Feb. 28th, 2011 11:09 pm
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I have started watching Transformers: Prime on Youtube (gotta do something while my hair dries).



....Robot Zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, you read that right, Robot Zombies!!!

Transformers: Prime just became awesome!!!!!

And Ratchet is <3!


In other news, I have a bruise on my right wrist from sword training on Friday night.
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So, we were doing some listening today in class. It was a song by Christina Aguelira (yes, I know I've spelt that wrong). It was a slow song and the singer they had to sing it on the cd...well, they weren't exactly in key.

So, queue me holding up my hand and pretending I had a lighter in it (You know, like what people do at concerts *grins*) to try and help lighten what was a rather painful experience.

Andy, card that his is, decided that we needed a real flame in the classroom, so he dug into his pocket. I expected him to whip out a cigarette lighter and start using that...

...boy was I wrong.

Out comes his iPhone. He plays with it for a second and then holds it up and starts swaying it from side to side. There was an animated, motion sensitive picture of a candle on his screen.

The class lost it.

In other news I still don't know if I'm working next week. I wasn't supposed to be working this week but I got asked on Friday if I could work Monday. Then, I got asked on Monday if I could work the rest of the week. My students are not happy. They've got tests on Monday and they want me there for at least that.

Pierre actually said that he wanted to keep me as his teacher his whole time here... of course, this was after I'd spent 25 minutes trying to explain something to him. He finally got it, but jeez! I whimpered dramatically and pretended to bang my head on the desk when he said that. He just grinned evilly at me.

(also, if he says "But in French we can't say this! one more time, I may just fling him off the balcony. English may borrow a lot of words from French but it is not French!)

Speaking of Pierre... I think there's a romance brewing in my classroom (or at least a casual fling). Motoko (called Moco) came to Australia for one reason and one reason only. To get a boyfriend... You'd be surprised just how many Japanese girls do that. Anyway, she sits next to Pierre. Yes, I know, that's not much to base that sort of assumption on but hear me out. I'll use today as a case point:

Moco wore the shortest bloody summer dress I've ever seen. Seriously, I think it was a singlet top in a previous life. When Pierre came in to class (late, I might add) he scaned the room and then makes a beeline for Moco. When they were doing pair work together she was practically laying across the table and giving him a wonderful view of her bra and down her chest. Pierre was taking every advantage with that.

Yes, that could just be Pierre being male but let me continue.

The general behaviour between the two of them can be narrowed down to "Extreme Flirting" (Honestly, if flirting was an Olympic sport, they'd take out the gold). I'm the first to admit that I wouldn't be able to recognise when someone's flirting with me if they smacked me upside the head with a clue-by-four, but even I can recognise this as flirting! They're always together (and arranging themselves just so when they're talking to each other) at school. Wherever Moco goes Pierre is sure to be....slight shades of Mary Had a Little Lamb there, sorry about that. Couldn't resist.

I find it all quite hilarious! I've been watching this all last and this week with great amusement and interest.

That's one thing I'm definately going to miss if I'm not working next week. I'll have to find something else to amuse myself with.

Oh, in other news Revenge of the Fallen came out on Dvd here in Australia today. I got myself a copy *grins*. Lennox dumping Galloway out of the plane has already been screencapped! Icons shall be forthcoming.

I also found the two easter eggs. One of them is a blooper (Josh Duhamel, the guy who plays Lennox, stacking it during his 'Hero' moment in the desert right before Sam dies...they were only supposed to do one take on that) and the other one is a montage of the many takes it took to get Mojo to hump Franky *eyeroll*. It's voiced over by whoever did Wheelie.


Oct. 30th, 2009 09:35 pm
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.... I'm still employed. It was decided at the 11th hour today that I shall be going back to work for at least Monday, so I've got at least one more day of work.

Of course, I'd told all of my students that today was my last day today...well, I told them that there was an 80% chance that today was my last day, and they might see me on Monday. I did comment as a few of them made sure to get pictures taken with me that, knowing my luck, now that they've done the whole 'Take your picture with your teacher' thing that I'd be there on Monday *laughs*

I'm going to walk in on Monday and cry "They lied to me!!! I'm still here!" as dramatically as I can.

