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So.... long time no post.

A few things have happend since I last wrote anything. I got another temp job working with the Department of Justice and Attorney General in the Licencing section (sounds fancy, but I'm really just an office drudge/data-entry chick/file finder extraordinaire. The ID's cool, though ^___^).

I'm not complaining too much, it's full time work, money in the bank, and experience under my belt. I finish up there on Friday next week, maybe, there's a possibility that I'll be extended again.

I also got myself a Dreamwidth account (which is where I'm posting from at the moment). I'm Saffiter, if anyone wants to add me.

Birthday/Christmas/New Years was a lot of fun. I scored a pressure cooker from my parents for my birthday and I've been cooking out of that since then. I think I've finally figured out how to not burn stuff to the bottom in a big, charcolish mess, and only really do that every 4th time or so now (I'm blaming the stove. It's dodgy and electric). Stuff that comes out of that is TASTY!!!!

My specialty? Lamb Rogan Josh.

*grins* What's really funny is that I take my leftovers to work, reheat them, and then watch the heads pop up in the different cubicles and co-workers start sniffing as I walk back to my desk. I've dubbed it "The Meerkat Effect"

Eh... I'm sure more's happened.. I had a severe reaction to something in the house, which then affected my asthma. Coughing to the point where you can't actually draw air and yet still keep coughing is REALLY not fun. I'm still coughing, but nowhere near as bad as I was.


Nov. 19th, 2011 10:53 pm
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So, I'm officially unemployed.


Was sitting at my desk on Thursday going through some of the police reports when the Acting Inspector called me over for a chat in a very serious voice. Turns out there's an utter crap-load of money being cut from the police budget (seriously, I was gobsmacked when I heard the amount. It's astronomical). This basically means that the last employed is the first to go. All the temps were pretty much told they had to go, myself included. Friday was my last day with them.

I'm beginning to think I'm cursed somehow. Every job in the last year or so that I've enjoyed, I've lost. It'd be nice to be able to keep a job for longer than a month or so.

The good news is that I got a call on Friday during my lunch break from Julia Ross (one of the temping agencies my name is down at) saying they had a full time temp job going at Arts Queensland they wanted to send my name in for. I should hear more about it on Monday, hopefully.
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So, not sure if I told you or not, but I've taken up rollerblading. It was just up and down the streets to start with, but my housemate and I (she'd bought her blades back from the States, this is what started it all. I used to rollerskate all the time, but thought I'd try blading to keep her company) discovered very quickly that we lacked certain the ability to stop.

Kinda important to be able to stop. I couldn't keep jumping over gutters and using the grass...or a convenient tree...or a stop all the time. So, lessons had to be found. We tracked down DIGI Skate out at Browns Plains. They run adult skating lessons every Tuesday night.

I've actually been doing quite well at it (which is surpising me no end). I'm up in the highest group now. We've been doing stuff which I can only really describe as dance skating manouvers. Tonight was transitions (switching the direction you're facing in one quick movement, one minute you're skating forwards, the next you're going in the same direction but facing backwards) on both two legs and one leg (one leg is scary in blades, and damn hard to do), Spirals (you know that move where there's one leg on the ground and the other is up in the air behind you? Yeah, that), spins (those are fun once you work out how to do it without spinning too hard and crashing to the ground), and 180degree jumps.

They also tried to get us to do 360degree jumps, but I can't even do that when I'm stationary! I stacked it so hard when I tried. Landed chest first on the ground and that's when I'm pretty sure I bruised my rib. Coughing hurts, sneezing really hurts, and don't get me started on laughing!

I've also found another problem, couple of problems actually. The wheel base on my skates is way too long for the stuff I'm doing, and I'm aparently too advanced for the skates I'm using (something about how the skates I have are recreational and designed for beginners who don't do all the funky stuff I'm doing. The wheels are designed on an angle, and when you're balancing on one foot that's really not something you want to have. I got a "Wait, you're doing what now on your blades?! O.o o.O O.O ).

