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Exactly what has Queensland done to you recently to piss you off?

First there was the 6 weeks of constant rain resulting in The Floods From Hell (thank you for narrowly missing my home btw. Appreciated). Then there was Cyclone Yasi (again, thank you for sparing my family....mostly. Did you have to rip the front of my Aunt's house off while she was still in it? It was a beautiful house, and she's never going to feel completely safe there ever again).

Then you've tried to roast us the last week or so. Have you ever had heat stroke? It's not something i suggest. And today, well I'm not exactly enjoying this humdinger of a storm you've thrown at us. That last lightning strike was a little too close for comfort.

I'm not complaining (much)as it's lovely and cool (for the moment). But a little consistency would be nice. All my students can say about Brisbane at the momoment is "crazy weather!"

Yours in currently roasted state,


(translation: WTF Mother Nature?!)
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Just a.quick message to let you all know i'm okay. River is right up but we were saved by the hill on that side. Oval looks like a lake on other side of train tracks but hasn't reaxhed us. Have been taking pictures and will post some wjen i can. We're powerless, so i'm at indooroopilly shops chatging my phone there. Will post more when i can.
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Still okay this morning. Am going to have a quick breakfast & go help people living right on the river move stuff.
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So, we're packing just in case we need to evacuate. Fine for the moment. City centre got evacuated (i work in the city...right on the river). Just thought i'd let you know 'cause we may have to leave fast.

am okay

Jan. 9th, 2011 11:24 pm
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I'm fine, my family's fine. I think one of my cousins is trappped in rockhampton, but only because he was travelling through when the flood waters rose. We're watching the brisbane river at the moment (we're about 200m away from it) but we should be fine as we're on pretty high ground. I did a few checks and we'll stay dry at a 14m river rise.

Parents are about to get flooded in to their property just out of gympie but, again, they're on high ground and have a lot if supplies just in case.

Anyway, just thought i'd let everyone know that i'm okay since, apparently, the queensland floods have made international news. We've had family members overseas calling the house all day.

So, we're fine. Heartily sick of the rain, but fine.

Will keep you updated though, 'cause they reckon the brisbane river's supposed to flood....hopefully this isn't another '74.

Oh, and our roof is STILL leaking 'cause it hasn't been dry enough to fix it.


Oct. 12th, 2010 01:26 am
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Should I be getting a boat ready? There are areas near me that have got 300mm of rain in the last 24 hours, my ceiling has been leaking onto my bed, and they're predicting that the floods we're gonna get might be reminiscent of the '74 Brisbane flood....


DO NOT WANT!!!! I live roughly 500m (uphill-ish) from the Brisbane River.


In other news, I got over my 19 year fear of Dreamworld's Wipeout. I finally got onto The Giant Drop (had to be dragged on, whimpered and just about hyperventilated on it, but I did it!) and now the only ride I've never been on at Dreamworld is The Claw.

Good news.

Jan. 24th, 2010 04:53 pm
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Cyclone changed its' mind again. It's now a tropical low, not a cyclone. We've got a severe weather warning but we'll be fine ^__^.

Panic stations over ^___^
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Just to let you all know...

Tropical Cyclone Olga is due to hit us tomorrow afternoon my time. Roughly sometime late Saturday evening for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere. Forget the last one that was going to get us, that one died as it formed. Olga formed overnight and is moving pretty fast (for a Cyclone) towards us.

The good news is that it's only a Category 1 right now, which means lots of wind ('bout 120km/h or roughly 74.5miles/h) but nothing really more. Lots of wind though. It's getting stronger though, so it might bump up to a Category 2 or 3 again (it was a 3 just under 24 hours ago. Moved from a low to that really, really quickly and then dropped just as fast) by the time it hits us.

A Cyclone WARNING has been declared for coastal areas from Cape Flattery to

A Cyclone WATCH has is now current for coastal areas from Coen to Cape Flattery
and Innisfail to Lucinda.

At 7:00 pm EST Tropical Cyclone Olga, Category 1 was estimated to be
335 kilometres east northeast of Cairns and 400 kilometres north northeast of
Townsville moving west at 18 kilometres per hour while intensifying.

TROPICAL CYCLONE OLGA, CATEGORY 1, is currently over the northwest Coral Sea and
is moving towards the coast while intensifying.

That's the current warning, anyway. Everything's gone pretty still here. There's not much wind and the rain that's been going on and off all day stopped a couple of hours ago.

I'm roughly smack in the middle of Cape Coen to Lucinda. Looks like the centre's gonna go over the top of Port Douglas, which is an hour or so north of me.

We're prepared, so don't worry. And, as I said, Cat 1, so nothing really, really scary ^___^. Though we might loose power.

Anyway, I'll keep you updated as I know what's happening.


Well, crappity. It's been bumped up to a Catagory 2. We're off Cyclone Watch now and into a full on Cyclone Warning.
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If I disappear for a bit on, oh, say... around Wednesday or Thursday then don't worry. We've got a bit of a Cyclone warning going on, so I may not have power/net then. We'll just wait and see. It's just a low sitting off the coast at the moment but it could (as they have quite often have before) intensify and swing back this way.

They're watching it anyway.

Can I just say: DO. NOT. WANT!!!

It is kinda interesting to watch people in the shops right now. Not much in the way of batteries, water, or tinned goods left.


Oct. 19th, 2009 07:21 pm
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Note to self: When handling the doors at work near the balcony steps DO NOT hold on while going through the door. You will hurt yourself.

