500 - $2000 that I didn't have.

In other news, my hair's been cut and dyed red again. I really should take a picture of it and post it, so everyone can see it.

Also, if anyone uses PowerDVD on their computer to watch movies and has Windows Vista... be warned. One of the newest update thingies stops PowerDVD from working, as I just discovered this evening. I spent a good hour uninstalling and re-installing iTunes thinking that was the problem. It was the last thing I installed on my laptop. When that didn't work I played with a couple of other programs... none of that worked.

Bloody Windows!

I have now bought myself the upgrate to PowerDVD9 (which plays Blu-Ray!!!). It's currently downloading at a snail's pace (127mb, it's done 32mb and I've still got 3hrs 10mins left). Slow download is slow!

So, the reason I discovered this little...flaw... I got myself Star Trek today. I was gonna screencap the gag reel to make icons. This shall have to wait until the upgrade is downloaded and installed.

I'll do Revenge of the Fallen ' soon as it actually gets released in Australia. We don't get it here until Nov 5 *sighs

I'm off to go and stare at my download,'s worse than watching paint dry after painting yourself into a corner...

actually, just had a thought. I've got a lot of screencaps nicked from the net of the old tv series The Sentinel. Might do some icons of that while I'm waiting.
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Hey all!

Yeah, yeah, I know, long time no post.

Life has been going, neither good or bad (although work could be drying up for a bit soon :( as the busy season is slowing down). We're currently going through Hell Week again (ISR's and exams, though it's going easier this time around than it did last time, thank god!).

I got my laptop back from the shop a week or so ago. There wasn't a single sign of ants so the bait must've worked and they all cleared out w00t! I finally had a chance to turn it on today. Man it's weird to be looking at a big screen again! (I've been using my little mini one).

Oh, I joined a gym. It's all female and I've been going three times a week for the last couple of weeks. It seems to be working. I've got more energy than I did and students and teachers that haven't seen me for a while are commenting that I'm looking slimmer than I have been. ^____________^. I tried on a couple of things that were a bit (and some really) tight this afternoon and they fit!!!!

Spent the weekend hobbling around the house. Note: Glass candle holders, especially the big ones, are not meant to be stopped by your foot when you drop them on the floor. *winces*. I've got a lovely bruise on my foot and it hurt to walk for a while there. Mum and I weren't sure if I'd actually broken anything or not for a few hours. Iceing it immediately seems to have worked.

My iPod charging unit (el-cheapo that it was) died on me last night and I was not happy!. Had to go out today to buy a new, more expensive, recognisable brand one (Belkin). It's working quite well now ^__^ and I have a charged iPod again (nearly ran out of charge halfway to work. That wouldn't have been of the good!)

Oh, and while I was at JB picking up a new charging unit guess what I spotted in the Soundtrack section..... Star Trek:2009 score.

SCORE!!!!!! *massive grin* I've only been trying to track that down since it came out in early May!. I was about to order it on Amazon.

Oh!Oh!Oh!Oh! Guess what, guess what, guess what?!

Our DVD player finally died after 6-7 years of use. (I know, I know, I shouldn't be that happy about that but I am and there is a reason). Mum and I went out looking for a new one, or at least pricing a new one, the other day. We went into JB and I basically told the guy that there had to be one requirement and one requirement only....

Multi-regional (as region codes on DVD's suck great, big, hairy donkey's balls!).

$77au later (and one rather shocked 'JB Tech-guru' later... I out geeked the geek when it came to player specs and stuff like that) we walked away with a Toshiba DVD player that the guy swore up and down had a little orange card in there with instructions on how to turn the region 4 player into a multi-region.

He wasn't lying.


We has a multi-regional DVD player. I can finally buy those DVD series that I want (*cough*The Sentinel*cough*) that have been released for years in the US and still aren't released here!

In other news, I'm still not sure if Dave and I are actually an item or not. We're going to the movies on Wednesday evening (I think, *crosses fingers that scheduals finally line up*).

I think that's all my news... I think.....

Oh, bought myself another 12mths of paid lj-time. It was due to run out some time this week.


Mar. 15th, 2009 09:34 am
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So the last couple of post have been me bitching and moaning about my boss. It's time you got me fangirling ^_____^

New Star Trek trailer. This movie looks good!!!!

Hit the HQ button to see it in amazing quality.

May 8... I'll still be here *pouts*. Oh, well, at least there's a cinema in Olsztyn.
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Right, so I was about to head to bed when I thought "Hey, isn't Star Trek supposed to be coming out at Christmas???". So, I did a quick swing by Youtube to see if I couldn't find the trailer and Jackpot. One full-length, non-teaser trailer *bouncy*bouncy*bouncy*

And before you all start going "Wait! Hang on a second, I thought she was a Star Wars fan..." I have a bit of a confession to make...

... I'm a huge fan of both.

*Queue horrified gasps from the Star Wars and Star Trek camps*

I grew up in a household that adored all things sci-fi. I love Star Trek, and we, being my mother and I (I blame my mother for most of my Sci-fi fannishness, my adoration of Harrison Ford and Sean Connery, a love of James Bond, and the absolute adoration of Indiana Jones. She introduced me to pretty much all of it) would watch all the Star Trek movies whenever they were on TV, and we'd never miss an episode. We even giggled our way through TOS Cartoon. Same with Star Wars, if it was on TV then we'd watch it (until they got me the box set for my birthday one year...and then they started getting me the Star Trek videos... see, this was before DVD's became mainstream). I can remember the very first episode of TNG showing on TV. I was allowed to stay up late for it. They showed the pilot of the original series and everything!

Actually, I can pretty much trace back most of my sci-fi fannish ways to my mother (to the point of the stuff she used to let me watch when I was a toddler... Transformers, for example).

I got my revenge by hooking her on Stargate years later (to the point that we'll put a disc on and before we know it we've watched an entire box and the day is pretty much over. We're left blinking and wondering a) where'd the rest of the box go? and b) where'd the day go?) *grins evilly*

... I can blame my Dad for the love of Fantasy, though. And Tolkien. My dog-earred, beaten, and much read copy of the Hobbit, and my old, beaten up copies of the LOTR trilogy used to belong to him (used to, because I stoleded them! Muwahahahahahahahahaha!).

But anyway, I'm digressing (bad habit, sorry!). The awesomeness that is Star Trek. For it is awesome in so many ways!

I have now seen the trailer (small Youtube trailer, but I've seen it).The first few seconds of it had me going WTF?! I thought I'd been had, but no. It's the real trailer! 'twas a little jarring at first, 'cause that's not Shattner or Nimoy, or any of the old crew, but... I got used to it pretty quick. It looks interesting and I cannot wait for it to come out in theatres. It looks shiny! (literally. The inside of the Enterprise is literally shiny)...and it has not one, but two Antipodeans. Karl Urban as McCoy, and Eric Bana as some guy/alien-with-pointed-ears (Romulan?) called Nero.

Unfortunately we now have to wait until May 08 *boo!hiss!*, but oh well. I was looking forward to seeing it when I was in Amsterdam for Christmas (visiting my Uncle from the 21st-28th. Should be interesting as his English is... not so great. It's improved over the years I've known him!).

Right, so. Trailer. I shall shove it under the cut so those of you that haven't seen it and want to watch it can watch it.

Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence! - Leonard McCoy )


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