I did manage to catch a couple of the students as I was leaving for the day to tell them the good news. They all seemed pretty happy/relieved that I was going to be there next week (I do think I heard the Korean equivalent of "Oh, thank god!" from one of them).

None of them are very happy with the uncertainty that I've been going through with my job for the last few weeks. Some of them were actually quite vocal about it (I had to haul Pierre, the French guy, up for swearing quite colourfully).

I also have some other news. Remember my minor freak out about my wisdom teeth?


Well, I went to the dentist on Tuesday. He gave me a check-up ("Beautiful teeth. Don't let any other dentist tell you what to do with your teeth. Whatever you're doing, you're doing it right!") and sent me to the private hospital on Lake St. for x-rays...and did that bring back memories of my orthodontist or what!

This being the same orthodontist that I actually bit (I did warn him!)

So, I went for x-rays, drove back (well, Mum drove me back. I can't drive) and gave him the x-rays to look at. He said he'd give them a thorough looking over and ring me back with what he wanted to do. There were going to be three possibilities.

1) Do nothing as the x-rays would show (if I was lucky) that, while my teeth were growing out wonky, there were no problems under the gums.
2) Have one pulled out at the dentists.
3) Discover that there were problems with three or more of the teeth. This would mean surgery.

I was hoping for option 1, but wasn't really holding out much hope for it. It must've showed on my face this week 'cause Katherine (noisy little French lady at work) kept asking me what was wrong and if I was all right.

The thought of loosing time to anasthetic and to willingly let someone at me with a knife while I'm unaware.... terrifies me. A lot more than I thought it would.

I got a phone call from Mum on Thursday, lunch time....

NO SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While the teeth are coming up wonky, there's absolutely nothing wrong underneath the gums. He'd rather leave them alone if they're not causing me pain, than yank the buggers.

That is such a relief off my mind. It's also a relief on my bank account. That would've been $1500 - $2000 that I didn't have.

In other news, my hair's been cut and dyed red again. I really should take a picture of it and post it, so everyone can see it.

Also, if anyone uses PowerDVD on their computer to watch movies and has Windows Vista... be warned. One of the newest update thingies stops PowerDVD from working, as I just discovered this evening. I spent a good hour uninstalling and re-installing iTunes thinking that was the problem. It was the last thing I installed on my laptop. When that didn't work I played with a couple of other programs... none of that worked.

Bloody Windows!

I have now bought myself the upgrate to PowerDVD9 (which plays Blu-Ray!!!). It's currently downloading at a snail's pace (127mb, it's done 32mb and I've still got 3hrs 10mins left). Slow download is slow!

So, the reason I discovered this little...flaw... I got myself Star Trek today. I was gonna screencap the gag reel to make icons. This shall have to wait until the upgrade is downloaded and installed.

I'll do Revenge of the Fallen 'caps...as soon as it actually gets released in Australia. We don't get it here until Nov 5 *sighs

I'm off to go and stare at my download, downloading...it's worse than watching paint dry after painting yourself into a corner...

actually, just had a thought. I've got a lot of screencaps nicked from the net of the old tv series The Sentinel. Might do some icons of that while I'm waiting.
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The new RotF trailer's out. I took screencaps.

Trailer Caps behind here for those that don't want to see 'em )

I feel...

Feb. 14th, 2009 03:27 am
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very, very accomplished right now.

Why? I'll tell you why! *grins*

Growing up I learnt how to use a vacuum cleaner once I was big enough to actually drag the bloody thing around (and I actually swing a mean vacuum cleaner), but there's one thing that no-one ever taught me: How to change/empty the dust bag. Someone else (usually Mum, or, when I was working at Muffin Break, one of the other girls) would always empty it.

Well, today that all changed. Mum's not here, none of my old workmates are here, and I'm sure Agnes or my boss would absolutely love me if I called them up to ask them how to empty the dust bag on a vacuum cleaner. They'd probably wonder what the heck I was on!

