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So.... long time no post.

A few things have happend since I last wrote anything. I got another temp job working with the Department of Justice and Attorney General in the Licencing section (sounds fancy, but I'm really just an office drudge/data-entry chick/file finder extraordinaire. The ID's cool, though ^___^).

I'm not complaining too much, it's full time work, money in the bank, and experience under my belt. I finish up there on Friday next week, maybe, there's a possibility that I'll be extended again.

I also got myself a Dreamwidth account (which is where I'm posting from at the moment). I'm Saffiter, if anyone wants to add me.

Birthday/Christmas/New Years was a lot of fun. I scored a pressure cooker from my parents for my birthday and I've been cooking out of that since then. I think I've finally figured out how to not burn stuff to the bottom in a big, charcolish mess, and only really do that every 4th time or so now (I'm blaming the stove. It's dodgy and electric). Stuff that comes out of that is TASTY!!!!

My specialty? Lamb Rogan Josh.

*grins* What's really funny is that I take my leftovers to work, reheat them, and then watch the heads pop up in the different cubicles and co-workers start sniffing as I walk back to my desk. I've dubbed it "The Meerkat Effect"

Eh... I'm sure more's happened.. I had a severe reaction to something in the house, which then affected my asthma. Coughing to the point where you can't actually draw air and yet still keep coughing is REALLY not fun. I'm still coughing, but nowhere near as bad as I was.


Nov. 19th, 2011 10:53 pm
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So, I'm officially unemployed.


Was sitting at my desk on Thursday going through some of the police reports when the Acting Inspector called me over for a chat in a very serious voice. Turns out there's an utter crap-load of money being cut from the police budget (seriously, I was gobsmacked when I heard the amount. It's astronomical). This basically means that the last employed is the first to go. All the temps were pretty much told they had to go, myself included. Friday was my last day with them.

I'm beginning to think I'm cursed somehow. Every job in the last year or so that I've enjoyed, I've lost. It'd be nice to be able to keep a job for longer than a month or so.

The good news is that I got a call on Friday during my lunch break from Julia Ross (one of the temping agencies my name is down at) saying they had a full time temp job going at Arts Queensland they wanted to send my name in for. I should hear more about it on Monday, hopefully.
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So, not sure if I told you or not, but I've taken up rollerblading. It was just up and down the streets to start with, but my housemate and I (she'd bought her blades back from the States, this is what started it all. I used to rollerskate all the time, but thought I'd try blading to keep her company) discovered very quickly that we lacked certain the ability to stop.

Kinda important to be able to stop. I couldn't keep jumping over gutters and using the grass...or a convenient tree...or a stop all the time. So, lessons had to be found. We tracked down DIGI Skate out at Browns Plains. They run adult skating lessons every Tuesday night.

I've actually been doing quite well at it (which is surpising me no end). I'm up in the highest group now. We've been doing stuff which I can only really describe as dance skating manouvers. Tonight was transitions (switching the direction you're facing in one quick movement, one minute you're skating forwards, the next you're going in the same direction but facing backwards) on both two legs and one leg (one leg is scary in blades, and damn hard to do), Spirals (you know that move where there's one leg on the ground and the other is up in the air behind you? Yeah, that), spins (those are fun once you work out how to do it without spinning too hard and crashing to the ground), and 180degree jumps.

They also tried to get us to do 360degree jumps, but I can't even do that when I'm stationary! I stacked it so hard when I tried. Landed chest first on the ground and that's when I'm pretty sure I bruised my rib. Coughing hurts, sneezing really hurts, and don't get me started on laughing!

I've also found another problem, couple of problems actually. The wheel base on my skates is way too long for the stuff I'm doing, and I'm aparently too advanced for the skates I'm using (something about how the skates I have are recreational and designed for beginners who don't do all the funky stuff I'm doing. The wheels are designed on an angle, and when you're balancing on one foot that's really not something you want to have. I got a "Wait, you're doing what now on your blades?! O.o o.O O.O ).

Oh, and the brake at the back is driving me nuts. I don't use it, and the way I stop, well, it keeps catching when I do my spin stop and nearly sending me flying. Plus, actual spins/twirls are really hard to do on the opposite foot when there's a brake there.

The brake needs to go. It's coming off on the weekend!

I'm actually eyeing off some hockey skates at some point. Short wheel base, and they're designed to take the kind of pounding I'm giving my skates (I swear I heard the axles creak tonight when I was doing a fast spin stop).