Oh, and the brake at the back is driving me nuts. I don't use it, and the way I stop, well, it keeps catching when I do my spin stop and nearly sending me flying. Plus, actual spins/twirls are really hard to do on the opposite foot when there's a brake there.

The brake needs to go. It's coming off on the weekend!

I'm actually eyeing off some hockey skates at some point. Short wheel base, and they're designed to take the kind of pounding I'm giving my skates (I swear I heard the axles creak tonight when I was doing a fast spin stop).

In other news, I'm finished Uni for the year! Handed my last assignment in yesterday *cheers* This year's been rough in the assignment department. I'm tired, really, really tired. My final assignment involved creating 12 hours of lesson plans and writing about the psychological, linguistic, and sociolinguistic aspects of what I did, as well as blathering on about what, exactly, I thought "Language" was...and I just couldn't bring myself to care about it at all.

The entire thing ended up being around 6000words of writing (not including the lesson plans) and roughly 40 pages long.

I'm actually going to go and talk to the uni about switching out to external coursework instead of internal.

One more year, that's what I'm telling myself right now. One more year to go and I'm finished my Masters degree and completely free. Of course, conisdering the current economic climate, actually being able to use that degree anytime soon might not be a reality.

So, to treat myself after the year of hell, I'm going to Stradbroke Island for a day tour in a couple of weeks. I got a good price for it (I'm on this Living Social daily deal thing. They had it for $49 so I grabbed one). My treat to myself after this year.

Also, I AM EMPLOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the temping agencies my name is down at called me up to tell me there was an ongoing, part time position available that they wanted to put my name down for. I told them to go for it, and got a phone call a week later saying that I was the preferred candidate and when could I start? So, I've been in training for two weeks, and tomorrow is my first day flying solo in the office. I'm an Administration Officer for the Queensland Police Scenes of Crime Unit (think CSI) out at Indro. I do pretty much anything and everything administration. Work is definitely interesting.

And that's my life in a nutshell at the moment.


Apr. 19th, 2011 11:51 pm
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So, aparently I am

a) Disorganised in the classroom.
b) Treat my students like children.
c) Never have a lesson plan in the class.


Okay, a) I can sorta understand if they're looking at it from the last week or so. I was literally seeing double by the time Friday rolled around last week.

Also, how can I be organised when the head teacher throws his class at me (with literally a five minute warning) and tells me to teach them?! I have to teach mine and his and they're two completely different levels!

b)...WTF?! I have never, ever had that complaint leveled at me before. Not in China, not in Poland, and not at the other schools I've worked at in Australia.

Hell, the school I worked at in Cairns has said to me on countless occasions that they'd hire me back in a heartbeat if they had the work. The first DOS there had no problems with me, he liked my teaching style. The second DOS, same thing. Third, and current DOS..well, see previous comment about hiring back (and his office looked into my classroom. He could hear everything and never said anything).

Also, why hadn't any of them said anything to my face about this? I know of at least five students in the class who would quite happily tell me if I was doing something that was pissing them off.

And how do you explain the students who've begged to come back into my class after leaving for Nicholas's or Zac's?

c)... I call bullshit! There is always, always a notebook sitting on whatever desk I'm near in the classroom with a lesson plan on it. Ask to see my lesson plan and I'll hand it to you. It's got every lesson plan I've written this year in it!

Also, I am always at work an hour before class is due to start to plan for the day. I don't get paid for that hour, mind you, but I'm there planning. Just because I didn't have a weekly plan for this week. I've been told I need to do them, and I've been doing them since I was told, I just didn't do it on Friday last week because I was so.bloody.tired! My plan was to see what the relief teacher did on Monday with my class and factor it in when I did the weekly lesson plan this afternoon after classes.

Add those reasons with the fact that we were supposed to get a group of Japanese students on Monday and didn't, and you have one unemployed Sheena.

Yup, got told "We can't offer you any full time work as of today. We'd love to hire you back if work becomes available, and we really, really want to keep you on our emergency relief list!"

Um, *raises eyebrow* if I'm all those things, why do you want to keep me on those lists and re-hire me if the chance comes up?