So, I'm cleaning the flat (well, part of it. The living room mainly, which also doubles as my bedroom, the kitchen and a couple of other things), picking up all the rubbish that's accumulated over the semester (during term I just don't get the time to clean. It's work, eat sleep, rinse and repeat). Oh, it's not messy messy, it's just I don't get time to do a serious cleaning so it looks kinda... messy... yeah. I'll just stop that statement ri~ight there and say nothing more. Add on top of that the fact that I've been sick for the last few weeks with little to no energy and you get the idea.

So, all the rubbish was either in the bins or in the recycling and I went and grabbed the vacuum. After tripping the fuses four freaking times! and plunging myself into darkness I finally figured out what I needed to turn off/unplug so that I could use the vacuum (good news is it only took me four minutes of flicking random switches in the fuse box thingy up near my door to work out how to get my electricity back). Laptop, stereo, external hardrive, all of those were unplugged and I cautiously turned the vacuum on for the fifth time to find it working and myself not suddenly thrust back into the dark ages.

About two minutes into vacuuming I realised that there just wasn't any suction happening. There wasn't anything stuck in the pipes so I figured the bag had to be full.

Cue much swearing as I tried to figure exactly where the bag was placed in the vacuum and where the opening was. I found it eventually and got it opened.

I seriously don't think that bag had been emptied in a couple of years. I'm surpised I had any suction at all to be honest.

Getting the bag out didn't actually turn out to be a problem. A bit of swearing, a bit of wiggling promising bits in the vacuum and out comes the bag. There was this little sliding clip at the bottom of the bag which looked like it was holding it closed, so I pulled it off, put the bag inside a bigger garbage bag (and made sure that there was no way any dust would come flying out, made sure I held onto the top of the dust-bag and shook the ever living crap out of if to empty it.

One empty dust-bag was the result... and a crap load of dust/hair/I don't even want to think about it was in the garbage bag. Of course I didn't actually succeed in keeping all the dust out and I'm still sniffling and sneezing from it, but I did it! And I managed to get it back into the vacuum cleaner without any problems at all!

So, I'm feeling very accomplished right now!

I also got out of the house again today. I went out for lunch with Agnes. She finally cashed in her "I owe you a meal of your choice" thing I gave her for her birthday and we had a really nice lunch at Bar Magnus and then wandered around the town for a while. I then came home and did a crap load of cleaning. I'm feeling a little shaky and tired right now, but, hey! The important part of the flat is clean. I still have to do the study/bedroom (not that I actually sleep in there, but it's still a bedroom), but no visitors go in there. I also have to do the bathroom, but that won't take me too long.

Also *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Full length Transformers 2 trailer has been leaked to Youtube!

Trailer!!!! )
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Okay, I totally embarrassed myself walking across to the shops today. I keep forgetting not to walk on snow that's been walked over countless times by hundreds of people.

It is of the slippery.

Now, normally they sand the snow (which is literally getting handfuls of sand/dirt/gritty stuff and scattering it across wherever people are going to walk). This seems to stop people from stacking it for the most part. Some wonderful person forgot to sand the walkway out the front of RAST today. It snowed last night and people have been walking across it all day. It's on a slope, too.

Cue Sheena's feet skidding out from underneath her suddenly, legs going flying up over her head, landing hard on her arse (and hands slamming hard down onto the snow/pavement/ice) and sliding about 2m down the walkway.


My arse hurts right now. I bet there's a bruise.

At least I didn't smack my head on the concrete. That would've really hurt.

In other news I got out of the house and the town for a bit yesterday. I hopped a bus to Olsztyn. I didn't really do much as there's nothing really on at the cinemas that I want to see so I just wandered around my usual haunts for a while and had lunch at KFC at about 1pm and then caught a bus back to Mragowo. Nothing really exciting but it was great to get out for a while. I haven't been further than the store (which is across the road) in about 2 1/2 weeks!

I also did a couple of things in Mragowo before I headed back to the flat. First off a quick visit to Rossman for essentials like shampoo, conditioner (RAST doesn't stock the one that I use), deoderant, a scented candle to burn in the flat, and a small, cheap travel hair dryer (19zl. I finally decided that sitting up until all hours waiting for my hair to dry was a bad idea after washing my hair on Sunday night and then having troubles keeping my eyes open while waiting for my hair to dry).

