Oct. 19th, 2009 07:21 pm
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Note to self: When handling the doors at work near the balcony steps DO NOT hold on while going through the door. You will hurt yourself.

I damn near broke my hand going through the door at work today. It got caught between the door handle and the door as I was going through. OUCH!!! I've got this lovely lump and massive red mark on my hand right now. It also hurts like you wouldn't believe. It's not broken, just really, really sore at the moment. Unfortunately, I couldn't stop and head back to the staffroom for ice or I would've been late for class, so I had to keep going. I'm just glad that I had a cold can of coke in my hand to hold against it.

In other news (and this is very good news indeed), it rained today.
No, wait, let me correct that. It rained heavily.... no... still not descriptive enough....

... It pissed torrential buckets while the students flailed in panic and went looking for the nearest Ark, or perhaps a row-boat. One can never be too sure with the language barrier.

*nods in satisfaction* Yes, that's better. Much more descriptive.

And yes, one student did ask me, in all innocence, whether we will have crocodiles in the street when it starts to flood. Once I stopped laughing I had to tell them "No" (although I was highly tempted to string them along for a while. I'm not evil, really I'm not).

I really was tempted to say otherwise, though....No... bad Sheena!

Some of the other students bitched and moaned about how the rain was going to ruin their holidays... Well, I had news for them and none of it was good. We need that rain. The farmers up here have started buying hay for their animals to eat 'cause there's just no decent grass anymore. That's unheard of up here! The ground's not green, it's dusty and brown.

Also, gotta love the banter in the teacher's office. Katherine (loud,exhuberant, tiny, little French lady that teaches IELTS) had to get to the bus and didn't have an umbrella, so she grabbed the paper and went to make a run for it. Everyone thought she'd grabbed today's paper.

Chris: She would grab today's bloody paper, wouldn't she.
DoS: *poking his head out of his office* Did she take today's paper?
Jeanette: We've got a pile of newspapers down here... why'd she grab todays?!
Katherine: *running back in full tilt* Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit! I forgot something. I'M GOING TO MISS MY BUS!!!!
DoS: *to Katherine as she runs past his door* Could you leave us today's paper, please?
Katherine: Oh, shut up, you idiot! It's yesterdays!
DoS: *Mischievious smirk* Why'd you grab yesterday's. I haven't read that one, either.
Katherine: I grabbed it because it's the biggest. *Flings the paper about dramatically* I hate you all! I'm leaving and there's nothing you can do about it *laughs maniacally and flees the room*

Never a quite moment with Katherine in the staff room...and I mean that literally. She's just so... loud!

And over the top.

And did I mention she's loud? And, well... loud. Very, very, very loud. Words cannot express how loud she is.

Oh, and my afternoon class... they were trying to talk me into yodelling as I actually know how.

No. Way. In. Hell.

And one of my students was wearing a Thundercats T-shirt. He just about fell over when I squeeled at it and cried "Thundercats!" Aparently hardly anyone where he's from (Germany, I think) has heard of them. We had quite a good conversation about them *grins* and he gave me a website addy that sells Thundercat T-shirts etc.


I forgot to mention. I have to go to the dentish. I've got a bit of a sore gum on the right hand bottom side. Managed to check it out in the mirror today. I have a tooth growing out the side of my gum.

Let me re-iterate that. There is a tooth growing out the side of my gum!! The side of it! As in, side on! Facing the cheek! Not the right way up! That's just wrong, and all kinds of painful!
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Okay, I totally embarrassed myself walking across to the shops today. I keep forgetting not to walk on snow that's been walked over countless times by hundreds of people.

It is of the slippery.

Now, normally they sand the snow (which is literally getting handfuls of sand/dirt/gritty stuff and scattering it across wherever people are going to walk). This seems to stop people from stacking it for the most part. Some wonderful person forgot to sand the walkway out the front of RAST today. It snowed last night and people have been walking across it all day. It's on a slope, too.

Cue Sheena's feet skidding out from underneath her suddenly, legs going flying up over her head, landing hard on her arse (and hands slamming hard down onto the snow/pavement/ice) and sliding about 2m down the walkway.


My arse hurts right now. I bet there's a bruise.

At least I didn't smack my head on the concrete. That would've really hurt.

In other news I got out of the house and the town for a bit yesterday. I hopped a bus to Olsztyn. I didn't really do much as there's nothing really on at the cinemas that I want to see so I just wandered around my usual haunts for a while and had lunch at KFC at about 1pm and then caught a bus back to Mragowo. Nothing really exciting but it was great to get out for a while. I haven't been further than the store (which is across the road) in about 2 1/2 weeks!

I also did a couple of things in Mragowo before I headed back to the flat. First off a quick visit to Rossman for essentials like shampoo, conditioner (RAST doesn't stock the one that I use), deoderant, a scented candle to burn in the flat, and a small, cheap travel hair dryer (19zl. I finally decided that sitting up until all hours waiting for my hair to dry was a bad idea after washing my hair on Sunday night and then having troubles keeping my eyes open while waiting for my hair to dry).

I did something to my right calf while I was out. Probably pulled something when I was racing to get to the bus yesterday morning. Or on the footpaths in Olsztyn or Mragowo. Walking in Poland is hazardous sometimes.

Sheena is currently slow and gimpy when she walks *pulls a face*

I was exhausted by the time I got home. Energy levels still aren't up to where they were before I got sick. It's probably going to take me a while to get back to where I was before that happend. I'm still walking much slower than I used to as well. Walking fast makes me cough. My legs were aching like you wouldn't believe, too.

I might go and see Valkyrie on Saturday. I'm not much of a Tom Cruise fan, but it's about a plot that actually happened about 20minutes away from me in the next town across; Ketzryn (Okay, it's a little bit out of Ketzryn, but you can base yourself there and visit). Yep, I live near the Wolf's Lair. I'm going to go and visit it when it warms up a little bit. I'll take pictures.

*Checks movie timetable* Er, Nope. Scratch that. The only thing playing on Saturday is some sort of 3D thing for Valentines day. No thanks. As I neither have a boyfriend or speak Polish I'll stay home. I'll see it Friday next week instead.

Also, I have some more Rome pictures up in my online photo album: (LOOKIT THE PICCIES!!!)

Also, I really need to keep away from Amazon.com *laughs*. I went and bought myself three things: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull paperback novel, Transformers Movie Sequel: Reign of Starscream, and Transformers Movie Prequel: Saga of the Allspark.

I really, really wanted to get Alliance and Defiance (Ratchet = FTW!!!! <3. Fannon grouchy Ratchet now appears to be Canon *grins*), but they're part of a series and I'd rather wait until all of them are out and get them together in one book like I am with Reign of Starscream.

*EDIT* I swear, it sounds like my neighbours (the ones above me) have got hold of a pogo stick and are currently bouncing about on it indoors.

Oooh... and did you know they're making a Thundercats movie?! It's due out next year and it's going to be CGI.

Also, they're going to make another Phantom (as in Ghost Who Walks, not creepy guy in a half mask with a heroine that I just want to slap) movie! *squees and bounces*. Okay, the first one wasn't the greatest movie ever, but they made most of it in my home town (Brisbane and also at Movieworld on the Gold Coast) so I love sitting there and spotting all the places that are familiar to me. Also, it's Phantom! I loved that comic book! It used to be the one comic book that I'd collect as a kid.


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