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Mar. 18th, 2011 12:08 am
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So, had some excitement last week. I was in class discussing something with my students (grammar, I think. It wasn't exactly memorable) when, suddenly, over the PA system I didn't even realised existed came this:

*whoopwhoop*"A fire alarm has been activated. Please wait for further instructions................*whoopwhoop*A fire alarm has been activated. Please wait for further instructions" *continuous loop*

Students: O.o o.O O.O
Me: Um.......*wanders over to the window to check for smoke*... well, I can't see anything. Everybody just relax, it's probably just a drill.
Students: A what?
Me: Practice for a real fire.... Just let me ask my boss if he knows anything.

I then walk to my door and poke my head around it just in time for my boss to come tearing out of his classroom with this panicked look on his face.

Okay...drill theory just went out the window.

He tells me to keep the students calm (something he was failing to do for himself) and he'd go find out what was going on. I head back into the classroom and proceed to lie my head off to the students "Don't worry guys. I can't see anything. It's probably just a random drill so we know what to do in a *real* emergency" I then get them to continue with the speaking activity while I go and rescue my handbag and textbooks from the teachers office in case we have to evacuate.

...what? They're at least $70 each. I've got about 5 of them, and one of them cost me $105! I wasn't letting them burn!

I put everything on my desk and put the books in a pile for easy pick-up. I re-assure my students (again) that it's probably just a drill since I couldn't see any smoke, but I was just grabbing my stuff anyway 'cause that's what I'd do in a real emergency.

Queue the boss poking his head around my door and asking to see me for a second.

Boss: Well, they don't know what's happening upstairs. There wasn't a schedualed drill today, so....if the siren changes to this constant 'Whooooooooop' noise get you students to go down the stairs in an orderly line and meet at the evacuation point. Don't forget to take your roll with you.

Um... nobody's told me where the evacuation point is!

Not 30 seconds after he finished that, the siren switches to the *Whoooooooooooooop* noise with this Please evacuate now thing. (Polite evactuation things. Who'da thunk it).

Boss goes white.

Long story short, we get out of the building to see fire engines parked outside with flashing lights (advantage to being literally 'round the corner to the Fire Station. They get to you fast) and Firemen in full get-up running around. I get directed to the evacuation point and attempt to keep my students calm and together. I ended up telling them a story about Polish fire drills to stop them from freaking out (Meanwhile I'm freaked out like you wouldn't believe. This thing was no drill!).

Still no sign of fire or smoke at this point, btw.

Long story short, it was a false alarm. The gym below had an installation fail. They were putting some new equipment in and the electritian wired it wrong. It started smoking and they couldn't turn the fire alarm off, hence the evacuation. This was the second time in 3 months that we've had to evacuate...though the last time was an evacuation of the entire city.

I was amused, but pissed at the same time. This was the second time in the last few months that my boss has left the calming of students up to me when we've had to evactuate the building (the last time was during the floods) while he's run around panicking.. Good in an emergency he ain't.
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Can someone please explain to me how, exactly, my 'professional' email address (the one that gets used on job applications 'cause it's simply my first and family name) goes from being that to turning into this when run through my Openoffice spellchecker:



WTF spellcheck! WTF!?!?


I don't know what's scarier... that I know what that word means, or that it translates my email addy into that... is it trying to tell me something about myself? Spellchecker!Magic-8-ball!?


Nov. 20th, 2009 08:02 pm
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... I have reached the Intimidating Adult phase of my life.

I politely asked a couple of boys to turn off their music today while I was eating my lunch (they were playing it over one of their mobile phones). All I did was say "Not everyone likes your style of music, could you turn it off, please?" and coupled it with my Teacher look (TM)...

... They looked sheepish, turned it off and behaved themselves...



I've reached the Intimidating Adult phase of my life...when did that happen?

Dear Body,

Oct. 18th, 2009 02:43 pm
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These headaches you so kindly give me, they've got to stop. Seriously. 2-3 day headaches are just... evil! I'm getting tired of popping Neurofen and smelling like White Flower


The pissed (and in pain) person in control of this body.

(I've had a headache for the last few days. I'm over it and want it gone).

Also, does KFC purposely staff it's front counter with morons? We had this guy yesterday who, firstly, didn't know what he was selling.

Me: Can we get a Value Meal Pack, please?
Moron: *sounding either bored or stoned... possibly both* Which one is that?
Me:....Um... the one that says Value Meal Pack.
Moron: *looks* Where's that?
Me: *sighs* Third panel in, the one that says "Meal Deals". Bottom left corner.
Moron: *looking but can't seem to find it so calls over someone else
Floor Manager: *looking annoyed* Look! It's here, under "Promotions"

The rest of it pretty much went the same way. Then the guy making the stuff had no clue what went into it and came over to ask The Moron what went into it. The Moron the proudly points to it up on the menu board. By this point I'm ready to reach across the counter and rip something vital out. It was 3pm, I hadn't had breakfast and I was hungry. To top it off I had a headache that just would not go away and Mum had kept stopping to look at stuff all day (Okay, she hadn't had lunch or breakfast either but she kept shooting down my ideas when I'd suggest stuff to eat, would complain about being hungry...and then stop in another store to look at something). I was... rather cranky.