I did something to my right calf while I was out. Probably pulled something when I was racing to get to the bus yesterday morning. Or on the footpaths in Olsztyn or Mragowo. Walking in Poland is hazardous sometimes.

Sheena is currently slow and gimpy when she walks *pulls a face*

I was exhausted by the time I got home. Energy levels still aren't up to where they were before I got sick. It's probably going to take me a while to get back to where I was before that happend. I'm still walking much slower than I used to as well. Walking fast makes me cough. My legs were aching like you wouldn't believe, too.

I might go and see Valkyrie on Saturday. I'm not much of a Tom Cruise fan, but it's about a plot that actually happened about 20minutes away from me in the next town across; Ketzryn (Okay, it's a little bit out of Ketzryn, but you can base yourself there and visit). Yep, I live near the Wolf's Lair. I'm going to go and visit it when it warms up a little bit. I'll take pictures.

*Checks movie timetable* Er, Nope. Scratch that. The only thing playing on Saturday is some sort of 3D thing for Valentines day. No thanks. As I neither have a boyfriend or speak Polish I'll stay home. I'll see it Friday next week instead.

Also, I have some more Rome pictures up in my online photo album: (LOOKIT THE PICCIES!!!)

Also, I really need to keep away from Amazon.com *laughs*. I went and bought myself three things: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull paperback novel, Transformers Movie Sequel: Reign of Starscream, and Transformers Movie Prequel: Saga of the Allspark.

I really, really wanted to get Alliance and Defiance (Ratchet = FTW!!!! <3. Fannon grouchy Ratchet now appears to be Canon *grins*), but they're part of a series and I'd rather wait until all of them are out and get them together in one book like I am with Reign of Starscream.

*EDIT* I swear, it sounds like my neighbours (the ones above me) have got hold of a pogo stick and are currently bouncing about on it indoors.

Oooh... and did you know they're making a Thundercats movie?! It's due out next year and it's going to be CGI.

Also, they're going to make another Phantom (as in Ghost Who Walks, not creepy guy in a half mask with a heroine that I just want to slap) movie! *squees and bounces*. Okay, the first one wasn't the greatest movie ever, but they made most of it in my home town (Brisbane and also at Movieworld on the Gold Coast) so I love sitting there and spotting all the places that are familiar to me. Also, it's Phantom! I loved that comic book! It used to be the one comic book that I'd collect as a kid.


Jan. 17th, 2009 04:09 am
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I hates report cards, yes I do! They were due in today (and I consequentally spent many nights up to all hours of the morning getting them finished. She didn't give us the stuff to do them until Friday last week), but I got a phone call from Agnes at 10am this morning (after I'd gone to bed at 6am).

Okay, I knew today that my boss wasn't going to be working (I was working for her 'cause she asked me to on Monday). The priest was coming around to do the yearly bless the house thing. The priest comes in, blesses your house, you feed him, then he leaves (it's good to be a priest in Poland). Anyway, I knew she wasn't going to be in so I'm not really sure why she didn't just say the cards were going to be due in on Monday instead of today last night. *sighs*

At least I got them done, that's one good thing ^___^

In other news we've been doing Robots in group F for the last couple of lessons. I bought my Transformers toys in to class. The kids thought they were really cool.

Cody, who doesn't usually speak up that much, really made an effort to speak. He was grabbing the dictionary and having a wonderful conversation with me about how he's got the games for DS and his PSP and how his brother has two of the toys. I pull out my G1 Prowl and he started bouncing up and down and going "He was in movie!" (I let him know that that was a different 'Bot).

I start pulling out my other toys (Cody labeled my Thundercracker as Starscream) and the kids came over and crowded the desk to see what I had. I told them all their names and Pawel, who never speaks unless you ask him a question calls out "Jazz!" when I pull my Jazz out.

Then the kids decide that, since there were the same number of 'Bots and 'Cons as students, each of my toys is actually one of us. I was declared "Prowl" as he was the biggest and a police car to boot *laughs*. The most annoying little shite in the class was given Megatron, you get the idea *grins*.