(amusingly, I get a phonecall from them this afternoon asking if I could take over Zac's class on Thursday as he's taking time off)

Things that make me suspicious about all of this:

1) The last teacher that got let go had also just taken a day off for something. I had Monday off (my first day off since December, mind you). Next day I'm let go. (She was also female, more on that in a minute).

2) Some of the comments I've heard from teachers who've worked there before, and teachers in Australia itself...Holmes....has a bit of a dodgy reputation. One of the teachers actually described something very similar to what happened to me today happening to him.

3) Remember my comment about the last teacher who went was female?

Well, of a staff of roughly 20, the majority is male. There's the admin lady (who speaks the same language as some of the students...don't piss off the translator, it can only end badly). There's the School Director (who gets absolutely no repsect from any of the others when her back is turned) and there's one Bachelors teacher. The rest are all male.

I've spoken it over with a few people and they all agree with pretty much the same thing: I just got royally screwed over.

Sheena is currently rather pissed off.

I am alive

Apr. 18th, 2011 06:04 pm
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Just currently swamped beyond belief with Uni work!

I must've looked so bad on Thursday that my boss asked me if I wanted a long weekend to try and catch up on my work. I said yes and got today off. Have made a fair dent in my work, but there's still a lot to do by Thursday this week.

(And I will admit that I did sleep in until midday today, since I haven't got much sleep all weekend and have been getting to bed at 2am only to get up at 8:30am to keep going).

Back at work tomorrow, but it's only a short week (thank god!). We don't work Friday 'cause of Easter and then we get a long, long weekend with Monday and Tuesday off. Thursday night I'm going to put a sign on my door that says something like "If you're waking me up, you'd better have caffiene or else!"

Some student antics to tide you over until I can post again. Was teaching the difference between "Can I?" and "May I?". Queue the next day:

Antics #1

Leonardo: Can I leave the room please?
Rest of class all at once in a sing-song: May I!
Leonardo:.... Sorry, sorry. May leave the room, please?

(Leonardo also introduced himself to me with this: "I'm Leonardo, like the turtle!" *starts humming the theme song to the old school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles*)

Antics #2

We'd been doing expressions to do with body parts a week or so ago. Andres asked me how much my dictionary had cost me as he wanted to buy one himself. When I told him the price he didn't miss a beat and fired back with: Jesus! You paid through the nose for it!

I was so proud!

Flyby post

Mar. 18th, 2011 12:08 am
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So, had some excitement last week. I was in class discussing something with my students (grammar, I think. It wasn't exactly memorable) when, suddenly, over the PA system I didn't even realised existed came this:

*whoopwhoop*"A fire alarm has been activated. Please wait for further instructions................*whoopwhoop*A fire alarm has been activated. Please wait for further instructions" *continuous loop*

Students: O.o o.O O.O
Me: Um.......*wanders over to the window to check for smoke*... well, I can't see anything. Everybody just relax, it's probably just a drill.
Students: A what?
Me: Practice for a real fire.... Just let me ask my boss if he knows anything.

I then walk to my door and poke my head around it just in time for my boss to come tearing out of his classroom with this panicked look on his face.

Okay...drill theory just went out the window.

He tells me to keep the students calm (something he was failing to do for himself) and he'd go find out what was going on. I head back into the classroom and proceed to lie my head off to the students "Don't worry guys. I can't see anything. It's probably just a random drill so we know what to do in a *real* emergency" I then get them to continue with the speaking activity while I go and rescue my handbag and textbooks from the teachers office in case we have to evacuate.

...what? They're at least $70 each. I've got about 5 of them, and one of them cost me $105! I wasn't letting them burn!

I put everything on my desk and put the books in a pile for easy pick-up. I re-assure my students (again) that it's probably just a drill since I couldn't see any smoke, but I was just grabbing my stuff anyway 'cause that's what I'd do in a real emergency.

Queue the boss poking his head around my door and asking to see me for a second.