In other news, I'm finished Uni for the year! Handed my last assignment in yesterday *cheers* This year's been rough in the assignment department. I'm tired, really, really tired. My final assignment involved creating 12 hours of lesson plans and writing about the psychological, linguistic, and sociolinguistic aspects of what I did, as well as blathering on about what, exactly, I thought "Language" was...and I just couldn't bring myself to care about it at all.

The entire thing ended up being around 6000words of writing (not including the lesson plans) and roughly 40 pages long.

I'm actually going to go and talk to the uni about switching out to external coursework instead of internal.

One more year, that's what I'm telling myself right now. One more year to go and I'm finished my Masters degree and completely free. Of course, conisdering the current economic climate, actually being able to use that degree anytime soon might not be a reality.

So, to treat myself after the year of hell, I'm going to Stradbroke Island for a day tour in a couple of weeks. I got a good price for it (I'm on this Living Social daily deal thing. They had it for $49 so I grabbed one). My treat to myself after this year.

Also, I AM EMPLOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the temping agencies my name is down at called me up to tell me there was an ongoing, part time position available that they wanted to put my name down for. I told them to go for it, and got a phone call a week later saying that I was the preferred candidate and when could I start? So, I've been in training for two weeks, and tomorrow is my first day flying solo in the office. I'm an Administration Officer for the Queensland Police Scenes of Crime Unit (think CSI) out at Indro. I do pretty much anything and everything administration. Work is definitely interesting.

And that's my life in a nutshell at the moment.
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I play (and I use that term loosely here) a few instruments.

First: Violin. Played that on and off since I was 9 years old. I can remember my violin teacher smacking my hand holding the violin with her bow whenever it tried to creep up into a more comfortable position. I was in a concert group with that for a while (nearly passed out my first ever performance. I don't remember much, just thinking that everything was going quiet and then someone grabbing me and sitting me down on the steps in front of the stage).

Second: I sing. Love to sing, have been in choirs and stuff like that on and off for most of my life.

Third: The Tin Whistle. I taught myself this one, and I'm not very good at it, I can play a few tunes and am slowly learning how to read music for it, but with Uni I don't get much time to practice (and until recently I didn't have a music stand. Not good to try and play a wind instrument when you're scrunched up into weird positions trying to read the music on your bed).

Fourth: Recorder. Sort of. I can play Mary Had a Little Lamb, and one medieval tune. That's it.

Finally: Fife. I've only been playing this for about 6 months, and I don't get much of a chance to practice at all. I HATE the low D note with a passion. Can really only hit it properly 1/3rd of the time. Shrill instrument is shrill. I'm thinking of investing in some earplugs for when I practice so my ears don't ring when I'm finished practicing. To give you an could hear these things a good mile away over the sound of cannon and gun fire.


Oct. 24th, 2011 11:03 pm
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I am alive.

I am employed (as of this morning).

I am snowed under with assignments.

Will post more when I actually have a chance to breathe!
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Spiders. Most definitely spiders. Hands down. Those things are EVIL!!!!!
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Just back at Uni again and still doing jobsearch.

Just thought I'd send out a quick message to let everyone know that I'm still actually around.

Oh, and I have been sucked into the Supernatural fandom *grumbles* Like I didn't need another fandom to keep track of. Nearly finished watching season 4, have season 5 sitting waiting to go, and then just have to wait for season 6 to come out on dvd. Should hopefully be caught up by the time season 7 airs.
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So, Saturday involved cutting out patterns and starting to sew everything together by hand. It was very, very slow going. Sunday morning things changed. Instead of running one of the dresses up for me, housemate sat me down and showed me how to use the sewing machine. I've now got basic skills on a sewing machine AND a nearly completed 2nd dress: the kirtle.

Now I just need to finish the sleeves and do the button holes and I can move on to the underdress (15th century underwear). That dress is apparently very basic and can be done within a few minutes. I just need to pick up some calico for it.

All going well, I should be finished all of this by Friday.

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I have 9 days to handmake 2 15th century dresses!



Good news, I suppose, the overdress (dress #3) is pretty much finished....just...crap!
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...the awesomeness that is Walking With Dinosaurs!

I saw it this evening and it was that's all I can say. Wow.

I had front row seats to it (it pays to get in 4 months before it comes out for good seats) and... To have a Brachiosaurus looming right over me to the point I can feel the wind as it moves from side to side, to see a T-Rex so close that I can see that it has a slightly runny nose. And then to have it roar right above me! That's an experience I'm probably never going to have again.