Oh, my sms tone on my phone is the sound of a Cybertronian transforming (one of my friends downloaded it and then sent it to me). Cody's heard it a couple of times. He asked me if I could send it to him via bluetooth. I did, and I've never seen him look so happy. He must've played the sound with the phone up to his ear at least 8 times in quick succession.

Today we were continuing with the Robot theme so I bought my Transformers back to class. I even bought my little Starscream today 'cause I hadn't bought him last lesson and they pretty much demanded that I bring him on Friday *laughs*. Cody was already at the school when I got there, sitting on the floor and playing on a PSP. He'd bought it along with his Transformers game to show me (and kept trying to get me to play it during the lesson while the kids were doing an activity). Today they had to design a robot that would do a job that they hate and then give it a name and a description.

Cody ended up with DeceptiBot. Half Decepticon half Autobot. The Autobot side does the cleaning, the Decepticon side is... a little psycho. He was grabbing my toys off the desk (Jazz and Thundercracker) to make sure he was getting the symbols correct and everything. When he was finished he gave me a long (for him) talk on what each bit on the robot could do.

Considering that before this lesson he didn't really talk, just sat there and doodled, I'm quite proud of him. I guess I just had to find a subject he was interested in to get him to talk.


I forgot to tell you about group J's latest antics *grins*.

So, there werent as many of them there last night. Adam was absent (he's the oddest of them) and I'm not quite sure where Anna was either.

It was a grammar lesson. Not my favourite subject in the world (It's like math for English!), let me tell you. Iwona loves grammar. She was bouncing in her seat when I mentioned that it was a grammar lesson. The class proceeded to tease her about that, in English, for the rest of the lesson.

Zbigniew was flicking through the picture pages of the dictionary. Patryk declared that he liked the picture pages 'cause he couldn't read. Zbigniew kicked him. Of course the whole kicking of Patryk thing was kinda muted when he found the colour wheel and sounded far too excited "Oh! colours!!!!" and started studying it intently. The rest of the class just laughed (Patryk smacked himself on the forehead and muttered something in Polish under his breath).

I have brain to blackboard issues (brain to paper/computer screen is generally no problems at all). I know what I want to write in my head, but getting that to translate to the blackboard sometimes is a bit of a problem. For example I may want to write "I went running in the park yesterday"... what ends up on the board is more like "I runnig the par yeterda" (I did a couple of spectacular ones during my CELTA course that my teacher had to point out. I got a rather long talk on how I had to pay attention to what I'm writing blah blah blah). I don't do it very often 'cause I try to watch myself like a hawk (I'm quite aware of the problem and make sure to be very careful in the classroom), but yesterday... well I was probably tired from staying up late doing report cards. I made a little goof on the board (Spelling and letter switching. Nothing was missing). Jarek pointed it out straight away but I couldn't see it for the life of me. It took him reading out the sentence and then spelling out the problem for me to spot it.

*looks sheepish* I haven't done that in ages.

I told the class that if they ever spot me doing something like that please let me know 'cause I'm aware of the problem and sometimes don't know that I'm doing it. Iwona got really, really interested and started firing a lot of questions at me. Stuff like "can you count?" "Do you like/are you good at math?" that sort of thing. Gave her my answers ("Yes" and "I despise it/am hopless at it"). She then gets really excited and goes "Oh! You've got *insert Polish term for some sort of disorder here*" (Iwona is some sort of doctor/psychologist thingy).

Turns out she was saying Dysorthography. I googled the phonetics of what I'd heard her say and that's what the search engine came up with.

Apart from that it was the usual lesson of laughter and teasing that Group J always seems to do.

Oh, and Group D wants to have the last class of the term in a cafe or restaurant. Sounds like fun.
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So why not me. Toy pic spam post. I went to Olsztyn yesterday (saw the newest Bond film. Liked!) and got myself a new toy. No, nothing electronic (like it usually is when I use that phrase), but an actual toy.

G1 Universe!Prowl. I had fun transforming him the first time. I was terrified I was going to break him (and I will admit to pulling his doorwings off to get him to transform properly the first time. I've since transformed him three times and only had to take his wings off the first time).

Picspam behind the cut:

In which you also get to see a tiny fraction of my massive DVD collection...and a dragon )
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I has writings!