Boss: Well, they don't know what's happening upstairs. There wasn't a schedualed drill today, so....if the siren changes to this constant 'Whooooooooop' noise get you students to go down the stairs in an orderly line and meet at the evacuation point. Don't forget to take your roll with you.

Um... nobody's told me where the evacuation point is!

Not 30 seconds after he finished that, the siren switches to the *Whoooooooooooooop* noise with this Please evacuate now thing. (Polite evactuation things. Who'da thunk it).

Boss goes white.

Long story short, we get out of the building to see fire engines parked outside with flashing lights (advantage to being literally 'round the corner to the Fire Station. They get to you fast) and Firemen in full get-up running around. I get directed to the evacuation point and attempt to keep my students calm and together. I ended up telling them a story about Polish fire drills to stop them from freaking out (Meanwhile I'm freaked out like you wouldn't believe. This thing was no drill!).

Still no sign of fire or smoke at this point, btw.

Long story short, it was a false alarm. The gym below had an installation fail. They were putting some new equipment in and the electritian wired it wrong. It started smoking and they couldn't turn the fire alarm off, hence the evacuation. This was the second time in 3 months that we've had to evacuate...though the last time was an evacuation of the entire city.

I was amused, but pissed at the same time. This was the second time in the last few months that my boss has left the calming of students up to me when we've had to evactuate the building (the last time was during the floods) while he's run around panicking.. Good in an emergency he ain't.
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Hey everyone!

Just wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (Have stolen my Dad's laptop for a few minutes to type this. Saw my message on the phone the other day and yeesh, talk about typo filled!).

So, ankle is pretty much healed up. Still a little tender (it doesn't like going down stairs), but I can walk on it without limping. Knee is a lovely shade of blue-ish-purple and it doesn't like going up stairs... so I'm gimpy no matter which direction I go on the stairs (My students sent up a cry of "You should be at home resting!!" when they heard what had happened.

(btw, went over on my ankle again the next day in the same area. Thankfully my ankle was strapped at the time so it really only twinged a bit).

Parents came down for christmas/new years and I spent a lot of time with them.

Work's been busy. One of my co-workers called in 10 minutes before we were due to start teaching on Thursday this week. I get a phone call from the front office on my mobile (accidentally hung up on phone -_-;;) and was asked to cover not only my class, but Rufus' and the same freakin' time!!!!. 10 minutes to plan a 4 hour lesson for 3 classes of IELTS/EAP and all of them are at different levels.


I've been doing that all week. (Nice, short week).

On top of that, the DoS has been coming to me to discuss my opinion on stuff like schedualing for classes during the holiday... o.O what's up with that?

Pay day is either this week or next week. Not sure which since I can't get a straight answer out of boss on what day, exactly, is pay day.

Hope everyone is okay.
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Posting this from my phone. Just letting everyone know i'm still alive, have been buay with new job. Looks like they're trying to slide me into the position of the lady who left. Not complaining, it means that i gey more hours.

Anyonw who's heatd about the flooding in qld, we're fine. The river here got a little high but we weren't flooded in. The roof sprung a massive leak chdiatmas day :-\ still nor fixed but we're gonna hound the landlord.

So, busy workong but alive. Also rather sore. Twistwd ankls and badly bruised knee today on uneven footpath. Rather that rhan nreaking it (whi h is what would habe happened if i hadn'y jusy dropped when i felt my ankle going.)

'scuse typos. On new phone and still gwtting used fo the kwyboard
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First pay day: January. The job pays monthly.
Current bank balance: $100
Rent: $440 p/m
Credit card debt: roughly $550

Let's just say I had a bit of a panic attack this afternoon and spent most of said afternoon crying. Thank god for my parents, I'd be really up a creek if it weren't for them! I have to pay them back (gradually was the order. No being an independent cuss, not asking for help, and living hand to mouth again like I have been for the last 6 months. I've been ordered that a lot of my pay is to go into my savings account), but I have enough money now to pay rent, buy food, go out for the occasional coffee, and enjoy my birthday/christmas period.

Have I mentioned how awesome my parents are lately?


