May. 1st, 2011 09:18 pm
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So, tonight I made pizza ^___^

No, I didn't go out and buy a pizza base and then throw toppings on it. I made the dough as well as grate up cheese/slice stuff to put on top of it!

I put big chunks of cheese inside the crusts so I had cheesy crusts! It had cabanossi, bacon, mushrooms, olives and cheese....boy, did it have cheese! The dough turned out beautifully, crunchy on the outside, soft, light, and springy on the inside ^____^.

There's still heaps left over, too! So very, very filling!

'twas yummy!

In other news, I did make it to Thor again today. Just as good the second time around ^___^. Got myself the soundtrack this evening off iTunes (along with some of the tracks from Rango.....Ride of the Valkyries played on a banjo ftw!)
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When using a handheld blender thingy on a stick and blending hot cauliflour, onion and garlic soup, hold the frackin' thing in the soup!!!! Don't let it lift up. Burns hurt.

I have burn marks up both my arms right now. Nothing too painful, now, but at the time.... owie

Was good soup though. I even made an entre! I'd baked a pie the other night (Chicken, mushroom, bacon, onion) and had a large lump of pastry left over... yes, I'm one of these strange people that makes their pastry completely from scratch. I end up covered in flour but, mmmm... .buttery goodness!

Anyway, we've got a lot of bacon in the fridge, so I flattened out the leftover shortcrust pastry, threw on a lot of diced bacon and cheese, and then baked it in the oven at 180C until it smelt good and the pastry was golden brownish.

I've been told in no uncertain terms that I must make it again. I think next time I make I'll throw a load of crushed garlic in with it as well (I likes my garlic). I'll also make individual balls 'cause it's fairer than what was done with it tonight (I ended up with one of the smaller bits and others got some of the bigger pieces).

Anyway. Exam tomorrow, so must get back to studying.

I feel...

Jan. 26th, 2010 09:01 pm
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...quite accomplished right now.

I just cooked Spaghetti Carbonara. Yeah, yeah, you're thinking, big deal. That's easy! All you need to do is go to the shops and buy the sauce and some fettuccini...and you'd be right...normally.

But, you see, today I cooked it from scratch! The only thing I didn't make myself was the fettuccini. That's right, the sauce I made all by myself (and it actually tasted like the real thing!).

I'm feeling very accomplished right now ^__^ (and full, we must not forget full ^__^)
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So, life has been going.

I've had an open class for C group (which I was very DO.NOT.WANT!! for. My boss has now learnt my opinion of open classes). I've since walked on the lake (it's iced over). It was kinda scary. I kept thinking the ice was going to break on me. I've been in a blizzard that knocked all my power out for most of the night.

One of the girls in Group I decided that I made a very good pillow one day. I'm standing behind her talking to her partner about some grammar point or other (I think it was Present Perfect) when she just leans back and puts her head on my hip... she then tried to go to sleep.

Wiktoria: You comfortable
Me: O.O.... Why are you leaning on me?
Wiktoria: I'm tired. You comfortable. Night!
Me: O.O .... *puts a hand under Wiktoria's head and lifts it up off her hip* No sleeping on the teacher!
Wiktoria: *puts her head right back on my hip*
Me: *pushes her head off again* No!

Wiktoria's 14, by the way.

Also that class is slightly obsessed with Twilight... okay, more than slightly obsessed. I have to keep confiscating the books in class (12 students and only two of them are boys. They sit together well away from the girls. Poor SÅ‚awek and Dominik). We were doing a unit on film for the last couple of lessons and the girls all declared that Twilight was the greatest film ever (it's replaced Titanic. That was last years' favourite) and that I simply had to watch it. Every time I come into class they ask me if I've seen it yet. I'm half expecting one of them to come in with a pirated copy for me to watch. The lead male (whatever the heck his name is) is "the hottest man in the world" (damn you superlatives unit and teaching them how to say that!) and I simply must look at pictures of him... which they always seem to have at least one of in their bags.