I damn near broke my hand going through the door at work today. It got caught between the door handle and the door as I was going through. OUCH!!! I've got this lovely lump and massive red mark on my hand right now. It also hurts like you wouldn't believe. It's not broken, just really, really sore at the moment. Unfortunately, I couldn't stop and head back to the staffroom for ice or I would've been late for class, so I had to keep going. I'm just glad that I had a cold can of coke in my hand to hold against it.

In other news (and this is very good news indeed), it rained today.
No, wait, let me correct that. It rained heavily.... no... still not descriptive enough....

... It pissed torrential buckets while the students flailed in panic and went looking for the nearest Ark, or perhaps a row-boat. One can never be too sure with the language barrier.

*nods in satisfaction* Yes, that's better. Much more descriptive.

And yes, one student did ask me, in all innocence, whether we will have crocodiles in the street when it starts to flood. Once I stopped laughing I had to tell them "No" (although I was highly tempted to string them along for a while. I'm not evil, really I'm not).

I really was tempted to say otherwise, though....No... bad Sheena!

Some of the other students bitched and moaned about how the rain was going to ruin their holidays... Well, I had news for them and none of it was good. We need that rain. The farmers up here have started buying hay for their animals to eat 'cause there's just no decent grass anymore. That's unheard of up here! The ground's not green, it's dusty and brown.

Also, gotta love the banter in the teacher's office. Katherine (loud,exhuberant, tiny, little French lady that teaches IELTS) had to get to the bus and didn't have an umbrella, so she grabbed the paper and went to make a run for it. Everyone thought she'd grabbed today's paper.

Chris: She would grab today's bloody paper, wouldn't she.
DoS: *poking his head out of his office* Did she take today's paper?
Jeanette: We've got a pile of newspapers down here... why'd she grab todays?!
Katherine: *running back in full tilt* Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit! I forgot something. I'M GOING TO MISS MY BUS!!!!
DoS: *to Katherine as she runs past his door* Could you leave us today's paper, please?
Katherine: Oh, shut up, you idiot! It's yesterdays!
DoS: *Mischievious smirk* Why'd you grab yesterday's. I haven't read that one, either.
Katherine: I grabbed it because it's the biggest. *Flings the paper about dramatically* I hate you all! I'm leaving and there's nothing you can do about it *laughs maniacally and flees the room*

Never a quite moment with Katherine in the staff room...and I mean that literally. She's just so... loud!

And over the top.

And did I mention she's loud? And, well... loud. Very, very, very loud. Words cannot express how loud she is.

Oh, and my afternoon class... they were trying to talk me into yodelling as I actually know how.

No. Way. In. Hell.

And one of my students was wearing a Thundercats T-shirt. He just about fell over when I squeeled at it and cried "Thundercats!" Aparently hardly anyone where he's from (Germany, I think) has heard of them. We had quite a good conversation about them *grins* and he gave me a website addy that sells Thundercat T-shirts etc.


I forgot to mention. I have to go to the dentish. I've got a bit of a sore gum on the right hand bottom side. Managed to check it out in the mirror today. I have a tooth growing out the side of my gum.

Let me re-iterate that. There is a tooth growing out the side of my gum!! The side of it! As in, side on! Facing the cheek! Not the right way up! That's just wrong, and all kinds of painful!
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I woke up this morning to low visibility and the faint smell of smoke. I thought "Grea~at Yarrahbah's on bloody fire, again". (This happened a couple of weeks ago and you just couldn't see anything. Visibility was low and everything stunk of bush smoke for about a week).

Turns out I was kinda half right. It's not Yarrahbah that's on fire, it's the Tablelands, but that's only come down into Cairns a little bit. It's not bad enough to cause the haze that we've got now. Seriously, Cairns is surrounded by mountains. I know that the mountains are there... I bloody well live against one of them! but can I see them? No~o. I can't see much more than a really faint outline if I squint.


The answer to what's causing this: Dust storm.

I repeat: WTF?!?!?! This is FNQ. We don't get dust storms! (and I asked Mum, who grew up here as a little girl. She said she'd never seen this up here either).

I have pictures of the main drag I took with my camera-phone today when I went down to Central for lunch (boy was that a bad idea. I felt scungy for the rest of the day after that plus wheezy and sneezing like you wouldn't believe). I'll post them up later.

In other news I can now officially call myself a Jedi Master *grins* or at least that's what the DoS (Director of Studies), said to me.


We were having a conversation about the strangest student names we've had (I won, btw. I've had Dong Ki and Hong Ki. It took me about 3 weeks to learn how to keep a straight face when calling the roll). The DoS was sitting behind his desk listening (and giggling... most disturbing to see a grown man giggle like that let me tell you) when he suddenly he bounds up from behind his desk and flings himself out the door. He's still hanging on to the door frame, grinning maniacally, and points to our group. "I can top that!!! I interviewed a Korean with the name Jedi today! And he's in your class!" *points his finger at me and gives me this manic grin*

Needless to say I won the "Strangest Names" competition.

So I am now known as the Jedi Master in the staff room ^____^.

The DoS's antics aren't over yet. This man is a card, an absolute card... he keeps the office interesting.

I look over at him about 20mins after this conversation to see him slouched down in his chair with some sort of pink bottle in his hand. I couldn't work out what it was until he unscrews the lid, takes it off, and then proceeds to blow bubbles out his office door.... o.O

I kid you not! He was blowing bubbles.

Me: Ah, our DoS. The epitome of maturity.
DoS: Shut up! It's been a hard day! *blows more bubbles out of his door*

I love my job!

Also, I went back and re-did that iTunes meme that was going around as I now have iTunes and can answer all the questions.

meme behind here to save your flist )


Jan. 5th, 2009 08:50 pm
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It's -18C!!!!!!!



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