Dec. 2nd, 2010 10:36 pm
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I think another langauge school is trying to poach me.

Got a phonecall today from one of the schools I dropped a resume into about a month ago. The lady had just got back from holiday and called me at about 6:30 this evening (which is weird, 'cause most schools close about 5pm). Asked if I was interested in work and I had to tell her that I'd just started working at Holmes on Tuesday....

...didn't phase her in the slightest. She still wants to talk to me! Invited me to the school for a chat and tour of the facilities at 3pm on Wednesday next week.

Now, I know for a fact that there's 4 permanent teachers leaving for other jobs in December. If I get offered a permanent contract I'm going to be really, really tempted to take the offer. That sort of permanence is what I need when I'm studying. In this industry if you don't have a contract then your job's on shaky ground. When class numbers start to get small, the casuals are the first to go. A contract would prevent that.

I might be getting ahead of myself, but it's starting to look like I've got options for the first time in my life. It feels amazingly good.
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I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Employment! finally!!!!!

Will tell more when I get back home. Have to go into the city for a bit.

I'M EMPLOYED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only took 5 months.
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Was job searching on Seek yesterday and, just as I was about to give up and close the window in disgust (as there was absolute jack on there) when I spotted ELICOS Teachers Wanted for New Language School.

Holmes (no, not Sherlock berore anyone asks! Dave's already tried that one on me) Institute is opening up a new school in Brisbane. I sent my resume with a cover letter in to them straight away and crossed my fingers.

I'm qualified! Hell, I'm more than qualified! I've taught CPE and CAE, I'm familiar with FCE, I've invigilated IELTS exams and attempted to do both the academic and general ones on spares (so I'm more than familiar with the whole thing), taught general English in three countries (including my own). I've done one-on-one classes, and study tours, drafted syllabus, created chapters of ESL textbooks and language learning environments on the 'net, so I'm definitely qualified...

...they called me today, less than 24hours after I sent out my resume. They want me to come in for an interview on Monday at 11am.

You've got no idea how good it feels to be called in for an interview after the dozens of rejection letters I've got the last few weeks. I'm quietly hopeful, but not going to hold my breath (just in case I don't get it).

I need a job, I really need a job. I'm tired of living off government hand outs. It's barely enough to survive on each fortnight and with Christmas coming up there's no way I can afford any presents for anyone. I need new glasses (as I've caught myself squinting while wearing my current ones more than once), have needed them all year but I just can't afford them.

Wish me luck.
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I have an audition with Warner Bros. Movieworld tomorrow at 4pm! O.o

Holy Crap!!

Sep. 5th, 2010 06:40 pm
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I've landed an audition for a TV commercial tomorrow at 5pm.
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I got my mid-semester exam results back today: 63% *massive grin*

I'm extremely happy about that 'cause that subject.... bloody hard! I was quite pleased that I got full marks for one section that was really giving me some troubles. I just don't get syntactical analysis and PCO's, PCS's, IO, DO, C, S, NP and all that sort of stuff. *curls into a ball whimpering*... don't ask me how I did it, but I got full marks for the section where I had to label all the stuff.

So, I'm currently sitting on 44% (ish, I'm not exactly sure if my math is right) for Semantics, Syntax, and Morphology. 20% for the worksheets, 22% for this exam (it was worth 35% of our marks). The final test is worth 45%, so as long as I pass it, I pass the subject.

At least the last couple of classes have been interesting. We were listening and discussing Old and Middle English today.

But, yeah, happy Sheena is happy! (and bought a bottle of wine on the way home to celebrate results with housemates).

In other news, I started work last week. I've got a garaunteed job until 30th of July and then they're gonna see if they still have the budget to keep me on. I've been reading reports and typing up summaries into a database. It's fascinating reading (all about archaeological digs)...but, is it dry or what! It took me 5 1/2 hours to sumarise a 26 page report. The one I'm summarising right now... it's 26 pages of just dig results, that's not counting the other 20 pages of stuff... O.o

If feel my eyes starting to cross and the first thing I do is go splash some water on my face and make myself a cuppa.
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So, might possibly have a job. I'll know more after next week but there's a real possibility that I might have a job. Not holding my breath though. I'll tell you more when I know.