Group I scares me sometimes.

They're not quite as bad as Laura (who was in that group last year) who was certain that Chris Brown (whoever that is) was her husband to be and she'd actually sign her tests Laura Brown. She'd write it in her notebooks and I one or two of the desks still bears her 'signature'.

Also, today I went grocery shopping. I actually braved the butchers section for once and bought myself a slab of mystery meat. Actually managing to get said slab involved much pointing and miming on my part (and the lady's part), but I eventually walked away with a smallish bit of meat with bones in it. I had no idea of what it was, but I'd managed to buy it so I was happy.

I got it home threw it in my casserole dish, covered it in garlic and some oil and then roasted it. 3 hours of slow roast later it was ready to eat.

Identity of the Mystery Meat:


Pork (and it was nummy!)

Finally I have a picture for you ^___^. Me walking on the ice (and being very very cautious. I was praying it wouldn't break the whole time I was standing there).

Me, standing on Lake Czos.
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...why? Because I cooked dinner.

Why would that make me proud (considering that I do it every night of the week)? Well, I cooked some kind of chicken dish. No, I don't know its' name as the packet directions are in Polish (and the only reason I picked it is because the picture looked tasty). I'm proud because the dish called for 500g of chicken fillets (well, I'm assuming it was chicken fillets. I know that Kurzcaka, or something like that, means chicken and that was one of the few words I could read on there).

Right. With me so far? 


I don't know how many of you know, but I just can't STAND handling raw meat. I'm fine when it's cooked, but raw *shudders*. I used do stuff like pull meat out of the bag with two forks and some careful manoeuvering just so I wouldn't have to touch it. Touching said meat would prompt explosions of "EW, EW, EW EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW!!!" and me quickly running off to wash my hands.

(yeah, I REALLY don't like touching raw meat)

This is where my dilema comes in. I've been cooking the same sorts of things for months, now. To be honest I'm starting to get bored with them. I HAVE just bought myself a casserole dish, though, which I've been using to roast chicken legs, potatoes, carrots, and onion in on the weekends (YUMMY!!!! And my apartment smells like roast chicken for the rest of the night, too).

But back to the chicken fillets. I bought two (pointing and holding up fingers while the lady behind the counter rattles away seems to work just fine for me. It helps that they pretty much all know me now, save the newbies - who must get told pretty quickly 'There's a girl living somewhere near here that doesn't speak any Polish) fillets and the packet mix that was going to go with them...and some sour cream (which I learnt a few weeks back was Smeitana or something like that. I can recognise the word when it's written but don't as me to write it down) that the recipie called for.

So, I get the chicken home and realise something. The chook in the pictures was diced up prettily into squares...my fillets were whole..and there was no way I was going to be able to do my usual fork trick with them if I had to dice it.

I think my neighbours might think I'm a tad odd, I laugh out loud at the strangest times (*shrugs, I'm a night owl and I like reading funny stuff on the internet) and I let loose with a really loud EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prompt much swearing, 'EW'ing, and glaring at the fillets while I tried to figure out a way to dice them without actually dicing them. I came up blank so handling it was.


I decided that one fillet would be enough for my meal and dumped both of them out on the cutting board...then realised that I had to put one back INTO the packet again (prompt swearing, 'EW'ing and...well, you get the picture). So, with much face pulling and the like I manage to get my chicken fillet sliced and diced and thrown into the frypan *WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*!

Next was the onion...which I cut into and then promptly thew away. Onions shouldn't look like that. I checked the fridge for carrots and found that I was out of those, too. I had enough mushrooms, though. I threw on my outside shoes and ran across the road to the shops which were closed. Damn the sun setting later now, it confuses me. It was 8pm, but looked like 6pm. I had a quick think and decided to scurry down the road ten minutes to the 24hour bottle-O that was nearby. 

Turns out that the shop sells more than just grog. They had a small vegetable section, ice-cream AND books/paper/etc. I'd head back there to get some more books etc, but the lack of Polish is a bit of a road-block.