And, yes, I will admit that I almost cried when the Ankylosaurus came out and did cry when the T-Rex stormed out. It was pretty much a childhood dream come true!

I have 519 photos to sort through (they let you take cameras in!!!!!). Here's the best pic of the night to tide you over while I sort photos.


Jun. 8th, 2011 07:03 pm
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Sitting in audience waiting for walking with dinosaurs :-D

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May. 3rd, 2011 01:01 am
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Word of warning to anyone using iTunes. The latest version sucks great, big, hairy donkey's balls! I updated it the other night, bought a couple of soundtracks last night, put them on iTunes and then tried to sync my ipod...

iPod got wiped, but not really wiped, it just looked like there were no tracks on my ipod. The files got burried so far down in the directory that it took a lot of digging through hidden files to find it.

But before I realised that, and still thought that iTunes had just completely wiped my ipod, I was trying to resync my ipod. Didn't work at all! iTunes just kept freezing every, single, time, I plugged my ipod in. It'd work fine, plug in the ipod and freeze.

Queue lots of swearing, googling, and general attempting to fix whatever the hell type of cock-up Apple had managed to cause this time with their updates.... took me pretty much 24 hours, 15 resets, tricking iTunes into reformatting my ipod (3 times!!!), god knows how many computer restarts, and you don't want to know how many cups of coffee today just to get my ipod back into some form of working order. I basically had to sync in directory mode just to get the majority of my music on there. I'm missing about 30 of my songs (hopefully none of my favourites), they just won't sync onto my ipod, and it won't recognise the videos at all, but I have music back for when I'm travelling around town.

To top it's started making the occasional weird click/thunk noise when I'm turning it off/resetting/switching to directory mode. Add on to that the random freezes it's been doing lately and I'm getting worried. Am really hoping it's not on the way out.

But, yeah, that's been me for the last 24 hours or so.


May. 1st, 2011 09:18 pm
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So, tonight I made pizza ^___^

No, I didn't go out and buy a pizza base and then throw toppings on it. I made the dough as well as grate up cheese/slice stuff to put on top of it!

I put big chunks of cheese inside the crusts so I had cheesy crusts! It had cabanossi, bacon, mushrooms, olives and cheese....boy, did it have cheese! The dough turned out beautifully, crunchy on the outside, soft, light, and springy on the inside ^____^.

There's still heaps left over, too! So very, very filling!

'twas yummy!

In other news, I did make it to Thor again today. Just as good the second time around ^___^. Got myself the soundtrack this evening off iTunes (along with some of the tracks from Rango.....Ride of the Valkyries played on a banjo ftw!)


May. 1st, 2011 12:55 am
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I really, really need a tipsy icon.

Anyway. Alcohol + Ironman 2 + Housmates/good friends = a fun evening.

Newly coined word: "Fear-i-fised"

And don't worry, I've had lots of water in the last hour and am about to go to bed. Am going to see Thor tomorrow with a couple of (hopefully not too hung over) housemates....if we can rememeber we agreed to it.

.... I think I might've sat in the middle of the road for a while while one of the housemates was having a cigarette.

I need more water.

Later all!


Apr. 19th, 2011 11:51 pm
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So, aparently I am

a) Disorganised in the classroom.
b) Treat my students like children.
c) Never have a lesson plan in the class.


Okay, a) I can sorta understand if they're looking at it from the last week or so. I was literally seeing double by the time Friday rolled around last week.

Also, how can I be organised when the head teacher throws his class at me (with literally a five minute warning) and tells me to teach them?! I have to teach mine and his and they're two completely different levels!

b)...WTF?! I have never, ever had that complaint leveled at me before. Not in China, not in Poland, and not at the other schools I've worked at in Australia.

Hell, the school I worked at in Cairns has said to me on countless occasions that they'd hire me back in a heartbeat if they had the work. The first DOS there had no problems with me, he liked my teaching style. The second DOS, same thing. Third, and current DOS..well, see previous comment about hiring back (and his office looked into my classroom. He could hear everything and never said anything).

Also, why hadn't any of them said anything to my face about this? I know of at least five students in the class who would quite happily tell me if I was doing something that was pissing them off.

And how do you explain the students who've begged to come back into my class after leaving for Nicholas's or Zac's?

c)... I call bullshit! There is always, always a notebook sitting on whatever desk I'm near in the classroom with a lesson plan on it. Ask to see my lesson plan and I'll hand it to you. It's got every lesson plan I've written this year in it!