Also, if I ever feel like doing embroidery for the re-enactment community at large I might just be able to make a profit from it. I was at a training session today and doing some embroidery (that one I posted early) and one of the guys comes up and starts examining it. Offered me a heap of work doing tunics and tablecloths and the like.

Me: *blinkblinkblink* Um... my dress is first priority. See me after I've finished with that.

Em then states that he'd have to wait in-line as there are three other people in my house that have apparently called dibs on my embroidery skills before him.

About an hour later one of the other re-enactors comes up to me as I was in the process of doing really tiny chain stitch.

Guy2: O.O Patterns! You have patterns! How do you have patterns?! I don't have the patience for it.
Me: ......
Guy2: You've got more patience than I do.

He just about freaked out when I told him that the current embroidery that I'm doing I've been working on for about a month.


Amusing moment in the house today. Male housemate as he was coming out of the bathroom:

"You might need a candle in there....oh, and a canary"

*cracks up laughing*
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So, things are going at the moment. Neither good nor bad. I'm still looking for a job, though my application to McDonalds (I did say no-brainer jobs) is being reviewed. All I want at the moment is employment. Once I get a job and am in a position where there's steady money coming in every fortnight then I can start looking for something better, but at the moment, if all I can get is a job at Maccas, I'll take the job at Maccas.

Uni is driving me slowly insane! One week I get what the linguistics course is talking about and the next I have absolutely no idea what just happened. I actually enjoy the semantics side of it though, go figure *laughs* The TESOL course is slow going. Interesting but I'm wondering when the lecturer is actually going to come to the point. We just seem to be meandering from topic to topic and the only real thing holding this together with some sort of cohesion is the Critical part of the course.

I swear, if it weren't compulsory, I wouldn't be doing this course.

I have an exam next week for linguistics... crappitycrappitycrappitycrap! I'm still not sure about half the stuff they've been talking about! I tried reading some of that Grammar Survey thing today (which the tutor said would help....HAH!) and it made only a tiny bit more sense then the lecture does.


In other news I got a random compliment on a T-Shirt I was wearing yesterday (Purple G1 Megatron) from a guy on the train.

Also my ling6100 class is full of nutballs. I fit right in. Tutor one day says "If I were a rich man..." when she was giving an example of something, I can't remember what it was, the other day. The entire back row (myself included in this) starts singing the next line from Fiddler on the Roof at the same time.

Nothing else much is happening at the moment. Weather's being screwy, hot, cold, hot, cold. Last night was cold. I slept with leg warmers on last night.
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Hey all!

Remember that embroidery sampler I posted a while back with the Decepticon symbol on it? Well, this is what I've been working on since then. This is gonna end up as a cushion of some description. Probably a pin cushion judging by the size of it.

I've been working on calico this time and it's much easier to sew on. Less fraying than with whatever the hell that was I used before.

That silver bit on the...well, it will be a Fleur de Lis was a pain in the proverbial backside! I have stab marks on my fingers from doing that. Ignore what looks like the blue stains, it's a washable seamstresses pen. That'll come off when I was it. Those three circles in different shades of blue took about an hour and a half all up (I had to very carefully cut away four strands of the fabric). Don't even get me started on that green and burnt orange border. That took about 2 days all up to finish.

I'm enjoying myself, despite the constant stabbings *grins*

Piccy hidden behind here to save flist )

In other news; I went out for dinner with one of my old students tonight. Had a lot of fun. We had ramen at this to die for place down from the Casino. Mum and I stumbled on it when she was down here and they still remembered me when I walked in!

We're going to the Gold Coast tomorrow for the day.

Nothing much else to report. Mum and Dad decided at the last minute to drive down and visit me for Easter. It was great to see them again but, boy, did we do some running around or what!

Uni starts back up again on Monday. It's been good to have a bit of a break with no work or anything.