So, back in the apartment and I start dicing and slicing vegetables while the chicken slowly simmers on the stove. Then I throw in the vegetables. While the veges are cooking I mix the packet mix with water and sour cream. I decided about halfway through all of this that I could do with some rice or something to go with it. I had Kuskus in the cupboard, so on went a cup of that to boil *grins*

I pull out the casserole dish because, looking at what I had bubbling away on the stove, there was waaaaay too much to eat in one night. Leftovers. COOL!! I have lunch for tomorrow *grins* It beats frozen pizza or something like that.

So, yeah. Dinner was great. I have no idea what I ate was called though I do know what went into it, and I managed to handle raw meat! YAY!!! (still hate touching it, but I now know that I can do it if I have too. Will probably resort to the two fork method if I can get away with it though)

So, how do I follow directions when I can't actually READ the directions? *grins* Here's what I do. I know a few words (water, chicken, sour cream, cheese, mushroom, garlic, ginger, onion, water) and their numbers are the same as ours, so I look for the important bits. Plus, they usually have simple picture directions on the packet (remind me to take a photo of a packet to show you what I mean one day) that are really helpful for working out what step goes when.

Pictures are VERY helpful. The packet of whatever you're buying usually has a picture of what's in it on the front (or the back). A lot of it's educated guess work.. "So, that word means "Chicken" there's a picture of meat going into a fry pan...that word means this..the picture has something coloured white and a cup that says 200mL pouring into a bowl and then into a frypan...so that means I chuck the water and cream into a bowl, stir and then throw over the chicken"

*nods* Easy.
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'Tis most bizarre. For the entire time I've been here it's looked kinda bareish (mum would go and buy food and we'd eat it that night). I actually did fruit and vegatable shopping today (grapes, a lemon, a capsicum, two small onions, and some mushrooms). Plus I got bacon, and chicken nuggets.

PLUS successfully managed to buy two sesame seed rolls from the bakery (leaning over the counter and pointing like a loon to get what I want LOL!) and I've got a few large containers of, well... I'm pretty sure it's soup. At least, it looks like soup... man am I going to feel silly if it ISN'T soup!

I got vermicilli noodles so I can make a vegetable soup out of vegetable stock, vegetables, and other random things thrown in. That should last me a couple of meals, and I've got enough instant noodles to sink a battleship! I'm not even counting the frozen stuff I've got in the freezer (vegetables, one frozen meal thingy that tastes REALLY good!), the kuskus that tastes really good when you shove some base stock in it when it's cooking. I shouldn't have to go shopping for at least a few days. 

Plus I got random cleaning products for the apartment (bathtub cleaner, that sort of stuff... Oh! and I got some lemongrass scented bubblebath for when the bathtub's clean!).

And I must not forget the beer! I even got a can of Ginger beer, that's REAL beer!

The people at the shops must've thought I was most odd. I had to do the shopping in two trips and I had a loaded basket both times.

Ooooh. I had a random guy come up and ask me where the tea section was....in POLISH!! The only word I caught was tea, but I was able to drag him to the right section. Felt most proud of myself when I did that.

I've been doing stuff I don't usually do at home. I've done two loads of WASHING!!! (er, yes. I used to wash in China, but never did my own washing in Australia). I'm about to go and fight with the vacuum cleaner (right after I wash up from my VERY nice lunch. Tell you what it was later). I've got all the school textbooks OFF the floor and onto a shelf, and later I might even clear off the coffee table!

So, lunch was the two bread rolls topped with a nut flavoured cottage cheese, edam cheese, bacon (freshly cooked. It still smells like bacon in here), and mushrooms (which had been cooked with the bacon so they tasted luurverly!). Tasted much better than I thought it would, actually. I wasn't sure on the cottage cheesey stuff.

Guess, what I'm doing tomorrow? I'm going horseriding through the woods! Should be fun 'cause the leaves are changing colour around here at an amazing rate! 'Tis so pretty!


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