Also, I am always at work an hour before class is due to start to plan for the day. I don't get paid for that hour, mind you, but I'm there planning. Just because I didn't have a weekly plan for this week. I've been told I need to do them, and I've been doing them since I was told, I just didn't do it on Friday last week because I was so.bloody.tired! My plan was to see what the relief teacher did on Monday with my class and factor it in when I did the weekly lesson plan this afternoon after classes.

Add those reasons with the fact that we were supposed to get a group of Japanese students on Monday and didn't, and you have one unemployed Sheena.

Yup, got told "We can't offer you any full time work as of today. We'd love to hire you back if work becomes available, and we really, really want to keep you on our emergency relief list!"

Um, *raises eyebrow* if I'm all those things, why do you want to keep me on those lists and re-hire me if the chance comes up?

(amusingly, I get a phonecall from them this afternoon asking if I could take over Zac's class on Thursday as he's taking time off)

Things that make me suspicious about all of this:

1) The last teacher that got let go had also just taken a day off for something. I had Monday off (my first day off since December, mind you). Next day I'm let go. (She was also female, more on that in a minute).

2) Some of the comments I've heard from teachers who've worked there before, and teachers in Australia itself...Holmes....has a bit of a dodgy reputation. One of the teachers actually described something very similar to what happened to me today happening to him.

3) Remember my comment about the last teacher who went was female?

Well, of a staff of roughly 20, the majority is male. There's the admin lady (who speaks the same language as some of the students...don't piss off the translator, it can only end badly). There's the School Director (who gets absolutely no repsect from any of the others when her back is turned) and there's one Bachelors teacher. The rest are all male.

I've spoken it over with a few people and they all agree with pretty much the same thing: I just got royally screwed over.

Sheena is currently rather pissed off.

I am alive

Apr. 18th, 2011 06:04 pm
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Just currently swamped beyond belief with Uni work!

I must've looked so bad on Thursday that my boss asked me if I wanted a long weekend to try and catch up on my work. I said yes and got today off. Have made a fair dent in my work, but there's still a lot to do by Thursday this week.

(And I will admit that I did sleep in until midday today, since I haven't got much sleep all weekend and have been getting to bed at 2am only to get up at 8:30am to keep going).

Back at work tomorrow, but it's only a short week (thank god!). We don't work Friday 'cause of Easter and then we get a long, long weekend with Monday and Tuesday off. Thursday night I'm going to put a sign on my door that says something like "If you're waking me up, you'd better have caffiene or else!"

Some student antics to tide you over until I can post again. Was teaching the difference between "Can I?" and "May I?". Queue the next day:

Antics #1

Leonardo: Can I leave the room please?
Rest of class all at once in a sing-song: May I!
Leonardo:.... Sorry, sorry. May leave the room, please?

(Leonardo also introduced himself to me with this: "I'm Leonardo, like the turtle!" *starts humming the theme song to the old school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles*)

Antics #2

We'd been doing expressions to do with body parts a week or so ago. Andres asked me how much my dictionary had cost me as he wanted to buy one himself. When I told him the price he didn't miss a beat and fired back with: Jesus! You paid through the nose for it!

I was so proud!


Apr. 8th, 2011 09:03 pm
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So, tonight i have been smacked in the head (pulled shot, thank god), cracked on the little finger second knuckle, hit three or four times on my right index finger (hard am having trouble bending that finger right now) and really smacked on the right thigh.

None of that compares with the shot i got in on Emma..... Panicked reaction i'll admit, but i got her with the flat of my blade of my sword....right on the arm. She's calling it a bitch slap. It's welting and brilliant red....oops.

I didn't mean too!

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I just saw Sailor Venus wander down the street holding a stuffed cat...

Gotta be Supanova.


Mar. 29th, 2011 08:13 pm
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Just got a phonecall from the police. They've found my wallet!!! Contents includes lots of cards, 5c, and a key. Nice to see they left me some money. Shall try not to spend it all at once.

How it got out to Upper Mount Gravatt from the city, though...

I just hope it wasn't found in a bin or something...might have to throw it through the washing machine before i use it again.

Of course, they find it the day AFTER i replace all my id cards.

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I survive china being one of the only teachers never to have their pocket picked. I survive tramping all over europe with nary a problem. i had my wallet stolen from the teachers office.
I've cancelled all my bank cards but i have no id on me to prove who i am...which is frustrating. How can i prove who i am if i don't have id to prove who i am?

I'm not the only one, co-worker had his stolen too.

Not happy. Not happy at all.

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