Speaking of work, it definitely looks like I'm unemployed again. I've been searching for other stuff to do instead of teaching 'cause it seriously fries your brain trying to do full time work and part time uni. I'd get to Tuesday and feel like it was Thursday. I was just mentally exhausted.

So, have been searching for something where I don't have to think too hard at work. That way I'll still have brain power left to try and understand what the heck my lecturers are trying to teach me.

*Edited due to uploading the wrong picture **headdesk***

Dear UQ,

Mar. 29th, 2010 12:18 am
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Exactly what inspired you to use Blackboard as your eLearning site? Seriously, it sucks! In the last week it's crashed my web browser about 6 times.

I cannot hit the link back to the previous page because it has issues. I have to hit home and then work my way back through all the bloody links again if I don't want my browser to stop working completely and then shut down on me.

Not good, UQ, not good.

And before you tell me to stop using IE, I don't. It's doing this to me on Firefox...

And must I mention the weird hissing noises and warding signs my housemate makes whenever I mention the site?

I appreciate the fact that I can print out my lecture notes before hand. I can be bemused by the fact that one of my lecturers is trying to do most of the course work solely online (although it smacks of laziness). What I don't appreciate is it crashing on me frequently!

One of my courses requires me to be active on this site. 35% of my marks relies on this.

Fix it.



Seriously pissed.


If you hadn't guessed, I've decided that I really, really hate Blackboard. I click certain links and my entire web browser shuts down. Every. Single. Time.


In other news work is going well, I'm enjoying it.... it's just that working full time while studying part time at uni is not a good idea. I was so close to walking into walls from exhaustion by Friday it wasn't funny.

I'm also getting behind on my coursework readings. I'm about 3 weeks behind. I spent 6 hours today just reading my Linguistics textbook trying to catch up. It helped a little, some of the stuff is starting to make sense... of course.... I've still got a 2 inch thick pile of readings that I haven't touched for my TESOL course yet. That'll hopefully get done this coming weekend (after I catch up on the two honkin' great big chapters I still have to read for linguistics... I haven't even managed to get the Grammar Survey thingy downloaded and read yet *sigh*.

As much as I'm enjoying the work I think I'm going to have to ask them if they can just give me three shifts a week maximum. Any more than that and I'll be swamped with work.

Dear Body,

Mar. 22nd, 2010 10:52 pm
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Seriously, WTF?! Wasn't one infected blister enough? Why, oh, why did you decide that this blister had to get infected as well? I keep it clean. I cover it when I'm wearing shoes, I keep it open to breathe when I'm walking around the house, and yet it's starting to show signs of infection!

Thousands upon thousands of blisters through my dancing years and not a single infection and more than half of those suckers bled damn you! One month in Brisbane and I've had two, count them with me Body, two infected blisters.

I hate you right now, truly.

Yours in pain,



Got another blister the other day. Checked it today and it's all red and starting to feel like the last one did. Antiseptic has been pulled out of the cabinet and I've been applying it for the last few days. I am not a happy camper right now.

In other news I've decided to do the Abbey medieval festival this year as a re-enactor. I'm gonna make my dress (14th century) by hand and I've been learning to embroider as well... well, re-learning. I used to do this sort of stuff when I was a little girl but just ran out of time/interest (I was a, well, to be nice, I was a bundle of energy when I was little. Sitting still, that wasn't an option).

I'm actually really enjoying the embroidery. I spent most of the weekend on the couch learning different stitches and the like. I <3 the Split Stitch. Saturday saw me on the couch watching episodes of Lie to Me with my embroidery and Sunday it was the first season of NCIS.

It took me about 24 hours all up to embroider a Decepticon logo (purple and complete with red eyes) on a brown background.

Here be embroidery! )

I started work last Monday (worked Mon, Thurs, Fri). This week I'm working every day. Next week is every day and so is the week after. Not sure what my schedual is like after that but they are talking about putting me on a shared class or something two days a week.

Uni's sorta see-sawing between understandable and WTF? The Linguistics course is anyway. The TESOL one I understand.

And that's my life at the moment.


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