You don't get between me and food when I'm like that.

I'm quite proud of myself, actually. All I did was glare and snarl.

Right, enough ranting. Good stuff.

Scored myself a 2 disc edition of Wolverine. The girl at the shop forgot to unlock the security device so I couldn't get it open when I got home. Easily fixed, we took it back the next day and told them to fix it (I've since learnt that this is a common occurance for this shop).

Also got John Farnham live in Concert in Melbourne. *SQUEEEEEEEEES* I <3 Farnsy!

They're also having a sale so I've scored myself a 3 CD Best Movie Songs Ever CD, and a 5 CD 101 Beer Songs which is a hell of a lot better than it sounds. 101 old rock songs from the 60's/70's/80's. I'm gonna have to fight my Mum off, she's been eyeing the thing off all morning (after commenting when I bought it about "Beer" songs). It's got stuff from Faith No More, Van Morrison, ZZ Top, B 52's, Deep Purple, Cold Chisel, Suzi Quatro, Johnny Cash, Alice Cooper... you name it, if it was popular it's probably in there.

Screw pop, gimme old rock any day of the week!
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...what I saw in Cairns Central today.

As you know we were suffering from dust storms recently. The good news is that that seems to have gone away (for now).

The bad news is that it is ridiculously dry right now. Everything's brown. I've never seen it this brown!


Anyway, this means that there's a lot of fires around here. I'm okay (mostly) with it. I grew up in Brisbane, I spent the first 12 or so years of my life believing the rest of the world had a Bushfire Season.... boy was I wrong. I do remember a couple of times where I actually had a bag packed and waiting next to my bed incase we had to evacuate in a hurry.

Right, so, it's really dry. There's lots of fires around right now. So, while the dust is gone I still can't see the fraggin' mountains! *le sigh*.

Also the louvers in my bedroom are made of wood and old. They've warped and there's huge gaps in them that's letting smoke into my room. This is frustrating as I just can't escape the smell of smoke. I haven't breathed clearly okay, this is scary, Poland! (Before that last asthma attack a few weeks ago I hadn't had one in years!). The good news is that they're covered under Body Coporate so they'll fix them as they're a health risk.

There is a point to all this. You'll see the Japanese/Korean/Chinese tourists wandering around Cairns wearing surgical masks (and I've even debated getting myself one, the smoke is that bad, and I hate the damn things!), but that's about all. You don't see the locals wearing anything to block the smoke...

.... until today!

Mum and I were in Central (I had 2 hours 45min between my morning classes and the conversation club I was running). We'd met up to have lunch (a nummy, nummy salad for me ^__^). I was heading back towards the exit with Mum behind me when I hear this "Holy shit! Tell me I'm not seeing this!" from Mum. I'm looking around trying to see what she's talking about when I see it... or should I say her...

Lady wearing a gas mask.

Yes, you read correctly. A lady wearing one of those black gas masks you see people wearing on TV and in the movies all the time...

*shakes head* The smoke's pretty bad, but a gas mask?!


In other news I have a new student. Male, young, and French. The jury's still out on whether he'll follow Mr. Bedroom-eyes and Ms. Madam over the balcony when they finally piss me off one too many times.

Also my right ankle is currently rather painful. I bashed it good and proper on my way to talk to the DoS today about student results and who should move up a level and who should stay down. Moving it just hurts!. Thankfully it doesn't hurt to walk, just to move it. Sheena's Desk: 1 , Sheena: 0
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Students did surveys today in class. What they thought of their teacher in both the morning and afternoon classes (they have different teachers in the afternoons). We weren't supposed to read them but half the teachers did (I didn't). Tom was dropping his head into his hands with this resigned bemusement on his face and a "You're not supposed to read the bloody things you dolts!" (He's British) comment.

He was muttering something about sending out a memo when I left this afternoon for home.

Anyway, he read out to us some of the more amusing ones (some of them were hilarious). As I was walking past his office on the way to my afternoon class he stopped me for a minute. He'd just finished reading my student reviews. He had this massive grin on his face. According to him mine were "Absolutely excellent! Exceptional even!". He then proceeded to read out one to me:

"Sheena is strong and kind and has a good mind"

*massive grin*

I'm feeling pretty good right now ^______________________________^

Of course it turned into a bit of a downer when I got back from break. There was a message on my phone from the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) asking me to call them as soon as possible. I spent most of the rest of the afternoon worrying about what the heck they could possibly want.

Turns out they wanted to know a) why I never lodged a tax return in 2006 (I was overseas. That's been cleared up). b) Why I didn't lodge a form in 2002 when there was a record of a group certificate for $85 with $16 taken out in tax (WTF?! I say! It must've been a slow day in teh office) for the entire year. and c) why there was no record of tax lodgement from before 2005 (minus that one off in 2002).

I basically said that I couldn't remember why I didn't lodge a tax return back in '02. I thought I had. I was overseas in '06 and didn't work, and I didn't lodge a tax return before '05 because I was studying at University for crying out loud!!!

Anyway, the lady was really helpful and she's sending me out a 2002 tax pack and all the information I need to fill it in (for the $16 *shakes head*).

As I said, must've been a slow day at the office.


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