*watches people fall over in shock* Yes, I know. Shocking, isn't it. Writing and not icons for once.

Right this is in honour of Talk Like a Pirate Day. I wrote two drabbles. Lots of Simmons and Banachek in them. They're part of my Flipside universe, you don't have to have read the fic to get these two drabbles, but if you want to read it it can be found HERE


Title: Weigh Anchor 1/2 Author: masi_tfoot (aka Saffiter)
Disclaimer: I don't own them and I promise to put them back when I'm finished. I don't own Talk Like a Pirate Day, either.
Rating: PG Summary: In honour of Talk Like a Pirate Day. "Off with you, Simmons, It's time to walk". A not so gentle shove placed him on the short walk to a rather watery end.
Notes: This is part of my Flipside universe which you don't have to have read to be able to understand this fic. No, Jazz isn't dead in this. I don't like how they killed him, so I just pretend that he got really slagged instead (and Ratchet got really slagged off at him).

(Avast, ye Blast-ended Skrewts!)

(You're really going to make me walk the plank?)

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 I've been making a ton of icons lately (things have been hectic at work and they're great stress relief) and I thought I might post and share.

They're all Transformers (of varying continuities) as I'm still on my TF's kick.

Iconsies )
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Well, I've started writing again. This is set in the 2007 movieverse.

Title: Flipside 1/1

Author: Sheena

Rating: PG

Characters: Simmons, Banachek, random Sector 7 Agents.

Summary: Simmons and Banachek have a rather odd way of delegating assignments

Disclaimer: I don't own them. I'm just playing with them for a while. I promise to put them back where I found them after I'm finished with them (and they'll be mostly in one piece, really).

Notes: Set not long after Sam's whole "My car is alive" moment. It's been a few years since I sat down and wrote any sort of fanfiction. I wrote quite a lot when I was in Uni, but then real life kinda sucked my creativity dry for a while. Nowadays I usually either make icons (great stress relief) or draw. Transformers has been feeding a few plot bunnies lately ^___^. I totally blame 

[personal profile] rosieknight for this fic. It's all her fault for giving me 
this plot bunny ^___^. That and Simmons and Banachek need more love.


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Right, well, I should be marking exams. I should be writing report cards... hell, I should be in BED!!! (It's half past bloody three!!), but instead I'm making icons from the new Transformers movie

Icons )
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Well, I survived the course. Spent the next two days practially sleeping the whole time, but I survived it. I don't know how well I did yet.  I do believe one of my Polish students was flirting with me. He used to sit up the back of the class with an "I am beneath you" look on his face. I even got his POLISH mobile number and a demand to go and visit him and his friend when I'm in Poland.

I also had one  of the students come up and tell me how much she enjoyed my lessons and that she thought I was a very good teacher. That was one of the best compliments I could ever recieve ^________^.

Went and saw transformers. Can I just say BUMBLEBEE LOVE!!!!!!!! I didn't expect to enjoy the movie as much as I did, but I seriously want to go and see it again! there was so much that I missed the first time around. Oh, and if I hadn't known that Hugo Weaving (Lord Elrond for those who don't know who he is) did the voice of Megatron I would've been blown out of my seat when I saw the credits!

Bought the latest Harry Potter book yesterday. I do believe I'm growing out of that phase. I mean, I'd've usually finished it by now (and threatened anyone who interrupted me with bodily harm), it's nowhere near as thick as the last two. It just doesn't hold me as much as it used to. 

Not that fussed on the movies either. Saw the first one and thought *meh*. Saw the second one and ripped it to shreds. Finally saw the third one on tv a few nights ago and just thought *blah*. Sirius wasn't bad to look at, but I just can't see David (??) Thelewis (Lupin) as anyone other than Eionon from Dragonheart (you know, the evil king). Everything else I've seen him in kind of just.... jars.

Oh, and did you know that the guy who plays Lucius Malfoy, Jason Isaacs (who I will admit is VERY smexy with long hair, be it blonde or black) was in Dragonheart? I didn't either until recently! He's one of Eionons lackeys (the one he insults about keeping such good brains under such a bad hat)

Anyway, this is a longer post than I intended. I really only meant to let you know that I was still alive and kicking.



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